What to wear with a blue dress: choose jewelry andaccessories

The color of the sky and the sea, mystery and peace, confidence and
stability … And all this is blue. Since antiquity he is associated
with mysticism and something sublime. Wizards and mages preferred
the mantle is made of dark blue fabric embroidered with stars: so they
as if they were getting closer to the boundless and mighty sky.

Today, the blue color “disassembled by bone”, he has his own
psychology, its “face”. Modern women and men,
those who prefer this color in clothes represent calm,
order and inviolability. At business meetings and interviews wear
blue formal suits to seem a reliable partner and
an employee. But also in everyday life, and even for solemn
blue dress cases may well compete
classic little black dresses and gilded brocade
evening dresses.

The main thing is to know what to wear with a blue dress and what is beneficial.
will emphasize your taste and sense of style.

Как подобрать accessories?

In addition to the color of the dress itself, it is important to know what is appropriate for
this fabric and the color of your hair and eyes.

  • The eyes of the blue of the sky in natural blondes by themselves
    will be the best accessories for a blue dress, but for the eyes of others
    Flowers need special decorations. For example, brown-eyed brunettes will
    Look gorgeous in a blue dress with white accessories. Ladies with
    such natural paints, however, should be handled with care.
    shades of blue, because an improperly chosen color can
    aging and mirror “reflect” on the skin unhealthy or even
    death pallor.

Что одеть с синим платьем? Украшения к синему платью. Аксессуары к синему платью

The combination of a blue dress with yellow and white accessories and

  • Bright and rich colors are perfect for brunettes:
    ultramarine, turquoise, sea wave, cornflower blue. Amazing
    Pearl jewelry combined with a dress of such colors.

  • A win-win option for blue dress jewelry are considered
    черные и серые (либо же серебристые) accessories. Shoes, ankle boots,
    sandals, boots, clutches, small evening bags, costume jewelry,
    gloves or mitts, belts, capes, hats and other headwear
    headwear and, of course, make-up and manicure – all this can be endured in
    one scale or diluted not conflicting

The combination of blue with green and yellow

The combination of blue with green and yellow

  • The combination of blue with yellow (gold) shows
    Belonging to the “cream” of a fashionable society, because it’s not for nothing that
    the combination was used for coats of arms and in the distant past even
    belonged exclusively to the royal court. Tone and semitone
    yellow or gold accessories for a blue dress should be selected,
    based on the main color and style of attire. In this category you can
    include and brown, which will give the blue dress more
    rigor and restraint. Платью из денима коричневые accessories
    will add some accessibility and simplicity, but not at all

Желто - красно - синий

Yellow – red – blue “chic”

  • Not for special occasions, but as an everyday
    add, you can choose orange, pink, green or red
    ornaments to a blue dress. However, for fans to surprise and
    attract the attention of others and at secular receptions these colors
    can be a bright highlight. The main requirement here is
    moderation. Overdoing is not necessary (not!) With nothing, but with
    All the more courage. If you are considered a trendsetter in
    your circle, you don’t have the courage, so confidently
    experiment to highlight your individual taste.

Combination options with red accessories

Forgotten (no, left last) brown-haired and red-haired
are free to choose from the palette of blue those shades that are beneficial
emphasize their many virtues and incomparable beauty.
К рыжим и русым волосам великолепно подходят синие же accessories от
hairpins to complex hairpins. And since the upcoming fashion season
одобряет монохромность, то и другие accessories также можно
vary in blue tones.

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