Why it itches between your toes: what is itcure? How to get rid of unpleasant itching between fingersfeet

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Increasingly, patients are turning to a medical facility with
следующей проблемой — чешется между пальцами feet.

Before starting treatment, it is important to identify all associated
симптомы и причину подобfeetо состояния, и только потом переходить к
therapeutic action.

Чешется между пальцами feet: причины

Все дело в том, что мfeetочисленные нервные окончания на нашем
body begin to get annoyed. Man begins to experience not only
physical, but also psychological discomfort. Afterwards this on
the skin will begin to form cracks, abrasions, in combed wounds
a bacterial infection that will affect even more.
состоянии больfeetо.

The pathologies that cause itching are as follows:


Главная и единственная причина столько неприятfeetо заболевания —
возникновение под кожей человека чесоточfeetо клеща. Enough
a few minutes pokantoktirovat with a sick man in order to
the disease has passed to you. The most common localization of ticks is
область между пальцами на руках и feetах, складки на теле человека.
Сначала больfeetо начинает беспокоить сильный зуд, после чего
bubbles begin to appear. At night itching becomes
so strong that it is hard for a person to fall asleep. In order to
get rid of the disease, you must complete a full course
комплексfeetо лечения.

Dry eczema

To date, doctors could not reach a consensus,
why eczema occurs Но согласно мfeetочисленным исследованиям,
it can be concluded that it is formed in a place where dry and hot
climate. The first symptoms of the disease are severe itching and redness.
между пальцами feet, после этого начинают образовываться небольшие
bubbles, there is a burning sensation. If you comb the affected area,
bacteria will penetrate which will cause a burning sensation, and
also weighted the course of the disease.

Dry eczema может возникать не только как самостоятельное
disease, but also as a sign of a common disorder. After education
eczema the patient begins to experience severe emotional

In the first stage of the development of the disease, there is excessive
сухость кожи, между пальцами feet начинает чесаться, образуются
cracks and then crusts. Pathology is treated for a long time, it all depends on
того, на какой стадии воспалительfeetо процесса находится

Weeping eczema

Just as in the previous case, the specialists fail
identify the exact causes of the disease. Besides the fact that the skin
blushing and itching, bubbles begin to form.

Fungal infection

Infectious diseases are easy to:

1. Мfeetие «подхватывают» инфекцию при посещении общественных

2. You can not try on someone else’s shoes, if its owner suffers from
fungal disease, it is likely to be transmitted to you.

3. In the gym.

Вначале появляется незначительный зуд между пальцами feet, после
as it begins to grow, peeling occurs later,
sweating Толщина и форма feetтей терпят большое изменение. Not
self-treatment is recommended, as therapy is sufficient
long and important that it was chosen correctly.


In the modern world, man often has to contact
chemical reagents. Perfumery, food, cosmetics,
all this can cause dermatitis. First, itching occurs between
пальцами feet, после этого образуются волдыри, постепенно процесс
goes to healthy skin.

A deficiency of vitamins in the body can also entail
сильный зуд между пальцами feet. Иfeetда причиной зуда становится
even cramped or poor quality shoes.

In order to избавиться от таких неприятных заболеваний,
must be examined by a dermatologist. Pull on a visit to
medical facility is not recommended.

Чешется между пальцами feet: лечение

Due to the fact that the skin between the fingers constantly itches, all the time
there is a desire to comb it with something. That is why you need both
as soon as possible find out the cause of the itch and go to treatment. It depends
from the stage of development of the disease, but most often the therapy has


In order to избавиться от такого неприятfeetо заболевания, как
scabies, you need to undergo comprehensive treatment for which
A doctor will be required to follow.

Good effect can be achieved after using ointments,
for example – Permethrin, Spregal. In addition, you must carefully
handle all things bedding every day you need
carry out wet cleaning throughout the room.

Dry eczema

The treatment lasts a very long time, the prognosis will ultimately depend on
what stage of development was the disease. The specialists
назначают своим пациентам увлажняющие и смягчающие средства, иfeetда
can not do without sorbents, anti-inflammatory and hormonal
drugs. The frequent occurrence of dry eczema may suggest that
that the work of the digestive and endocrine systems is impaired, therefore
need to go through a full laboratory and clinical examination.

Weeping eczema

The treatment of weeping eczema is almost the same as in the previous
case. Notльзя допускать присоединение вторичной бактериальной
infections, as soon as purulent vesicles occur.

Fungal infection

In case of fungal infection it is not recommended to experiment with
folk remedies, better contact your dentist for
survey. As a rule, the specialist prescribes local therapy with
the use of ointment (in its composition must include
Clotrimazole), in more advanced cases it is necessary to take
antifungal drugs (fluconazole), vitamins.

Another important point in the treatment is complete disinfection.
socks, shoes. After washing everything needs to be ironed. Each
день утром и вечером мойте feetи с дезинфицирующими растворами.

Чешется между пальцами feet: народные средства

Народные средства продолжают использовать мfeetие люди, для того
чтобы избавиться от мfeetих заболеваний. Someone does not support
such methods of treatment, others on the contrary, believe that there is nothing
better than natural remedies. To use them or not, of course,
everyone’s business. Below are the most effective recipes,
позволяющие избавиться от кожfeetо зуда между пальцев на feetах.

Recipe number 1

In order to приготовить лекарственную мазь вам потребуются
following ingredients: one spoon of water, one egg, two spoons

Mix all the ingredients, shake them well, after which
Pour into a glass dish. Close all the lid and put in
fridge for half an hour. Lubricate the ointment gently between
fingers, it is desirable to do this before bedtime. Such a recipe can
избавить вас от мучительfeetо зуда буквально за одну неделю, но
only under one condition – it is necessary to refuse to use
парфюмированfeetо мыла, не кушать специи и консерванты.

Recipe number 2

The drug is good for dry eczema. For
cooking use the following recipe: take one spoon
sea ​​salt and dissolve in two liters of hot water. Cool until
room temperature. Опустите feetи в полученный раствор и
hold for 20 minutes, then dry well with a clean towel. After
этого смазывайте feetи детским смягчающим кремом.

Recipe number 3

Take a few sprouts mother and stepmother. Wash the plant and
dry it. Pass the greens through a meat grinder. You will succeed
a kind of stuffing that you need to fill with milk (preferably a pair).
The ointment is applied to the affected area, and covered with a film on top.
Repeat the procedure several times a day, whichever
how itchy. The course of treatment is one week. Rate
the result, if the itch has not gone to the end, repeat a few more

Чешется между пальцами feet: профилактика

You can prevent the development of such unpleasant
заболеваний, достаточно уделять всего лишь немfeetо времени
the following prevention:

1. Try to wear only quality shoes, from artificial
materials need to be discarded. The skin in this shoe does not breathe, and the foot
is in an uncomfortable position, sweating arises from here and

2. After того как вы пришли с улицы, тщательно обрабатывайте
feetи специальным дезодирующим средством.

3. In no case do not try on someone else’s shoes. Before
Try on new shoes in the store, put on your socks.

4. After посещения общественных мест промывайте feetи и вытирайте
a towel.

5. In order to в будущем избежать развития грибка, нужно
иfeetда пользоваться противогрибковыми мазями.

6. Watch your diet, it should be enough
fruits and vegetables.

When complying with the basic rules of prevention can be secure
себя от мfeetих опасных и неприятных заболеваний.

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