Why do not get a biscuit: commonmistakes

Why do not get a biscuit: common mistakes

Sponge cake – a universal basis. She is
It is combined with all types of cream, chocolate, jam, souffle.
By changing the impregnation and interlayer, you can make a variety of cakes.
Biscuit tolerates freezing, is well stored in
refrigerator, you can make cakes for future use. Only they are not always
are obtained. Why it happens?

Eggs are badly whipped

The splendor of classic sponge cake is achieved by beating eggs.
They should increase in volume at least three times, and sugar
completely dissolve. If the eggs are not whipped, then nothing good.
no longer work. It is more reasonable to use for cooking
electric mixer You can take a blender with a special nozzle.
Manual whisk to achieve a magnificent mass will not work.

Why do not eggs are beaten:

  1. They are not fresh. For biscuit need to use
    high-quality eggs at room temperature.
  2. In the bowl or mixer got fat. Even
    a small drop of oil will not allow to achieve lush and airy
    consistency. Wash dishes thoroughly, wipe dry.
    paper or cotton napkins, only then break
    the eggs.
  3. Белки взбивали с желтками. This can be done
    if the eggs are of high quality, and the mixer with good power. But
    it is wiser to beat the yolks separately with a portion of the sugar, and then the whites with
    remaining sand.
  4. Sugar is not dissolved. Need diligently
    lift from the bottom all the sand, grains in the biscuit should not be.
  5. Sugar added early. Injected into the sand sand
    only after they increase and thicken. If you flip
    a bowl, the mass should not pour out. Small sugar is added.
    in portions, all at once can not be poured.

It is believed that in a plastic bowl eggs are whipped.
worse, it is wiser to choose metal bowls.

Eggs break immediately into a large container, as even from 4-5 stuff
It turns out quite a lot of fluffy and airy dough.

Flour by all the rules!

If the eggs are beaten to a lush and airy foam, then it is already 70%
of success. Biscuit from such a mass will definitely work out if it is not
spoil the flour. Very often the error is its quantity. In
In many recipes, it is indicated by glasses, but for all of them
different volume. If there is a lot of flour, the cake is hard,
dense, it quickly stale.

Important rule! Flour should not be much, one egg goes
40 grams. This amount is reduced if added to the dough.
cocoa powder, starch. But оно не уменьшается, если вводятся
chocolate pieces, dried fruits. When adding wet and juicy
components (berries, fruits) increase the amount of flour.

Другие mistakes, связанные с мукой:

  1. The product is not sifted. And it’s not about garbage.
    To flour quickly and easily connected with eggs, you need to add
    friability. Sometimes the flour is sifted directly into the eggs;
  2. Размешивание миксером. As a result, the egg
    mass loses pomp. Flour should be stirred with a hand or spatula and
    don’t do it for long. It is allowed to use a mixer, but
    minimum revs. Not all models are so small.
  3. Adding flour to proteins. If the eggs were split
    for beating, the flour is injected without fail to the yolks, and then with
    stirring added fluffy protein mass.

Very often baking powder is introduced into the biscuits, although this is not quite
according to the rules. If they are still added, then you need to connect and
sift together with flour, only then send it to the dough.
If this is not done, the ripper cannot be distributed in
luxuriant mass, moreover in the powder are often lumps.

Biscuit baking errors

It often happens that the biscuit falls in the oven. Initially
the fluffy mass settles, falls, the output is hard and
small cake Why it happens? The most common cause is shaking.
The form must be put in the oven carefully, smoothly, in no way
slam the door.

Basic rules for baking:

  • The temperature in the oven is 170-190 degrees. With
    high parameters bake only thin biscuits for
  • Если бисквит не пропекается внутри, то можно
    reduce the temperature to 150 degrees.
  • The readiness of the cake is usually checked with a stick. But
    You can also touch the top with your finger. If the fossa is restored,
    the cake is springy, then baking is ready not only outside, but also
  • If the biscuit rose well and then failed
    , то он просто не пропекся внутри, ему немного
    did not have enough time.

So that the biscuit does not sink, does not become wrinkled after baking,
it does not need to cool sharply. First, turn off the oven, a little
open the door a little, make it stronger, then take it out of the oven. Again
give stand. Only then remove from the form. Cool the cake
preferably on the grid.

Why is the biscuit exfoliated, cracked

It so happens that squirrels rise, a crispy top is formed
meringue crust, bottom remains dense cake. This happens if
замесить тесто  заранее либо не прогреть духовку. She needs
turn on before beating eggs. By the time the flour is laid, the oven should have
be ready. Otherwise, the proteins will surely stand, and
then sponge cake cracked.

Why the biscuit in the oven does not rise

If the dough turned out very fluffy and airy, put in
preheated oven, but rises poorly, the reason may be
form. No need to abundantly grease the sides with fat. Test is nothing
cling, it does not rise. To prevent this from happening, after
Lubrication surface sprinkled with flour. Or just use
silicone molds, sometimes make a ring of parchment paper.

Why can not chiffon biscuit?

In addition to the classic sponge cake, there is also a chiffon one, it is with
adding fat. This is usually melted butter,
margarine or vegetable oil. Data ingredients
add tenderness, softness, do not allow Korzh to dry quickly, but
sometimes they spoil everything.

Errors in the preparation of chiffon biscuit:

  1. Fats added early. Oil must be injected into
    the end, it is possible even after the flour, then it will not affect
    pomp dough.
  2. Fats are not cold. If margarine or creamy
    oil melted, they need to cool to room

Sometimes sour cream, kefir and other dairy products are added to biscuits.
purged. In this case, the recipe must necessarily
attend soda or baking powder. One beaten egg hold
and it’s difficult to pick up additional ingredients;
work out.

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