What is the secret of losing weight Nastya Kamensky?

There is a lot of controversy about how Nastya Kamensky lost weight.
The increased interest is caused by the physiological features of the singer,
as she always differed curvaceous. It is believed that
to lose weight with such a figure is impossible, but Anastasia has denied it
opinion. Moreover, she lost weight without reducing the size of her breasts.

What is the secret of losing weight Nastya Kamensky?


  • Features and diet rules
  • results
  • Sample menu
  • Pros and cons of diet
  • Possible contraindications
  • Repeated use and exit from the diet


Features and diet rules

�”If a person suffers gluttony and pays more to eat
time than everyday worries, the problem must be sought in
psychological condition (see psychological dependence on food).
We eat to live, not vice versa. Overweight need to fight
gradually. In no case should you go on a diet abruptly,
the body will not thank you for it, but will only worsen the condition
health I needed months of healthy eating and classes
sport to be slim, ”explains Nastya Kamenskikh.

Anastasia discovered individual ways of dealing with

  1. Set a goal for yourself and show desire.
    �“The first thing I did,” says the artist, “is no longer
    stand on the scales, and focused only on their clothes,
    which she wore, being slim. So my goal was born – this
    clothes I have to climb. Using the right diet and physical
    Exercises I lost 12 in the hips for 2 months
    centimeters, and my weight remained the same. “
  2. Discipline yourself. Nastya explained earlier
    improper diet and its “lush” figure endless
    touring schedule. And keep up the pace at this pace.
    nutrition is simply impossible. Now Anastasia acts differently.
    �“Early in the morning, I prepare dishes for myself with the calculation of calories for the whole
    day, choosing only healthy foods. Therefore, leaving for
    photo shoots, shooting, touring I always have the right hand
  3. Correction portions. �“I used to think that if
    you eat a lot, you won’t want to eat any time soon. But it was not so.
    I always had a feeling of hunger, and from huge
    portions felt heavy and uncomfortable. Reduced their portions.
    If earlier I could eat a whole banana, or even two, but now I
    I prefer only half. I use a lot of fluids, about 4
    liters per day. I completely ruled out alcohol, it only provokes
    appetite. The main thing – I eat in a clearly defined time. “
  4. Psychological setting. �“I try daily
    to tell myself that I am beautiful and I will become more beautiful, – shares
    Nastya. – Every woman should wake up with such words and
    fall asleep with them. Then everything will be fine. ”


In an interview with Kamenskikh never hid that she suffers
propensity to corpulence. The singer claims that the way to lose weight was
very complicated. These were long fasting and aggressive diets.
The result remained unnoticeable and after that the body gained weight in
two times more.

Only when the singer set for herself the goal to achieve a slim
figures using daily workouts and eating healthy
food, the effect exceeded expectations. At the moment, Nastya Kamensky
demonstrates this by posting photos in swimsuits and tight
dresses. Thanks to her healthy daily routine, she reached
perfect shape parameters.

Каменская до и после диеты

Anastasia in an interview does not give clear figures of her weight, but always
talks only about what can wear narrow clothes. Therefore,
judging by the photos, one can only assume that the singer has lost weight
2-3 size.

Sample menu

The secret of the artist’s weight loss is 20% of physical training and
80% proper diet. Of course, every diet is considered
expensive and troublesome pleasure, but productive. �”Time
cooking a whole day takes me 1.5 hours each
morning – the star is divided. – But then food is always at hand and not necessary.
run somewhere to buy food and eat on the go. I take food
4-5 times a day. Dietary meat is always on my menu,
vegetables and fruits. From drinks, I prefer fresh juice. ”

Additionally, we recommend reading the article on fractional

The main thing, according to the advice of Nastya Kamensky, is to limit yourself.
in the consumption of fatty, fried, smoked food, dishes with a minimum
salt, flour and confectionery products.

Анастасия поделилась своим приблизительным рационом

  1. Breakfast starts at the singer with oatmeal cooked in water without
    salt and sugar. Almonds (5-7 pieces) and grated nuts are added to porridge.
    green apple. Drink is green tea or juice.
  2. After 3 hours, Nastya has a second breakfast,
    which is more satisfying. It includes 3 chicken eggs,
    boiled hard boiled and vegetable salad without oil and salt.
  3. For lunch Kamensky boils his rice or buckwheat porridge with
    dietary boiled meat (chicken, rabbit, etc.) makes
    fruit salad. Every 2-3 days Nastya replaces low-calorie meat
  4. Dinner. There is dietary meat on the table or a fish,
    steamed and vegetables.
  5. Sometimes the singer has a late dinner for herself
    22:00 The menu includes cottage cheese or kefir, not containing fat.

Anastasia Kamenskikh also arranges for himself 2 types of diets.
The first option is strict. Includes use for
2 days only water. A week before the diet should be excluded dairy
products, fish and meat. Use only those vegetables that
contain a high percentage of water (cucumber, celery, lettuce).
If at the time of use diet diet strongly
hunger, allowed to drink a glass of nonfat kefir.

The second version of the diet – soup. The duration of the diet is 5
days Daily recipes should be changed. Approximate
суповое меню
у Насти на время диеты:

  1. The first day. Products: beets, cabbage and tomatoes. Everything
    boiled in lightly salted water and dressed with greens.
  2. On the second day celery and broccoli soup is served.
    Vegetables are ground on a grater.
  3. 200 grams of tomatoes, celery and
    beets. Sprinkle with dill or parsley before serving.
  4. Ingredients: 300 grams of white cabbage, potatoes and tomato
    by piece. Sprinkle the soup with finely chopped Bulgarian pepper.
  5. Boil carrots, sweet peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and cabbage.
    After all vegetables turn into a mash with a blender. To boil
    chicken egg and cut in half. In a bowl pour cream soup,
    Garnish 1/2 eggs.

During the day you should eat at least 4-5 plates of soup. First
days hunger increases, so it is permissible to cook
light salad of tomatoes, herbs, cucumbers and cabbage. Refuel
only lemon juice.

Салат из овощей

One of the most favorite salads near Nastya Kamensky is the dish.
from arugula and shrimp salad, as well as grated carrots:

  1. The first diet salad. To boil 800 грамм креветок. On hot
    pan pour 10 grams of olive oil and fry the shrimp 3
    minutes In a separate bowl, pick up the hands with the washed arugula salad.
    and pour the prepared meat on top. Lightly salt the dish and decorate
    cherry tomatoes
  2. Grate carrot and apple. In the pan
    fry the crushed walnuts and mix with the main
    ingredients. Season the salad with lemon juice and honey (10 grams) and
    decorate with greens.

Pros and cons of diet

Each diet has its own advantages – harmful ones are derived
toxins, weight is lost, the body gets vitamins and
minerals, strengthens the immune system and so on. But, where there are pluses,
there are always cons:

  • intolerance to the body, which is accompanied by headache
    pain, nausea, stool deterioration, vomiting, allergic reactions
    and other consequences;
  • development or exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • depression and psychological disorders;
  • dehydration of the body (dehydration);
  • dependence on the diet of an emotional nature.

Possible contraindications

Many people go on a diet without thinking about possible
contraindications. Every therapy should be taken seriously
ведь от этого зависит состояние health To contraindications

  • hypertension stage II and III;
  • kidney and liver disease;
  • violations in the digestive tract, ulcers;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Repeated use and exit from the diet

As Nastya Kamensky tells, she keeps repeated diets
every week. �“These days I call fasting. Mostly i
I try not to abuse such diets. In my diet
there are water days and I have enough of them. The main thing – you need not
only monitor nutrition, but also actively engage in physical
exercises, – says the singer. – Soup diets I arrange every
month. In breaks, I can afford to eat something harmful,
but in moderation.

After each diet, you need time to recover. Not
It is recommended to start eating right away from “heavy” dishes. First
дни желательно употреблять каши, vegetables and fruits. After gradually
switch to the usual diet and active lifestyle.

If you are interested in Nastya’s diet, be sure to try it.
But first make sure you are missing
contraindications. And if there are any pathological processes
in the body, consult your doctor.

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