What should be the nutrition of the child in 6 months?Examples of baby nutrition at 6 months: recipes

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A change in the nutrition of a child at 6 months brings to his life
a lot of new. It is this period from the point of view of who is
optimal for the introduction of complementary foods. So – now not only
Mother’s milk will be the diet of the crumbs, but porridges, vegetables and fruits.

Principles of feeding

Lure is introduced when the baby is 6 months old. it
for babies who are breastfed.

In order to get acquainted with the new food for the crumbs passed easily and
nice, you need to follow a few rules:

• Complementary food is given with a spoon before giving the usual for
baby 6 months food – milk. Before this, food must
heat up and check that it is at a normal temperature – not
cold and not hot.

• Introduce a new product little by little – about half a tea
spoons. During the week, this volume is gradually increased. In that
period must be monitored so that the baby does not start skin
reactions. Also control the baby’s chair – constipation or frustration.
intestines should be a reason for a pause in the feeding and consultation
with a pediatrician.

• If you are the first to decide to introduce vegetable purees, then this product
must be mono-component so that in case of an allergy it is clear
on which particular product it has developed.

• The first sample of the product is carried out before lunch – this is also
necessary to track crumbs.

• Do not add feed or try a new product if
the baby feels bad, in a bad mood or in
vaccination is coming in the coming days.

What to feed?

You can start feeding with cereals or vegetable puree. Fruit immediately
giving is not recommended – they are too sweet, so the baby then
It will be difficult to persuade to another meal. If the child is marked
lack of weight, then start better with cereals. They should be
single component, gluten free. Buckwheat, rice or
corn porridge. Begin with milkless porridge.

It is convenient to use cereals, which are sold specifically for
kids – they are already prepared and they need only be diluted with hot
water A big plus is that they are already crushed.

Buckwheat is a good option for the introduction of complementary foods. In her
contains many vitamins, it is nutritious and well absorbed
by the body.

By the end of 6 months you can add fruits to porridge in order to
to diversify the taste. Also at the end of this month you can enter the yolk
hard-boiled eggs. For the first time you should take quite
a little – 1/8 part.

Babies who have a tendency to constipation, first give
vegetable puree.

Vegetables are first introduced zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli,
then add potatoes. Green and white vegetables are introduced first.
colors – they are rarely allergic. Add later
painted: carrots, beets, pumpkins. Vegetables are boiled so that they
were soft, then mashed using a blender.

Once a child has met several vegetables, you can
to add soups to the diet, but they need to be cooked taking into account
age: do not add fried soup, salt.

In addition to vegetables and fruits, dairy products are also introduced.
Begin, as a rule, with not very fat cottage cheese (9%) and kefir
(2.5%). Dairy products have a beneficial effect on work.
the digestive system of the crumbs, normalizing the microflora and improving

Fruits are introduced into the diet last. They are mashed, like
vegetables. The first to enter are banana, apple, pear. With exotic
fruit experiment is not recommended.

Sample menu

Eating a baby at 6 months may look as follows.
in the following way:

• 1 feeding – breast milk;

• 2 feeding – porridge;

• 3 feeding – mashed vegetables or fruit and feeding

• 4, 5 feeding – breast milk.

Recipes for kids

Today you can buy ready-made cereals and mashed potatoes, adapted for
6-month crumbs. However, many moms want to cook their crumbs
on their own. it не так и сложно.

• To cook rice porridge pre-grind crushed
in a blender. Then about 3 tablespoons are poured into boiling water (glass)
spoons of cereals. Cook until cooked – about 10 minutes.

• For cooking corn porridge 3 tbsp. cereals fall asleep in
hot water and keep on medium heat for 5 minutes, then fire
reduce and boil until the grits soften. It will take about
half an hour. Then the porridge is brought to the state of mashed potatoes in a blender and boil

To cook vegetables, many mothers use a slow cooker.

Carrots, pumpkins or cauliflower put in a slow cooker for 15-20
минут, а затем измельчают in a blender.

If there is no multicooker, you can use a small saucepan, and
when you chop vegetables, add a little broth,
which they cooked.

To prepare mashed potatoes, potatoes need
clean and soak in water for 12-24 hours. it необходимо для того
to make it starch. Then the potatoes are boiled and rubbed.
through a sieve, adding hot milk, and boil some more

When baby gets to know different vegetables, you can cook
assorted It will need 100 grams of zucchini pulp mixed with
half carrots and potatoes. Vegetables are boiled until tender,
put in a blender, add a little broth and olive

Options for how to make fruit puree – mass.

• You can start with a stewed apple. Apple washed, peeled
and grated. The resulting puree stew over low heat
(добавив немного воды) в течение 10 minutes

• Similarly, you can make apple and carrot puree.

• To make mashed prunes, dried fruit is poured
boiling water and leave in a bowl with the lid closed for 3-4 hours. When
prune steamed, rubbed through a fine sieve, add
a few spoons of broth, in which he was, and boil several

• Similarly, you can mash dried apricots.

Soups are prepared in the same way.

One apple must be peeled, cut into slices. Cleaned
carrots – circles. All mix, pour 1.5 cups of water and
boil for 30 minutes, after which the blender is turned into
mashed potatoes.

It may seem that feeding a child at 6 years old is boring and
monotonous. But for the baby – this is the moment of discovery of new tastes,
knowledge of new sides of the world. Very soon when he meets
the main ingredients, the mother will be able to use all his
fantasy to surprise your favorite crumbs.

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