What time the kids start crawling. How to teachbaby crawl if he doesn’t do it himself.

Sat, 11 Jul 2015 For a child, crawling is the next step in
development, come after he learned to sit. This is true
same first attempt to gain autonomy and independence as well
the same way to move without any help.

Initially, the child learns to balance the body while standing on
knees and hands. Then standing on all fours learns to sway
back and forth. Then pushing his knees off the floor is learning
move back and forth, well, and after – quickly crawl in any

The process of learning to crawl is actually very complicated and
painstaking process for a child. Children learn to coordinate
movements of their arms and legs, develop muscle strength in the arms, shoulders and
legs, learn to properly distribute your weight when moving.

What time do kids start crawling?

Most babies begin to crawl between 7 and 10 months. Alone
babies – before, others – later. Some children can work out
a unique way of traveling, for example, sitting on a pope, gliding
on the stomach or rolling like a caterpillar around the room.

Parents should not worry about the style of movement of the child. On
This stage of life for the baby does not matter how he learns to crawl and
move, as many children can bypass the crawling stage at once
learn to walk.

Experts claim that puffier children begin to crawl
later, as it is harder for them to pull themselves up, resist on
fours and move extra weight. Very quickly begin to crawl
children in families where older brothers and sisters are present. Elders
children motivate the baby to move earlier, reach for
proposed toys, repeating the movements of older children.

As usual, children crawl

1. On животике. About half of babies begin to crawl
leaving the tummy lying on the floor. Initially they learn to do
mini push-ups lifting the head and upper torso up,
using hands to support. Then pushing the body with the legs
move around the room holding the tummy on the floor. For some children
This way of moving remains the only way to crawl.
For others, it is a transitional stage on the way to the classic
crawling on my knees and further walking.

2. On коленках. This type of crawling is a classic. With
baby alternating arms and legs and balancing his body easily
перемещается по комнате в любом direction.

3. Like a bear. The baby moves on all fours to
unbent arms and legs.

4. Like a crab. With ползанье ребенок перемещается на животе
using only hands to move.

Onдо ли учить ребенка ползать?

Although many experts can not give a definite answer about
whether or not to teach a child to crawl, many parents know that
This activity is one of the most important on the way to
proper infant development. Baby mastering the crawling movement
becomes stronger, improves visual skills, improves its
physical abilities.

Obese children with poor head control often do not like to lie on
abdomen – pose, which is the main in order for the tot to begin
crawl. Therefore, if parents want their plump
the little hornet began to crawl, they should teach the baby originally
лежать на животе, затем хорошо держать голову, а затем и crawl. AT
learning can use bright toys, several proven
experience techniques that are used and recommended by professionals.

Before teaching, parents should make sure
that the child is ready to learn, shows signs, can
support your head, roll over and can sit.

How to teach ребенка ползать

To teach a child to crawl, parents should:

Step 1.

Allow the child to spend a lot of time on his stomach. 6-7
monthly babies in most cases like to play lying on
tummy with a variety of colorful toys. It helps them develop
basic motor skills, learn to control the muscles of the arms, legs
and neck.

To make the baby feel comfortable while playing to parents
better to be on par with the baby. If the baby is tired,
it should immediately put on his back. If you do not,
a weak child may injure himself or hit hard

Step 2.

Limit the time a child spends in a walker, auto
chair or highchair. Specialists have noticed
that walkers kill the desire of the child to move independently.
Therefore, they advise more often to encourage the child to make independent
movement without mobile toys and accessories. The more
movements will make the child himself, the better he will be
coordinate movements of your own body, and therefore faster
will begin to crawl and then walk.


To help the child develop the muscles of the back and abdominals with
the help of exercises, forcing to look up – swinging
multi-colored toys over his head. A simple exercise will help
strengthen your back, neck and shoulder muscles. As soon as baby
learn how to perform forward attacks, keep the balance on the hands –
он готов crawl.

how to determine that the child is ready to crawl?

A baby cannot be forced to crawl if it does not want it or
not ready because it can injure him both physically and so
and emotionally. Parents should not compare their child with
peers, but should focus on the progress of their own
crumbs and develop it.

Experts believe that the child is completely ready to crawl only
when it can:

• easy to sit without the support of adults;

• quickly move your head in different directions;

• control the movement of arms and legs;

• roll from back to tummy and back.

If a child has all the above listed skills, then
он готов начать crawl.

Where better to crawl baby

The child must learn to crawl in a convenient and safe place.
The surface of the floor must be sufficiently soft and not slippery,
so as not to obstruct movement. If a child learns to crawl on
carpeting or baby blanket should be monitored to
the cover did not crumple and move out of place.

If the house contains parquet, tiled or laminate
floors, they should be covered with soft carpet to
During the crawling process, the child could not be injured.

ATо время занятий младенца лучше одевать в хлопчатобумажный
slim jumpsuit to avoid direct skin contact and
surface floor or ground.

AT момент обучения, комната должна быть хорошо освещена, так как
dim light can make a baby sleepy and negate
the whole learning process.

To encourage baby to crawl, you need favorite toys
lay out beyond his reach. ATо время обучения
parents should encourage the child to get the toy.

AT большинстве случаев на услышанные просьбы родителей младенцы
begin to sway back and forth, learn to transfer the body to
side of your favorite toys. When this skill is well developed
the baby will try to move to the object with the help of arms and legs,
следовательно, пытаться crawl.

Toys during training should be located in several
centimeters from the child. This will teach a crumb to quickly get your favorite
thing will not hurt the psyche, will develop an interest in further
knowledge of the world.

ATо время обучения родители могут ползать вместе с ребенком. it
will push the baby to do the same thing they can do
mother and father.

If the baby starts to cry during the game, or it seems
frustrated, do not force him to continue learning.
Parents better wait for the next day, and try learning.

If the parents will make the child crawl when he does this
does not want or is not ready, it can lead to a delay in the process and
developing a child’s negative attitude towards learning.

If the baby does not crawl at 7 months?

If the baby has no health problems, it is active,
turns from side to side, sits well, but does not
attempts to start crawling – maybe he’ll just skip this step and
immediately begin to walk.

To smother the desire to crawl in a child, parents can
Spread out the toys in a non-reachable area so that the baby’s handles
could easily reach the subject. As soon as baby научится
reach out and get the desired toy, he will begin to make attempts
crawl to more distant objects.

Quite often babies refuse to crawl and practice.
pass immediately to the practice of walking, using furniture and resistant

If the baby does not crawl at 8 months?

This is also not scary, as different children develop
differently. However, if your toddler is overweight, and not
shows any attempts to self-movement,
it is necessary to get recommendations from a pediatrician and orthopedist about changing
situations. ATозможно вашему крохе будет рекомендован лечебный массаж,
special children’s gymnastics, a special diet aimed at
weight loss.

If your child does not crawl – what the doctor says

Любимый доктор многих мам – Komarovsky считает, что маленький
the little cub starts to sit, crawl, stand and walk only when
when he really wanted it, without much help from

AT данном случае роль родителей сводится к тому, чтобы позволить
the little man listed skills to perform independently
and do not turn them into compulsory and hard work. Parents can
to harden and develop the muscles of the child, to take measures for
prevention of rickets.

In other words, the doctor claims that exact criteria when
the baby must start crawling – no. There are factors that
form the motor skills of each individual child:

• health indicators;

• physical and personal criteria for the development of the baby;

• family atmosphere.

The doctor considers the question of how many months should start
crawling baby – incorrect. He thinks crawling is necessary.
stage in the development of each baby, but many kids miss
this step and immediately begin to walk – and this is considered the norm.

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