What to do if jinxed, how to identify the evil eye?Such simple answers to the question of what to do if they jinxed

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Our ancestors of the evil eye were afraid very much.

They considered him one of the most powerful negative effects on
human energy field.

It is from great-grandmothers that unique recipes have survived to this day,
which can help not only to remove the evil eye, but also to protect against it
in future.


Evil Eye – basic information. What to do if jinxed

The evil eye is one of the negative influences on the human body. Worth
note that no one is insured against it. The worst thing is that
jinx may not intentionally. In order to impact on
of a person in this way it is not necessary to conduct rituals and read
spells, it is enough to have a hard look or “evil eye”.

Worth отметить, что в быту часто случаются случаи, когда человек
evil eye directs itself. Very often you can hear the phrase “Do not
look long in the mirror – you will jinx yourself. ” And it is true.
The mirror surface tends to reflect the human energy,
and with close scrutiny, and especially with self-criticism –
the evil eye is inevitable.

Most often, children suffer from the evil eye. Their energy field
so weak that it ignores almost any impact.
Therefore, parents often wonder what to do if they jinxed
child? Worth отметить, что гораздо проще провести
preventive measures and not remove the evil eye.

How can you determine what is your evil eye? Highly
simple – in work, and in all matters small ones begin
troubles that gradually develop into major troubles.
All frayed out of my hands, I want to relax, constant anxiety and loved ones
people start to turn away from you. Signs can be very
a lot, but the main – a sharp deterioration in affairs. If they jinxed a child,
then after meeting certain people, he starts behaving
capricious and restless.

Worth отметить, что от бытового негатива очень сложно
protect yourself. What is household negative? These are the negative points.
life that can really poison it. Someone has them
quite a lot, someone prone to negative thoughts and despondency – everything
it attracts the negative energy of others. As a result, the negative
actively accumulates and the evil eye even easier falls on the person, his
impact increases.

What to do if jinxed? Method 1

If the evil eye is clearly palpable, or was able to diagnose it –
it is worth taking advantage of the ancient way that helps answer
to the question what to do if jinxed. We are talking about washing the negative.
This is quite a universal tool that allows you to remove
negative programs from the human energy field literally

The evil eye is not a hard-to-remove negative, the problem is different
– it may not be a single exposure. If jinxed once,
this does not mean that the evil eye will no longer fall on the person. therefore
sometimes you have to repeat the procedure several times.

So – it is necessary to fill the bathroom with warm water, add to it
a few drops of lavender oil or your favorite oil, also
recommend adding holy water, but you can without it
get along.

Before you dive into the bathroom – it is worth reading, so that
breathing touched water:

�”Water, water, my sister – serve me, help me

Wash me with the evil eye, sleeplessness, urezitsa, and others
evil traces. Truly

Read nine times. After that you need to dive into the water and
lie in it in a relaxed state. The most important thing is not
allow negative thoughts. Just relax. When will the full
relaxation – you need to say:

�“I sink into the water, reincarnate, wash off everything alien, dashing –
open the road! Truly

Dip is worth three times, as well as read the plot. This technique
allows not only to wash away all the dashing, evil eye, but also to restore
energy flow inside the body. It is very important. This procedure can be
perform not only when things are already declining – you can
use as a preventive measure in order to household
negative on the energy field did not accumulate.

Worth отметить, что иногда после обряда у человека появляется
ощущение чистоyou, улучшается сон, настроение — это означает, что
the evil eye has come down. And sometimes – a state of weakness, I want to cry,
plagued by confusion and frustration – this means that the impact
repeated and need to repeat the procedure.

What to do if jinxed? Method 2

What to do if jinxed, but urgently need to help yourself?
You just need to retire in a calm and quiet place. With me
достаточно иметь небольшую буyouлку воды, желательно чистой, не
carbonated. You need to read Our Father’s water 9 times, after
of this:

�”Water is created by God, charged with stars, the sun is warmed,
foliage trees dressed

Так и you Вода-Водица смой с меня сглаз, лиховицу. Me strength
give from dusk to dawn.

Let the affairs of the dashing run away with you, The bright forces help me!

You need to read the plot five times and every time you need water
wash, moisten the top of the head, wash the hands to the elbow. This is very
it is important that the procedure is successful, and no longer need It was
wondering what to do if jinxed?

What to do if jinxed child?

Most often, children are affected by the evil eye. Unfortunately,
parents do not immediately sound the alarm when the child begins to be capricious
and cry for no reason, demand extra attention, ceases
obey, do homework. It becomes difficult for him to concentrate.
Parents write off all these symptoms for laziness, but in reality it’s
may be the evil eye. Так что делать, если сглазили child?

For a child it is good to make a talisman against the evil eye and other things
negative, which he can carry with him, so he can
put in the crib. These techniques are wonderful to use then,
when the evil eye is already removed, but when there is still a negative you need to hold
the rite of evening bathing. This technique может применяться как для
infants as well as for older children. Highly важно, чтобы
parents during the ritual felt calm and not
thought about the bad, because all thoughts with water will be given to the child.

For its implementation, you can fill the baby bath with water, or
wash the child without filling the bath, the main thing – to get a scoop, with
which water will flow to the top. When everything is ready –
put the baby in the bath, wash it as usual before bedtime and after
этого начиyouвают на воду, которую льют на макушку ребёнка:

�“I wash away, rent, return back from my child
curses, nazy and evil eye, not one, a hundred times!

In order not to be touched by evil more than a slave (Name), it did not swing in a wheel,
for the legs was not enough!

And who will start the study – it will descend to no! Truly

Read three, seven, nine times in a row.

The method is wonderful. Helps to restore the sleep of the child, gives
pacification him. Even the parent himself will feel a surge of positive
energy after the ritual. Highly важно этот ритуал проводить
as needed. Every day to spend it is not worth it. Older children
age can use self by other methods but
This one gives the power of the parent to the child.

Anyone, even the smallest negative can prevent a person from moving
по жизни, поэтому важно, чтобы не It was его вовсе. Prevention
always better than cure. Internal cleanliness is also important to
positively resolve all problems and situations.

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