What is useful for autotraining?

What is useful for autotraining?

It’s no secret that the human brain
has the potential that scientists have not yet fully studied
and not fully used by people. Eastern sages always
were of the opinion that the world surrounding man, his life,
all that he has is the result of his thought activity, so
how thoughts form an unbreakable bond with the universe and are constantly being sent
her own signals.

Surely each of us at least once thought about why some
people, although they do not have some fancy, amazing
abilities and talents, successful in everything, while others often tolerate
failures and failures? The answer to this question is simple: everything we have
– These are the fruits of our brain activity. You can always stop
look around, analyze your life, behavior, thinking and everything
to change. To do this, it is worth knowing what auto-training is and what
Does he benefit man?

Autotraining – the secret of successful people

Autotraining is a unique system aimed at
improvement of brain and mental activity in
human body and the expansion of mental space.
The basis of auto-training is the power of self-hypnosis. Having learned to manage this
by force, a person will receive many benefits:

  1. Learn to live in harmony with your own mind, control
    him and lead.
  2. Knows his inner world.
  3. Learn to relax, protect yourself from stress, others
    negative factors affecting his psyche.
  4. Will be able to create a strong connection between your mind and
    subconscious as well as manage this connection.
  5. Qualitatively change your own life.
  6. Improve imagination, imaginative thinking, can tame fears,
    temptations and train willpower.

Auto-training with its correct application can change
man beyond recognition, from his habits, tastes,
needs and ending with the image and quality of life.

Engaging in auto-training is to order yourself and
learn to blindly follow your orders. After all, to rule the world,
first of all, it is necessary to learn how to manage, your “I.”
Auto-training also has a beneficial effect on health,
improving the work of the nervous system.

How to learn autotraining

There are several rules that must be strictly followed.

  • Forget about the existence of the particle “not.”
  • It is also important to delete words from your vocabulary, as I will
    try, I will try.
  • Emphasis should be placed on the present, while using
    The following verbal formulas: “Now, at the moment, I understand, I
    clearly aware. “
  • No denials, questions, generalizations, only a statement.

At first, auto-training may seem difficult.
procedure, but with the acquisition of practical skills a person will be
able to act in any setting and without any

Then auto-training will become part of his mind, mind, brain, and
he will deal with them even on a subconscious level. Exactly this
is the highest result to which is necessary

Care should be taken about the place of auto-training. It must
to be a spacious room fenced from external irritants
(various sounds, people, animals, etc.). Man in it must
be comfortable being.

You can prepare in advance relaxing music that
set up the right mood and free the mind from all that is superfluous and

Psychologists advise to pay attention to the sounds associated with
nature (crisp snow, rain on the roofs of rain, babbling brook,
singing birds, etc.). After meeting the listed conditions
the person lies down as he is comfortable and relaxes, taking
nice pose for him. Then he closes his eyes.

Shoulders should be relaxed, lowered. Breathing even
calm and head slightly bowed.

How and what to say, engaged in auto-training

Autotraining does not tolerate conditions, inaccuracies, uncertainty. is he
will work only when the person clearly and clearly pronounces
task, projecting it to the present tense and rearranging the task in the
existing phenomenon, fact. For example, a person is afraid of speaking.
in front of a lot of people.

Неправильно: I не буду бояться выступать перед
people. I will try to cope with my anxiety.

Правильно: I нахожусь в абсолютном спокойствии.
I am ready for my presentation. I am determined. I know how myself
need to lead the scene.

Experts advise to combine verbal formulas with work near
mirrors. Often problems from the inside are related to rejection.
own “me”. Where it is easier to achieve tangible results if
pronounce the right words out loud, standing in front of the mirror and doing it
regularly. For example, a woman cannot arrange her personal life.
because of an inferiority complex, self-doubt. Men,
feeling her inner fears and doubts, her attitude and signals,
which she sends to the world through thoughts, prefer
stay away from her.

Неправильно: I стану beautiful, confident
a woman, I will overcome my fears and find my soul mate.

Правильно: I красивая, уверенная в себе
woman. I deserve to be loved, respected and appreciated. I
I allow myself to be happy and loved.

The most important condition for success is the absolute belief that auto-training
will bear fruit. A person must have personal motivation and
interest, supported by confidence.

How to complete the training

From a state of relaxation, which requires auto-training,
should go out smoothly, slowly. Only in this case, the body
will return to the previous mode, receiving the maximum benefit for themselves.
It is recommended to stretch your hands and squeeze your fingers into a fist, after which you need
slowly raise them, parallel straightening back. Then follows
make a quiet exhalation and, inhaling the air, lift the face. After
This again need to exhale and open your eyes.

If a person is engaged in auto-training before
to fall asleep, it is not necessary for him to get out of this state. is he
can easily fall asleep, relaxed and free from excess
cargo. Auto-training before bedtime has a good effect on health and sleep,
struggling with insomnia, headaches, normalizing pressure.
Главное – заниматься им regularly.

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