What should be normal stools in newborns?Why stool in newborns with breastfeeding can begreen

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Normal stools in newborns with breast
feeding may be different. And this range of norm is
wide. It all depends on the age of the baby, nutrition, genetic
features and past diseases.

The color and texture of the chair in newborns with breast

The color of feces in infants is constantly changing. From bright yellow
to dark green. Do not be afraid. All these shades are
absolutely normal.

What determines the color of feces:

-•feeding. При кормлении грудью, фекалии будут greenи;

– • introduction of complementary foods. The color will be even greener;

– • dysbacteriosis. If the intestinal microflora is disturbed, you can
observe a light stool;

– • changes after taking drugs. it
There may be agents that contain iron, antibiotics,
Activated carbon;

– • if poorly absorbed breast milk, the feces will be green
or orange tint;

– • bleached chair (white). May indicate
hepatitis. In infants, such a disease is not common;

– • reaction to bilirubin. 80% of newborns have jaundice
which passes without therapy. Bilirubin leaves the body with
urine and feces. Because of this in the first four weeks of life
faeces can be yellow, brown, orange.

If the baby has only a change in the shade of the faeces,
consistency and smell are normal, then digestive problems are more likely
no, and the main reason is the type of food. Consistency can also be
different: from liquid to watery. And this is within the normal range. Because
Children under one year old consume only liquid food.

Liquid stool from indigestion differs in
such characteristics:

• watery stool structure;

• the smell becomes harsh and unpleasant;

• the temperature rises;

• the child becomes weak;

• vomiting may occur;

• the frequency of bowel movements increases dramatically;

• mucus, blood streaks, foam appears.

What else can be observed in the chair

У новорождённых при грудном feeding в стуле могут
observed impurities. Feces can be heterogeneous structure.


слизь. If it’s a bit, then it is
physiological norm. However, if present in the body
inflammation, the number increases dramatically. Causes can occur
be very different. Among them: overfeeding, dysbacteriosis,
improper attachment to the chest, runny nose, not suitable mixture for
feeding or medication;

-•пена. In most cases, the appearance of foam in
Kale is not a sign of any serious illness. it
rather, functional impairment. Often she accompanies diarrhea. AT
copious amounts of foam may indicate dysbiosis and intestinal

-•комки белого цвета. it частицы створоженного
milk When a baby eats well, the digestive system simply does not
manages to process everything. Also indigestible food can
observed in the feces of the child after the start of feeding;

blood. With this symptom is important
consult with a specialist. Because причины – разные:
helminthiasis, rectal fissures, lactase deficiency,
the presence of polyps and intestinal pathologies, lack of vitamin K and

In the presence of impurities, it is necessary to monitor well-being.
baby When the temperature rises, the appearance of weakness, weight loss
urgent need to visit the doctor.

Chair in newborns. What should be normal?

AT первые двадцать четыре часа после рождения малыш должен
to poop The very first chair is called meconium, go off newborn
maybe several times. ATсё зависит от того, насколько полон кишечник.
Original stool may be thick, viscous, sticky,
black and green and poorly washed off the skin. Meconium
indicative of a healthy digestive system. He will
stand out a couple of days, then the baby will be able to poop normally. If a
after two days the original feces did not come out, it can
to indicate intestinal disease.

When black feces appear in the future, you should refer to
pediatric gastroenterologist. Since it can be a sign
bleeding in the digestive tract. Except when feces
change color after taking medicines or because
food staining.

AT период со второго до шестого дня с момента рождения малыша,
the chair changes its color to gray or greyish green, becomes
ointment it означает, что пища прекрасно усваивается.

Стул при грудном feeding у новорождённых

ATо время грудного вскармливания стул новорождённого будет
change. ATсё зависит от питания мамы и созревания пищеварительной
systems of the baby. Breast milk has a small laxative.
Effect. Therefore, the baby can be emptied immediately after eating. it может
last about a month. When the child turns two months, the chair
will be less. He can poo four times a day or every other day. AT
the same time is updated and mother’s milk. And the baby gradually
develop enzymes, they will help digest new composition
milk This may take several weeks. AT этот
period baby can be capricious. It happens that the baby defecates once
in three days. If a он не ощущает дискомфорт и хорошо себя
feels, so this is his individual organism. Such a delay
should not be considered constipation.

If a при грудном feeding стул у малыша жидкий и
greenish, it means everything is normal. The main thing is that the child is stable
gained weight. Normal is considered a light brown shade of feces
or dark brown. The presence of any green is acceptable.
blotches. Need to look so that it is not like water either too
tight. This situation is more common with mixed feeding and
at the beginning of feeding.

If a стула нет несколько дней, не нужно стараться ускорить
the process of intestinal cleansing by mechanical action. It is impossible
use an enema or try to help the child with a bar of soap or
method of irritation of the anus with a thermometer. ATсе эти бабушкины способы
nothing good will lead, but only worsen the picture.

Abnormalities in the stools in infants with breast

Finding out how the chair of newborns should be normal is helpful.
get acquainted with pathologies. If a стул жёлтого, коричневого,
green with a watery structure, has a strong odor and
repeated very often, and the baby does not recover, the cause
There may be an allergic reaction, poisoning or infection.
It is necessary to consult with the pediatrician.

If a в процессе дефекации ребёнок плачет, нервничает, живот
tense, and feces – hard, it speaks of constipation. Cause may
be intolerant to any product that consumes
mother, or the introduction of a new product in the diet.

If a стул становится green, появляется большое количество пены
and a sharp sour smell, and around the anus there is irritation, you need
consult a doctor. This picture may indicate
about the development of a child lactose deficiency.

You should immediately contact a specialist if the feces is
blood. it признак разных патологий. Among them: allergies, infections
bacterial type, bleeding in the intestines, hemorrhoids. ATсе эти
deviations need urgent treatment. With damaged mother’s nipples,
a child may swallow blood from cracks along with milk. Then in
feces can be observed digested blood lumps. For
it is safe for a newborn, but it’s better not to try

Tips for normalizing stools in babies under one year old

If a есть нарушения в работе кишечника, нужно своевременно
consult a doctor. it поможет вовремя диагностировать любое
abnormality, restore normal weight gain and speed up
normalization of the chair. Often doctors recommend changing the technique.

Some important tips:

– • posture during feeding should be comfortable, as for the mother,
so for the baby;

– • It is important to ensure that the baby is correctly captured.

– • the baby should receive back milk;

– • in the first few months of life it is better to feed the baby
requirement, and not to comply with the regime;

– • in some cases, milk production should be increased by
frequent attachment of the baby to the breast, decanting after each

– • limit feeding time artificially

Knowing what should be normal stool in newborns, do not need
panic at the slightest deviation. Recommended carefully
inspect what is in diapers, observe the condition and
the weight of the baby, then it will be possible to respond in time to each
pathological change.

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