Why does the stomach ache during menstruation? howget rid of severe abdominal pain during menstruation and whether to go toto the doctor

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Why does the stomach ache during menstruation?

Maybe this is some kind of pathology?

The fact is that the muscular layer during menstruation is reduced,
thereby causing severe pain.

Many girls and women face unpleasant symptoms.
menstrual cycle.

Why the stomach hurts during menstruation: causes and symptoms

To find out why the stomach hurts so much,
it is necessary to at least superficially understand what physiology is
of the menstrual cycle, because it is not a single day, but with the help of
he can determine the period when a woman becomes ready for

Menstruation is a physiological process in which the layer
endometrium exfoliates. The role of this structure is to
ensuring the fertilization of the egg, as well as its development. If a
pregnancy does not occur in a woman, the cells can no longer
exfoliate, this process and is accompanied by bloody
vaginal discharge.

Many girls and women complain that during menstruation,
they have a bad stomach ache, and the symptoms are sometimes pronounced, then
slightly muffled. The process is driven by many factors.
which include the following:

1. Гормональное влияние. With offensive
menstruation, prostaglandin levels become high. Under
the action of these substances, the walls of the uterus are reduced, allowing it to better
cleaned up. With this process, pain arises.

2. Анатомические особенности. how ofвестно,
the uterus of the woman is located in the pelvis, and her body is slightly deviated
backwards It is in this part that there is a large accumulation of nerve plexuses,
which she constantly presses, provoke pain.

Normally, the lower abdomen should pull with a little force. For each
women these feelings should be tolerated.

The main causes of severe pain

In some cases, the pain during menstruation
arise due to the presence of serious diseases. These include:

1. Endometriosis.

2. Transferred abortions.

3. The reproductive system is inflamed.

4. The presence of ectopic pregnancy.

5. Women are too sensitive to any pain.

6. There are complications after a recent birth.

7. Passive lifestyle.

8. In the uterus are polyps.

9. The body lacks substances such as calcium and

10. Ovarian cyst.

In the event of severe pain,
What kind of lifestyle does a woman lead? Provoke this symptom
excessive exercise, worries, hormonal
disruptions in the body. The risk of pain increases for those who
applies spirals. Gynecologists also associate bad ecology and
pain sensations.

Additional symptoms

Besides the fact that a woman has a bad stomach ache, she can start
disturb and a number of other symptoms. For example, during the period of monthly
there is strong irritability, it is possible that there will be
vomiting and nausea.

A few days before menstruation, the limbs may swell, in the legs
there will be a heavy weight. This process is easy to explain –
fluid retention in the body. These symptoms disappear
independently, immediately after the end of menstruation.

No medications for nausea or vomiting to take
not recommended, as the symptoms will not disturb for a long time.

Why does the stomach hurt during menstruation: medications and

You can get rid of the feeling of severe pain not only with
medicines, but also with different procedures that help
uterus relax, thereby eliminating cramps.


Under воздействием тепла, матка полностью расслабляется, а ее
cuts are much smaller. When pain occurs
time of menstruation, you can attach a warm heating pad to your belly or
fill the bottle with warm water. Take a comfortable position and
lie down with a warm stomach for a while until you feel


An effective remedy for abdominal pain is warm,
relaxing bath. If a принять ванну нельзя, можно использовать
warm shower, directing it to the belly area.


If you experience severe abdominal pain during menstruation,
You can take one pill of Ibuprofen or Analgin. Under
exposure to drugs, the level of prostaglandin in the uterus will be
reduced, respectively, and pain. Some experts advise
start taking pills a few days before the onset
monthly It is believed that it is possible to reduce the pain a little.


If a у вас легковозбудимая нервная система и вы склонны к частым
experiences, the pain can be triggered precisely not
calm in the nervous system. In this case, you can take
ordinary valerian.

Birth control pills

Some birth control pills may help get rid of
pain or slightly muffle it. A few months after
the beginning of their reception, you will notice that the pain is not as pronounced. But
Before you start taking them, you should consult with
gynecologist. Such drugs should be selected on the basis of of
результатов аналofов и обследования.

Why stomach pain during menstruation: when should I turn to
to the doctor

Persistent abdominal pain during menstruation may be due to
many serious diseases. If a не лечить их вовремя, в
further serious health problems may arise.
Therefore, you need to contact a gynecologist in the following cases:

• for seven days or more, menstruation continues, and with
them severe pain;

• abdominal pain is so severe that it does not even help

• along with pain, the volume of blood secreted increases;

• body temperature rises to the level of 38-39;

• pain arose for the first time, previously everything went well;

• there is a suspicion of a possible pregnancy.

It is necessary to be treated. If a все предпринятые действия в
home conditions do not help you, be sure to visit the medical
an institution. In the presence of disease, the pain will continue until
until it is cured.

Why stomach pain during menstruation: folk remedies

Pain during menstruation is quite normal.
growing up, especially if a girl becomes a woman. but
tolerate very strong cramps can not. It is useful to know at least
some of the most effective folk remedies that are good
help Many home remedies can work wonders,
but the most important thing is that there are no side effects from them, so
like all ingredients are natural.

Useful home remedies:

1. Take the parsley juice (half a cup), then mix it with
carrot juice and drink. Кровоток нормалofуется, болевые ощущения
getting smaller.

2. If a во время менструации у вас наблюдается анемия, то это
seriously enough. Take a few spoons of sesame seed,
mix with water, put on the fire and bring to a boil.
Leave for a few hours, then strain and drink twice a day.

3. Papaya is considered useful. It not only facilitates the overall
condition, but also restores the menstrual cycle. That is why,
if you have the opportunity to purchase it, it is definitely worth it
to do.

4. Soothe severe pain can be a banana.

5. Peel a few coriander seeds and mix them with water. On
one cup of boiling water is taken 15 seeds. Put on the fire, water at
This should boil for half, let the mixture cool, then drink
her. Perhaps the taste will be bitter, so you can add sugar.
Средство не только ofбавляет от боли, но и уменьшает

6. Drink as much water or herbal teas as possible.

Useful tips

1. Last week before the menstrual cycle should be
unloading, try not to eat a lot of fat and fried.

2. It is not recommended to eat milk and

3. It is recommended to practice yoga.

4. Постарайтесь вести здоровый образ жofни, питайтесь

5. During the period of menstruation, discard products such as pumpkin,
potatoes, eggplants.

And last but not least: rest as much as you can.
more. Because of this, the symptoms of the menstrual cycle will be under
full control. If a придерживаться во время месячных постельного
режима, можно ofбежать сильных болей. All drugs
принимайте только после ofучения инструкции или консультации с
a doctor.

Take care of yourself, do not lift weights, and most importantly, watch your

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