What helps viprosal ointment?

Viprosal мазьViprosal мазь – это обезболивающее противовоспалительное средство thick consistency with turpentine specific smell. A drug popular for use in diseases опорно-двигательной и периферической нервной системы с целью relieve pain. The main active component of the ointment is poison. viper, which is a complex protein mixture with enzymatic action.


Форма выпуска и состав мази Viprosal

1 грамм мази Viprosal содержит 0,05 МЕД яда обыкновенной гадюки, 10 mg salicylic acid, 30 mg camphor and turpentine turpentine. In addition to the active components, the drug contains the following Excipients:

  • solid paraffins;
  • distilled glycerin;
  • petrolatum;
  • sodium chloride;
  • distilled water;
  • emulsifier.

Form release: comes in the form of a thick white ointment, packaged in 30 and 50 grams in aluminum tubes. Tuba with The medicine is packaged in individual carton packs. Term годности мази Viprosal – 2 года при условии хранения в прохладном place

Фармакологическое действие

Активные вещества, которые содержит Viprosal, вызывают местное irritation of skin receptors and subcutaneous tissue, anesthetize, обладают сосудорасширяющим и кератолическим действием, что improves tissue trophism. Скипидар, входящий в состав мази Viprosal and salicylic acid have antiseptic properties. Squirrels snake venom unable to enter the bloodstream through the intact the skin, therefore, with the exclusion of systemic effects on the body. Остальные компоненты Viprosalа при более длительном использовании, what is shown according to the instructions for the drug, able to penetrate the hematopoietic system and are rapidly excreted by the liver and kidneys without side effects.


What helps ointment: indications for use

Показание к применению Viprosalа – болевой синдром следующей etiology:

  • joint pains in arthritis, osteochondrosis, arthrosis;
  • inflammation of the sciatic nerve;
  • joint injuries;
  • muscle pain, incl. myalgia;
  • radiculitis;
  • convulsions.

What helps viprosal ointment?

Dosing and Administration < / h2>

Мазь со змеиным ядом Viprosal – наружный препарат. Before using the skin on which you plan to apply ointment, wipe with water at room temperature. После этого наносят Viprosal на кожу тонким слоем, на протяжении 3-5 минут тщательно втирают.

Treatment is carried out 1 time a day, with severe pain increases up to two times per day. Доза однократного использования составляет 1-2 чайные ложки мази Viprosal, что составляет 5-10 грамм средства. The treatment is carried out until the disappearance of pain, an average of 10 days.

Contraindications and side effects < / h2>

Инструкция по применению Viprosalа гласит, что данный медикамент противопоказан лицам, склонным к ангиоспазму, с туберкулезом, лихорадкой, повышенной чувствительностью к его компонентам, нарушениями коронарного, мозгового кровообращения, кахексией, почечной недостаточностью и lesions of the liver. The drug is contraindicated in pustular lesions of the skin, in violation of its integrity.

Не рекомендуется мазь Viprosal беременным женщинам и кормящим матерям: препарат обладает сосудорасширяющими свойствами. This property of a drug can lead to the risk of miscarriage. In addition, the ointment contains snake venom, < / wbr> is contraindicated for use during this period. На область поясницы нанесение Viprosalа во время беременности запрещено категорически: белки яда при этом имеют вероятность проникновения в кровоток женщины. There are no confirmed studies of the effect of snake venom proteins on the fetus, so it’s not worth risking the baby’s health.

Side effects: during treatment allergy is likely to manifest. In this case, the use of ointment is desirable to cancel. После нанесения Viprosalа на кожу на короткое время возникает чувство жжения, что является нормальной реакцией. In some cases, there is the likelihood of skin rash, passing after a course of treatment. Information about overdose of medication yet.

Special instructions < / h2>

Accidental ingestion of a drug is a reason to go to a doctor. After the procedure, to prevent the ointment from getting into the eyes and mucous membranes of the mouth and nose, hands should be thoroughly washed. При попадании Viprosalа на слизистую оболочку, умойтесь. The medicine cannot be applied to the skin with wounds, scratches. Нельзя наносить мазь на один и тот же участок кожи одновременно с другим препаратом, отличающимся по составу с Viprosalом. If necessary, the funds are applied with an interval of not less than 2-3 hours. Before applying the second preparation, rinse the skin thoroughly.

Возможность применения мази Viprosal для детей в каждом конкретном случае решает лечащий врач. To avoid negative consequences for the child, it is undesirable to prescribe a course of treatment with this drug on its own. Информация о взаимодействии Viprosalа с другими лекарственными средствами missing.

Price of the drug < / h2>

Сколько стоит Viprosal мазь в аптеке? The cost of the product depends on the amount in the tube and averages 230 rubles for 30 grams of ointment, 330 for a package of 50 grams. In different pharmacies, the price may vary slightly. If necessary, buy cheap viprosala counterparts.

Аналоги мази Viprosal

  1. Alvipsal. Ointment, refers to locally irritating < / wbr> it means. Application in diseases of the musculoskeletal motor < / wbr> of the peripheral nervous system, accompanied by pain. < / Li>
  2. Salvissar. Local anesthetic drug. It is used for neuralgia, sciatica, arthralgia and other painful conditions caused by diseases of the PNS and motor support < / wbr> apparatus. < / Li>
  3. Algasan. Combined medication used topically for muscle and joint pain. Indications for use of the drug – prevention of pressure sores, dislocations, sprains, bruises. < / Li>
  4. Нижвисал В. A drug для наружного применения с ядом гадюки. Used externally for neuralgia, sciatica, myalgia, radiculitis. < / Li> < / ol> |

    Reviews on the effectiveness of the application < / h2>

    Мазь Viprosal по отзывам пациентов относят к разогревающим средствам. Positive reviews of the drug also received as a rubbing before playing sports. Such use enhances blood flow to the ligaments and muscles, which allows you to enhance the effectiveness of training. Negative feedback is mainly coming from people who do not tolerate a strong burning sensation when applied to the skin. Consider reviews of people on the use of ointment for the purpose.

    Maria, 37 years < / strong> : Despite the fact that the tool is considered burning, I felt only pleasant warmth in the place of its application. Пробовала Viprosal при сильных болях в пояснице – помогло практически сразу после растирания.

    Valery, 41 years old < / strong> : I stretched my leg muscles during training, could not walk. По рекомендациям купил мазь Viprosal. After a couple of hours, it became easier to walk, the pains disappeared. At the place of application of the drug remained a slight redness, which passed the next day.

    Stepan Arkadyevich, 24 years < / strong> : the ointment helped me a lot with cervical osteochondrosis. Just could not turn my head. Viprosal помог не сразу – легче становилось постепенно, на протяжении 6 дней растирания. I am grateful to the advice of pharmacists, thanks to which I did not have to go to the doctors.

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