White manicure with flowers – perfectcombination

The development of nail art continues by leaps and bounds. Practically
all modern women carefully care for their nails and
follow the latest fashion, so all new appliances and materials
quickly spread among fans of the neil art. Change of seasons
invariably entails a change in design and color preferences in
manicure For example, spring-summer comes to the fore
use of white color, and preference is given in the drawings
flower theme. The following discussion will focus on this direction:
the most popular flower design options in white, secrets
its implementation, as well as step-by-step lessons.

Basic techniques for creating a flower manicure

What just did not come up with the master of nail art to turn
Manicure in the real work of art. Modern materials and
Multiple techniques allow you to create flowers on your nails in any
variations and styles.

Practically все начинают свой творческий путь с простых
monochromatic drawings decorated with rhinestones. With gain
of some skill, multicolored watercolors, gel polishes and
brushes. Such “artists” small nail turns into
this canvas, which creates another small masterpiece.
So, consider the main types of modern techniques.

Manicure with brush flowers on gel polish

If in the case of geometric patterns artistic
the ability of the master is practically irrelevant, then in the case of
colors – everything is exactly the opposite. Among all known methods
drawing a special place deserves watercolor technique.
The sequence of work is as follows:

  1. The gel coat is applied in the usual way.
  2. Watercolor technique involves the constant mixing of one or
    multiple shades for future depth and volume
    design. To create a picture of the required color gel polish mixed
    with a drop of transparent base or top – the resulting mass using
    brushes are drawn flower petals. There is another option – first
    the petals are applied only gel varnish, and before drying
    The resulting pattern is slightly shaded with a transparent top.
  3. The next step is to create additional volume and
    depths using a darker shade
    gel polish.
  4. The final step in the image of the flower is drawing
    the vein and contour of the picture, most often used for this
    black, white or other color.

If you carefully consider the step by step photos of creating flower
manicure, then you can see a very large variety of applied
technician. Above it was told about one of the simplest of them, but
There is no limit to perfection and develop, learn new directions
definitely worth it. Especially considering the fact that the watercolor
option has long been a classic spring-summer season in manicure
and has been used throughout the year.

Here you can also note another embodiment of the colors
brush, but in the style of minimalism – the so-called twigs. is he
is a monochrome manicure, which is based on
The basis of one or two shades. Drawing itself
performed in gray, black or brown. Simple low-key
the picture looks very stylish and great as
everyday or office option.

Volume manicure with rub in the form of flowers

The use of additional decor usually entails
the greatest possible simplification of the drawing itself. In the case of rubbing
this rule also applies, therefore most often the basis is taken
simple stylized rose. And here maybe 2 different ways.

  1. the flower is applied using gel polish or paste, then dried,
    and subsequently covered on top with a rub;
  2. the second method involves the reverse procedure – in
    as a base rubbing is applied, and already on top of it is depicted
    a flower sprinkled with sand or powder.

Such a number of décor itself is self-sufficient and
original, but some additionally adorn the pattern with rhinestones
or sparkles.

�”Plush” flowers with sand and matte surfaces

Combining several technicians in one manicure at once
quite a lot of time and effort, so this technique is usually used
on special occasions. To implement an interesting design will require
Special acrylic matte powder or matte top. Drawings more often
just created with the help of foil, sand, special gel paste.
Among the main popular shades for matte surfaces
The nude color range is particularly prominent. Usually the entire surface
nails are made matte, and plush flowers are applied on top of it.

Classic french

Habitual French manicure itself suggests
the use of white is therefore not surprising in
That white flowers are great for its decor. And here emit
two main types:

  • An ordinary jacket is done, and as an accent on the nameless
    finger depicted white flower;
  • on a classic jacket in delicate natural or white shades
    drawing in the form of floral motifs or lace.

This last option is often chosen by the bride, because
the color scheme and the romantic mood that this one carries
manicure, perfectly fit into this momentous day. By the way
to execute it is a snap. A beginner master is needed altogether
practice a little or get tips, brushes, and
quality supplies – gel polish, gel paste, etc.
And the flower can be depicted in different shades.

Different flowers in the most simple techniques

It’s no secret that on the market of nail materials
there are a lot of improvised tools that are significantly
simplify life and allow you to try new designs. Among such
for ease of use you can note the sliders and stamping. After
applying the picture itself manicure can be further decorated with
help brush with a short nap. The image itself can be any –
There are several thousand options on the market! It is important to note,
that when using the slider you need to very carefully seal
edge, otherwise the manicure will not last long!

Rhinestones and stones in floral design

And finally – rhinestones and stones – so how can it be without them on women’s hands ?!
It is difficult to find a manicure that would do without them – inlay,
geometric patterns, stripes, flower decoration. Often precisely
pebbles spread the middle of the flower, and sometimes all the petals
completely. Alternatively, rhinestones can be used
broth – the result will be less bright, but no less original and

There is no doubt that the floral design is not long
leave the handles of our fashionistas! This absolute hit of nail art is already very
for a long time, besides every year the nail masters unleash and
popularize it more and more. Modern quality
materials only contribute to its development, as they provide
wide opportunities for creativity. All the more flower theme for
women and women’s hands in particular – this is the most harmonious and
aesthetic option.

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