What to do if the child is fussy

Tue, 16 Feb 2016

Almost all children for some time are picky.
Psychologists explain this by saying that a child learns to be independent, and
reassure that it does not last long. But how to feed the baby, if
Does he refuse to eat and is capricious? For this you need to know the reasons
and there are several:

Reason 1: Sense of Contradiction

The baby is growing up and tends to make decisions independently.
How often does he refuse to wear what you propose and
chooses a completely different? So at the table. Solve this problem completely
not difficult: let him prepare something for himself. give him
different products and let me create your own
gastronomic masterpiece. Do not even doubt, everything will be eaten
no residue. Moreover, such independence will raise
self-esteem in a child, which is important.

Reason 2: He does not like food

This does not mean that your culinary skills leave much to be desired.
the best. Nature arranged our taste buds in such a way
that we do not like bitter things, but prefer sweet. On
subconsciously level bitter taste is associated with something
poisonous, and sweet – with survival. In young children, all receptors
thinner, so the taste and aroma of food they
perceived stronger than us. It should not be excluded and genetic
predisposition to respond more strongly to bitterness. To new food
the child should be taught gradually and carefully, in any case not
to force Patience, of course, will take a lot, as well as
ingenuity. Try to cook the dish in different ways, better.
just make it “easy” to use. Child can not
like the rind, for example, or the way of cooking.

Reason 3: He is not hungry

It should be borne in mind that in the second year of life growth rates
slow down a bit. Food is no longer the only need
baby And it’s quite natural that he becomes more
discerning and moderate in eating. Maybe the problem is in your
ideas about the amount of food your child needs?
Perhaps the portions you offer him are too large. But
before you change something, it is better to consult with experts. But
and this situation can be used to their advantage. When
feed the baby, start with a small amount of that dish
which he does not really like, but leave what he likes “to
dessert”. In any case, children eat everything when they
really hungry.

Reason 4: You are too persistent.

If your child categorically refuses to even sit at
table, insist in no way necessary. Try to make
the meal is an interesting pastime. Show imagination and
ingenuity. Invite him together with you to create an unusual
A dish, of course, from healthy products. Also plays a big role
mealtime. It is not recommended to seat the kid at the table
later than half past five in the evening. The fact is that by the evening the children
tired, and if you have dinner later, the vagaries and wrangles do not
to avoid.

Reason 5: It’s boring

Children tend to be interested in products that
look unusual and attractive and have catchy names. Somehow
American scientists conducted an interesting experiment with children
preschool age: they called ordinary carrots “carrots for
Supervision, and the children ate it twice as much! Ask the child
help you make a menu. Kids love to look beautiful
illustrated cooking magazines and books. Pay his attention
on how appetizing this or that dish looks, how tasty it is
and useful, and how interesting it will be to cook it! Listen
to all your kid’s ideas and encourage them. And do not forget
praise him.

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