Wet (wet) cough in a child – we definethe reason and how to treat it

Fri, Jun 26, 2015

In children, a wet cough can occur for a variety of reasons. Cough
– is a way to protect the body from various allergens, infections and
irritating substances.

It allows you to keep your airway as clean as possible.
relieves throat from excess sputum, postnatal edema (nasal
mucus that tends to go down the back of the throat)
or any foreign objects accidentally caught in the child’s mouth.
If the child has a cough but no other symptoms, it’s not
is a sign of serious illness.

In most cases, a wet cough occurs on the background of ARVI,
accompanied by a bacterial infection, although it may occur on
background of other diseases, such as asthma. Infection provokes
production of large quantities of sputum, which contains white
blood blats that help fight germs. In this case
cough is an important reflex because it removes excess mucus, allows
air easily into the lungs, helps the child breathe, not
permits mucus in the lungs.

When the baby is in pastel, the cough may increase, and
the patient’s condition worsen. The reason for the accumulation of mucus on
back of the throat. Children tend to rub off mucus rather than
spit out, as is typical of adults. Getting mucus in
stomach can cause upset gastrointestinal
tract, cause vomiting, especially in attacks of a drop. Slime
may adversely affect the child’s stool.

A wet cough is often accompanied by additional symptoms –
elevated body temperature, runny nose, difficulty breathing, pain
in throat, wheezing when breathing. To find out the cause of the disease and
find an effective treatment you need to turn to a child
to the therapist.

If you cannot go to a doctor, you can apply the old ones.
time-tested tips – to offer the child plenty of drink,
warm fluids – soothing sweet coughs
herbal teas, warm milkshakes, compotes, sweetened

Modern pediatrics does not recommend parents independently
resort to the treatment of cough with drugs, especially
if the child is under 6 years old. Numerous studies
proved that self-treatment most often does not cure, but only
masks the problem may have potentially dangerous side effects.

Key points to remember

• cough is a fairly common problem, especially
young children;

• cough can be caused by colds, asthma,
various types of bronchitis, cigarette smoke;

• if a cough lasts for more than three weeks – this is not normal and
may be a sign of pathology of the thoracic organs;

• cough, accompanied by fever, difficult
breathing, sore throat – requires observation by a doctor.

Wet cough in a child – when should I see a doctor?

To show the child to the doctor is necessary when:

• cough lasts more than three weeks;

• the child often breathes, can not finish the phrase without coughing;

• the child has a temperature above 38.5 degrees

• snores and whistles are present when breathing;

• cough prevents sleep at night;

• The cough began after the child choked on food.

Wet cough in babies

Infants are very vulnerable to colds, as their immune
the system is only learning to resist alien infections. Most
infection is a common cause of cough in newborns
upper respiratory tract, where the cough is the primary symptom
diseases. During the daytime, the cough is weak and has
tendency to intensify at night and evening.

From the cough that has arisen, the baby’s throat becomes red, the body
begins to produce phlegm. If the baby’s immunity is strong –
A cough without special treatment may stop within 2 weeks.
If the body cannot fight the infection, the process may acquire
chronic in nature.

A sharp cough can also occur as a result of pneumonia,
whooping cough, tuberculosis. Chronic – due to aspiration
foreign body, hereditary disorders, cystic fibrosis,
primary ciliary dyskinesia, congenital respiratory defects
pathways or lung inflammatory diseases affecting
respiratory tract or lungs, psychogenic cough that has arisen against the background

Not every cough requires urgent medical attention, even from babies.
However, if a mother discovers a child:

• blue shade of lips or skin;

• a loud squeaking sound (stridor) when the baby is breathing;

• labored breathing;

• lethargic, sick appearance;

• uncontrollable cough with subsequent wheezing
should immediately consult a doctor and take urgent measures.

When coughing any force of gravity is not in any way be stopped
breast milk feeding.

Wet cough in older children

Cough у детей постарше – наиболее распространенный симптом
colds. He may have a terrible picture, but usually is not
a sign of a severe condition. Children with cough caused by stagnant
appearances in the nose and back parts of the pharynx may have difficulty with
sleep on the stomach and on the back. Best position for sleeping with strong
coughing is a semi-vertical position on a high

Official methods of treating wet cough

If the child has a strong cough, but not
nasal congestion, the doctor most likely will not prescribe
cold medicine, and give a recommendation to treat the disease potion
for cough – expectorant. As ancillary measures
may be recommended:

• heavy drinking;

• throat inhalation;

• humidifying the air with cool mist from

• nasal washing with salt water, as a proactive

If the cough is accompanied by fever, redness
throat, painful condition – can be assigned to complex
treatment involving several types of drugs:

1. Nasal decongestants. Medications allow
clear the mucus from the nasal passages and allow breathing
baby through the nose. Drugs also have a drying
effect, therefore, can reduce the runny nose, remove edema.

2. Antihistamines. This type of medicine allows
quickly relieve itching from the common cold and reduce the production of mucus.
Some medicines can have a side effect – cause
drowsiness. The phenomenon is well suited for the night, but it strongly interferes with

3. Cough syrup Potion can conquer even persistent
nasty cough. It acts by oppressing cough
reflex to the mucous throat and lungs, relieves inflammation,
occurring against the background of coughing and usually does not give any side

4. Expectorant drugs. Medicines allow you to eliminate
strong congestion in the bronchi, chest and lungs, facilitate
cough, increase expectorant effect.

Traditional methods of treating wet cough

Effective home remedies for cough – safe, inexpensive
funds present in every home.

• For children from 3 months to a year, the best cough treatment is
drinking warm clear drinks like warm sweetened
water, apple juice, herbal tea. The amount of medicinal drinking
should be 1-3 teaspoons (5-15 ml) 4 times a day. With
When making drinks, do not use natural honey.
since it can cause infantile infants

• For children from a year to 6 years the best treatment for cough can
act honey, 1/2 – 1 teaspoon (2-5 ml), when cooking
drink. Honey effectively dilutes mucus and reduces seizures.
cough If honey is not possible to find, you can use corn
free-standing syrup in baby food stores and pharmacies.
Recent studies have proven that honey is much more effective.
справляется с кашлем, чем аптечные сиропы от cough

• For children 6 years and older, the best cough medicine can
serve as antitussive lozenges made from sugar syrup.
With изготовлении леденцов в состав конфет можно вводить любые
useful ingredients – coconut or butter, lemon
the juice.

Children over 6 years old are recommended:

1. As a hot drink to make tea from thyme (thyme).
Drink reduces inflammation, relaxes the trachea and throat muscles.
Tea bag brewed in hot water for 10 minutes
filter, add sugar or honey and give the child how tasty
medicine. If you add lemon juice to the drink, tea will get rare
fragrance and will have an extra soothing effect.

2. Menthol candies or lozenges. Remedy effectively
warms the back of the throat, which most often suffers from
cough reflex.

3. Essential oil rubbed into the chest. To home
conditions to prepare the therapeutic composition must be mixed in equal
shares: essential oil of eucalyptus, sage and mint with olive oil.
It is better to cook the prepared mixture before use or to store it in
the fridge.

4. Baked with cinnamon pear. Delicacy is great
средством от cough

If the baby has a wet cough with a large amount of sputum from
diet should be removed any dairy products. These
products are a stimulant of mucus, so they must
be excluded from the diet until signs disappear

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