What is wearing a leopard dress? Stylishimages

Fashionable for several seasons leopard print is not
only one of the brightest and most spectacular, but also very dangerous, and
by no means because in nature animals with such color are very
aggressive! The fact is that pick up color combinations of things and
accessories to it is very difficult and one wrong step can lead
to the fact that all the charm of fashionable things will disappear and the image will not
stylish and vulgar.

What is wearing a leopard dress, so that the image is organic and

Why is leopard print so fashionable? Probably the point here is
our genetic memory, imprinted a distant ancestor, proudly
decorated his shoulders with the skin of a leopard he killed and thereby
demonstrated how strong and successful he is! Have passed
millennia but we have not ceased to identify the animal print with
aggression, strength, challenge – leadership. Therefore, ladies choosing
Leopard print is usually characterized by such character traits.
like determination, dedication and pride. They consider themselves
equal to men and, if desired, shake out even real skin

Speaking seriously, the leopard print will never wear
quiet and modest girl – this is the color of the winner.

What is wearing a leopard dress? фото

But even a very confident lady with a leopard print
some problems may arise – like herself, the drawing on her
The dress does not tolerate any competition. Therefore need
be extremely selective in choosing accessories and things
making the company a stylish and spectacular leopard dress, and not
allow the ensemble to have one more detail with
leopard print. In this case, everyone will find your exquisite outfit
shouting and tasteless, and a chic leopard dress is just
will turn into a motley thing without any charm.

The best combination for a dress with a leopard print –
it is black and monophonic things and accessories of the tone that
present as a background on the dress.

If we talk about things that go well with leopard
a print, these are short leather jackets and a black short coat,
black and brown (or background colors of the print) bags and boots. If a
choose a brown bag, then the strap should be brown. But
This is only if the dress has a classic leopard
pints, that is, on a brownish background.

What is wearing a leopard dress? фото If a платье имеет
leopard print black and for example violet on light
the best choice would be purple shoes
high heels and a stylish purple clutch or small
a bag.

Today, very often designers make a two-tone dress,
breaking it into two parts – top and bottom. In this case, if the top
has a classic black and brown leopard print, and the bottom
made of black knitwear, the choice can be very
Stylish – Take a pair of black suede shoes to the dress
a high platform or heel with a figured gold buckle in front and
Black suede handbag, also with gold decor elements. Their not
should be too much, then the ensemble as a whole will look
just adorable. In this case, you can afford a small
lyrical digression in the form of a thin golden chain around his neck or
gold bracelet.

How to wear a leopard dress with a short sleeve in the event that
if the small print is made on a beige background? Try to dilute
motley print severity military style: take a pair to
�A “predatory” dress, a khaki or short leather jacket
dark green, ankle boots of the same tone, brown handbag
on the long strap and decorate the dress with a thin brown belt from
matte skin.

What happens in the end? A great option safari style – in moderation
aggressive, strict and possessing extraordinary attractiveness for
men who adore hunting in all its forms. Only here is perfect
it is not clear who is running and who is catching up!

And now the evening version of the leopard dress – if available
tall and slim figure you will surely like free
Leopard dress in classic colors with open shoulders and
high side slit. Its undoubted decoration will be wide
gold belt of glossy leather and shoes of the same material. But
Here you do not need jewelry here – otherwise the gloss will be too

Remember that recognizing fashionable and stylish means constant
work on yourself and your taste – only if you
literally skin will begin to feel that you can wear and what not,
You will look perfect!

What is wearing a leopard dress? фото What is wearing a leopard dress? фото What is wearing a leopard dress? фото What is wearing a leopard dress? фото What is wearing a leopard dress? фото

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