What scratches the foot: omen. Interpretationsudden sensation: the right or left foot itches – what canwait?

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Omens – is it superstition, or prompts of higher powers? Many of them
really come true, and it becomes difficult not to believe in them. If a
is itching right, or left foot, what does this mean? What are the signs
related to this phenomenon?

Longtime omens and superstitions, their occurrence, influence on
modern life and an explanation of what it itches
foot sign

Do not confuse omens and superstitions. This is completely different
phenomena in a person’s life, for example, omens are proven
For centuries, situations that recur after certain events. On
Rus was made to believe in omens from ancient times. In ancient
The calendar had significant dates, according to the characteristics of which they were judged
future harvest, further weather changes. Weddings did not walk in
certain months and days were chosen for this by those who
Signs that are most suitable for a sweet family life. AND
really – it worked.

Superstitions are caused more by the fear of what can
something awful is going to happen. Superstitious people are often unhappy because
how every little thing in their life is associated with the influence of otherworldly
forces. Superstitious people do not take responsibility for their
deeds and fear all around. Even black cats running
the road, although by themselves these animals are not bad for man

It is worth mentioning that in ancient times, people believed that
the body may itch before changing the weather or before a long journey.
This road should be interesting and informative, profitable.
financially. Lonely people itching promised a meeting with his
second half.

В некоторых преданиях указывалось, что зуд в области пальцев
правой ступни
сулил скорый приход желанных гостей. A meeting
will be joyful and memorable for a long time. Also, this sign
could mean that it’s time for a person to start dancing
he stayed in one place. She also promised good news
unexpected news.

For what чешется правая foot sign? Signs can
to appear to man not only in reality, but also in a dream. Dream in
which manifested itchy right foot, promised good news and
favorable circumstances. Scratching heel in a dream
meant receiving good news, long-awaited permission
affairs If a сон был тревожным, то он мог означать и опасность, во
a time in which a person will have to run away from the offender.

Также существовали и другие приметы, связанные с правой
. It was believed that it is from the right foot to enter
new building, housing. Getting up with your right foot in the morning means the whole
a day to spend in joy and pleasure. On свадебный рушник встать
from the right foot – live a happy life together.

Legs in the old days have always been associated with movement, travel. WITH
those times we have come to a lot of signs.

For what чешется правая foot sign?

• To an interesting journey with a lot of impressions;

• For meetings and new acquaintances;

• To improve the material condition;

• To meet with the long-awaited guest.

In any case, this sign is very favorable. What already
it was said, omens come in the form of dreams. If a во сне зуд
strong, then it can also mean major problems and losses, in
which area of ​​life the dream will indicate.

For what чешется левая foot sign

In contrast to the signs in relation to the right foot, all signs,
associated with the left foot bear a negative color. WITH чем это
related? The thing is that it has long been believed that behind
man is an angel and a demon. Angel sits on her right shoulder and gives
advice, parting, demon – on the left shoulder and tempts.

In connection with this tradition, the right side of the human body
was considered sanctified by an angel, and the left – led by a demon. ANDменно
therefore, everything connected with the left side of the body is sinful. For what
чешется левая foot sign:

• To a long and difficult road that promises financial losses

• Loss on the personal front, especially if itching occurred in
a dream;

• To the bad news, which provokes a quick departure.

There were signs associated with itching of the left foot in those times
when people traveled without the help of horses and other means
movement. If a у заключённого зачесалась левая ступня — это
meant that he would soon escape.

For what чешется левая foot sign — к истощению организма как
moral and spiritual. The man is tired of active life and
just wants a break. WITHегодня принято ассоциировать зуд левой
feet with inclinations of a person to a deep sense of humor, to his
developed fantasy.

If a у спортсмена непосредственно перед важным соревнованием
the left foot began to itch – this means that the competition will be
for him very successful. In some nations, such an itch meant
literally – go left, change your
a half.

For what чешется левая foot sign в зависимости от
localization of itch

If a чешется именно пятка левой ступни — то это означает, что
man puts all his strength into unnecessary business to him. It is not
will succeed, but rather become a failure. If a зуд возник в
heel areas and it’s cold outside – it means that the frost
will increase. If a за окном жара, а чешется левая пятка — то
the temperature will rise.

So, if only the fingers on the left foot itch, it promises
unexpected journey A man suddenly leaves his home.
The journey can be very long, morally and

If a чешется внутренняя сторона левой ступни, это может
mean that gossip and intrigue will sharpen around a person,
that hurt him badly.

Onчинать путешествие с левой ноги — к плохому его завершению.
Sharknut about the ground with your left foot – to the poor completion of cases and
heavy progress towards the goal, to disappointment. If a войти в новое
the room with the left foot, it is good not to live in it.

Shoe shoes also stands with the right foot. If a молодожёны
become a wedding towel with his left foot, then their life will be
heavy If a зуд левой ступни приснился во сне, это означает, что
in reality a series of troubles will accompany a long time

But it is worth interpreting completely the whole dream, maybe everything is wrong and
bad and in fact nothing out of the ordinary will happen.
Omens signs, and life – life.

Not always itchy feet means any events, perhaps
they itch solely because of a violation of sanitary norms and rules
personal hygiene. ANDногда зуд ступней может быть вызван нервным
exhaustion, the presence of fungal diseases and other pathologies
musculoskeletal system.

But, if the itch is short-term and at the same time strongly pronounced, then it is worth
resort to help will take. They will explain what to expect a person in
the future, what to fear. Increasingly, people notice that our signs
ancestors and their interpretation of dreams are true. Thus human
warn of the future and make it possible to change it or

It is not worth looking for signs and signs in everything that happens in life
becomes overly superstitious enough reasonably follow
recommendations accept. The main thing – do not harm yourself too much
suspiciousness. But to discard such warnings is also not worth it.
You need to figure it out and eventually develop a personal system.
will take that much easier life.

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