Why a newborn snarls: the reasonsthis pathology. Newborn grunts nose – what to do?

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Motherhood — это сложная и трудоемкая работа, ведь на плечи
Moms go all cares for the care of the child.

Feeling responsible for the life of a little creature, a woman
make every effort to ensure that the child was healthy, because
the newborn suffers ailments much more painful than children
preschool and school age.

Therefore, any, even the most minor changes in the state
Chad cause strong alarm in moms.

For example, it often happens that a newborn
grunts his nose. The causes of this phenomenon may be the most
diverse: from the purely anatomical features of the baby’s nozzle,
until serious health problems. Let’s look at all aspects
the emergence of a similar pathology from a scientific point of view, as well
We learn what to do in this situation.

Why a newborn snarls: the reasons со стороны

Children’s otolaryngologists (specialists who treat
diseases of the nose in young children) claim that the problem is third-party
sounds coming from the nose of the child, can be caused purely
physiological reasons. As we know, newborn babies on
the first stages of their lives are often not adapted to the surrounding
environment. This also applies to the nasal passages: the mucous membrane of the nose is very
sensitive to external stimuli. As a consequence when
air passes through the airways of the baby, wheezing appears
sounds that indicate that the baby’s nasal membrane
quite narrow. According to otolaryngologists, there is nothing
terrible: usually to one year the child’s body finally
adapts to the environment, and grunting sounds when breathing

Also, a newborn may grunt nose due to congestion
mucus in the posterior sinuses. Since the baby’s nose is small,
mucus cannot always be recycled by the body, so it
stiffens in the nose and interferes with the normal access of oxygen. Therefore,
when breathing, the child may wheeze and even grunt. This problem
you can easily decide on how to eliminate it we will talk

As we see, often the cause of third-party sounds from the nose of the baby
become physiological aspects, which do not follow
worry, because as the child gets older, this problem will become

The newborn grunts his nose, reasons: maybe this

However, grunting nose is not always so funny and
harmless, as it seems at first glance. Together with physiological
reasons otolaryngologists also note that often occur
pathologies that need to be treated with medication, and sometimes even
surgically. Consider what other reasons may
serve the emergence of third-party sounds from the nose

1. The common cold. If grunting is accompanied by a copious runny nose,
coughing and fever, then most likely your child caught
virus SARS or corny caught a cold. In this case, outsiders
the sounds are due to the fact that the mucus that is produced
during illness, interferes with the normal intake of oxygen in

2. Congenital anomaly of the structure of the nasal passages. It happens sometimes
so what else in the development process in the womb of a child
there is a curvature of the nasal sinus, so that the baby
born already with problems regarding the respiratory tract;

3. Acquired anomaly of the structure of the nasal passages. With
mechanical damage to the nose (upon impact, falling, etc.)
swelling may occur, which will then become an obstacle
when breathing. Because of this pathology, grunting sounds may occur.
when breathing in newborns;

4. Foreign body in the nasal passages. Small children explore the world
in different ways, sometimes even hurting yourself. For example, shove in
nostril small object. Mothers cannot always keep track of their
Chad, and the child subsequently can not even say that

5. Various infectious diseases of the nasal tract. If a
the child’s body was infected with infection, mucus in the nose accumulates
quickly, besides, it is thick enough to independently her
remove from the nasal passages.

If a новорожденный хрюкает носом, причины могут быть
varied. And now it’s time to figure out what to do to
eliminate this symptom.

Newborn snarls: what to do if the causes

If a ребенок хрюкает не часто, а время от времени, то, скорее
In all, grunting is a physiological problem that can be
decide, just wait a few months. But the fact remains:
the baby’s nose still accumulates mucus, which
it is recommended to remove, otherwise the symptom threatens to develop into pathology.
Consider what actions can a mother take to
get rid of the problem as soon as possible:

• Daily it is necessary to do wet cleaning in the apartment. Dust and
other contaminants may cause an allergic reaction
therefore, these irritants need to be promptly removed. During
cleaning do not use strong chemicals means: it’s no good
in addition, they can negatively affect the mucous membrane of the child,
already not strong. Therefore, используйте чистые тряпки и
plain water;

• Air humidity is also an important factor for
baby health. In order to monitor this indicator,
It is recommended to purchase a humidifier. This device is capable
independently regulate the level of humidity in the room. For
child’s room the optimal rate of 40-50%. If a же денег на
the purchase of such a device is not, you can use the old
Proven method: put a clean slate on the windowsill
water that will evaporate and the air will not be dry, but

• Also, do not forget about airing the room, because
unventilated areas are the ideal habitat for
pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms. Just don’t let
drafts, because the baby’s weak body responds negatively to
any environmental irritants;

• Daily hygiene will help avoid crowding.
mucus in the sinuses, which subsequently turn into dry
peel. Do not forget to clean your baby’s nose every day
cotton buds. This should be done very carefully so as not to
damage the respiratory system of a child;

• If a малыш тяжело дышит, лучше не временить и предоставить ему
first aid. Wash the spout with saline to remove deposits.
thick mucus from the nasal passages of a child. This remedy is not
Must buy: you can cook it yourself from
sea ​​salt.

If a эти методы борьбы с явлением не помогают, стоит
возможно, у вашего чада присутствуют
pathology of the nose, because of which he makes a third-party sounds? In such
case, listen to the tips below.

Newborn baby snorting nose: what to do if the baby

As we have already figured out, the cause of the appearance of third-party sounds
from the nose of the child can be congenital or acquired pathology.
By congenital is the curvature of the respiratory tract in the womb
mother, so that the baby can not breathe normally. TO
acquired pathologies belong to the tumors that have arisen
due to damage. In both cases, the nose of the newborn, to
Unfortunately, almost always have to operate, because without
surgical intervention elimination of the symptom is not possible.

If a же причиной хрюканья новорожденного стала простуда,
it is recommended not to self-medicate, but as soon as possible
consult a doctor. Baby’s health is too fragile, and immune
The system is not yet able to fight viruses. Therefore, лучшим
the decision will be to register with a pediatrician for an examination if
you see that the child’s breathing is too heavy, the temperature has risen
and started coughing.

In any case, if the pathology was delayed for several months,
inspection by a professional would not be superfluous.

Now you know the reasons why the newborn grunts his nose,
what to do in this situation and how to make this
The problem had no serious consequences.

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