What men fear: TOP 10 fears

What men fear: TOP 10 fears

Resolute, courageous, reliable … A man creates
impression of a fearless person, but even the ideal people
vulnerabilities and fears.

All sorts of stereotypes accompany a person daily and interfere
to lead him a full life, to feel happy.
It is very important to find out what your sweetheart is eating. After all, awareness
problems are 50% of their solution. Based on the survey, you can
find out the main male fears. About them will be discussed below.

Sexual failure.  Men
they want to be the best in everything and love affairs are no exception. They
afraid to not satisfy the girl, seem inexperienced in her eyes,
be worse than her ex-boyfriend.

The problem is that under the influence of these thoughts, man
so much immersed in the “satisfaction” of his beloved, that
in the end, both partners do not get the most important.

If you see that your man is too fixated on this
The question is, the best solution is to talk.

Try to find out what you both like, what you like
woman, want from intimacy, what a night of love for you

It is important to be honest and open, and even if you have not reached
orgasm, then the next time show how to do it.
Using these tips, your pair will be open.
to the experiments, and the relationship will be stronger and

Earn less women. Man must
provide family and bring money. Desirable much, and more
wives. And it’s not just about the traditions and stereotypes that
developed in society.

The fact that the head of the family earns less is
wonder and very influences on family relationships.

On a subconscious level, a woman treats her partner
condescendingly, a little with contempt, showing that it is not he, but she
main breadwinner. The desire of men to earn more (albeit on
pennies), quite understandable and justified.

Fear of visiting a doctor. When it comes to
health, men like children – will find a hundred reasons, but the hospital is not
will go. That is why the strong half of humanity is 40% higher
probability of getting cancer than women.

The men formed the opinion that doctors are treated
only wimps, and generally it’s not worth bothering

Only serious problems and severe pain can
to force to specialists.

Become a henpecked. Be under graceful
heel of his beloved fear almost all representatives
strong sex. Man must доминировать, быть главным, и если
this does not happen, imbalance in the relationship can not be avoided.
Of course, here we are talking about those whose sexual inclinations do not require

The desire to lead, not to be led is commendable and quite

Only by developing your masculinity can you achieve success on
work, in life, and family relationships. Women are not worth
to suppress their chosen ones, but rather to support, and remember,
that one can achieve one’s own not only by shouting or threats. After all, not
in vain they say: “The strength of a woman is in her weakness.”

Be a loser. Men чаще других проводят
assessment of their own lives, ask themselves: “what have I achieved?”, “what
leave behind me? “,” did I put enough effort into this or that
moment?”. All these questions are gnawing and able to inspire depression to whom
whatever It is very important at such a moment to support your chosen one,
tell you how you love him and know his full potential, what have
he will succeed.

Responsibility. All women dream of a wedding
but none of the men. To lose freedom, to take over the household
problems, taking care of his wife and children are beyond everyone’s power.

Many men mature very long for family
of life.

If you want to transfer your relationship to the next stage, then
Talk about marriage need to start carefully. It is important not to hurry, and so
more to blackmail, and smoothly and competently bring a man to
the cherished proposal of the hand and heart.

Old age In modern society it is accepted
to think that appearance only disturbs women, but it is not.

Sooner or later, every man begins to notice that
his body is not so fit, and the usual things to do

In addition, over time, the potency fades – it is frightening and
makes you panic. Everyone can change their lives and topics.
over, adjust your body. You just need to give up
unnecessary habits, junk food and acquire a hobby.

Be a bad father. Sooner or later, all give birth
progeny. The birth of a child is one of the most important events of any kind.
normal men, so it is no surprise that he
worries about his education and support.

Being a good parent is the hardest job, but quite

Ask your darling about your father’s fears, tell us about
their experiences about motherhood. In this case, help
all sorts of books about child psychology, books with other people’s experiences in
this issue. It is very important to raise a child with a person whom
love, and then everything will work out.

Women’s treason. Men жуткие собственники,
so cheating on a woman is a strong blow by their vanity.

After betrayal, they lose their confidence
reduced energy and activity.

Any hints of infidelity the man perceives the stubs, therefore
шутить  с этим не стоит.

Women’s tears. A certain writer called women
tears are potent weapons that need to be banned as
toxic gas or something like that.

Tears can still be endured, but a female tantrum
almost unreal.

Such situations take a lot of strength, energy, enter into a stupor.
Men чувствуют себя виноватыми, недостойными, поэтому всячески
avoid these situations.

If you want to manipulate a man with
tears, this is a bad idea from the start. Perhaps at first you
will be accompanied by success, but further, apart from irritation, you
will achieve. 

In general, all human fears are natural and
quite expected. It is only necessary to accept all the male “features”
support at the right moment and then the alarm gradually
will disappear.

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