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Freesia belongs to the Iris family. She comes from the South
Of Africa. In the culture using only varieties of hybrid freesia.
Plant 50–90 cm tall with sword-shaped green leaves
15-20 cm, something similar to the leaves of gladioli. Funnels
flowers with a delicate lily of the valley are collected in clusters of 5-15
pieces Their color is the most diverse – white, yellow, orange,
red, blue, purple, often two-tone. Many varieties with
double and semi-double flowers. Freesia valued for its graceful shape
flower and aroma, good cut.

Growing freesia

This flower is bred in the garden and in the house. Grow freesia in
greenhouses and greenhouses for cutting. You can chase the flowers in the winter
home conditions. When breeding in open ground for the winter
bulbs digged and stored indoors.

Growing freesia в открытом грунте

When growing freesia in open ground, plants need
semi-shady warm place.

Preparing for landing

The soil should be well-cultivated, loose and
breathable. The composition is approximately the same – sand, peat, sheet
land in equal quantities. Before planting a freesia land is necessary
pour dark solution of potassium permanganate, potassium permanganate can be kept
and bulbs within 2-3 hours. These are good preventive measures.
against diseases.

Planting freesia

Freesia is a plant of long daylight. Need to remember this
and choose a landing site, not shaded after dinner by others
plants or buildings. Interestingly, freesias like heaps

Sprouting freesia bulbs

Freesia propagated by seeds or vegetatively – bulbs.

Planting freesia семенами

When spring sowing (March – April) seedlings bloom in October.
If you sow later, the freesia development cycle shifts accordingly, and
flowers appear in winter or spring.

Planting freesia луковицами

The date for corms is April – May. Put them in ten
centimeters to a depth of five to ten centimeters. Flowering from
spring planting freesia bulbs can be expected in August –

It is very important to complete the planting work in time for the plant
managed to lay flower buds. Not scary if the temperature on
the street is cool. If, however, with the landing of freesia linger and hold
work at +20 ° C and above, it will not bloom. Already formed
inflorescence dries.

Care of a freesia in an open ground

When grown outdoors, freesia should be regularly
water and feed.

• Planted bulbs in a flower bed well lit by the sun.

• Provide abundant regular watering.

• Bulbs germinate for quite a long time – about 3 weeks.

• After germination, watering is somewhat limited.


Freesia does not like drought, but also refers to the overwetting of the soil
negative, although the high humidity of the air to her liking. Wateringают
under the root so that the earth was moderately wet.

It is better to water before lunch, so that in the evening the green will dry: if
plants stay wet for a long time, mushroom can develop

Evening watering freesia should be carried out at such a time as to
the coming of the night the leaves dried out. Otherwise, lowering the temperature and
wet leaves can cause flower damage putrid


High, sometimes up to one meter, plants require support. it
an indispensable attribute of care for a freesia. In greenhouses for this purpose
horizontally stretch the mesh at a height of 20 cm from the ground. The second
the grid is placed twenty centimeters higher than the first. If grade
tall, you will need a third. Plants sprout through
grid, which serves as their support.

By mid-July, freesia bushes grow to 40 cm and begin
form buds. Flowers bloom in August.

Top dressing

During the budding period, the freesia is fed with a 0.2% solution.
potassium or calcium nitrate.

Freesia bloom for a long time, revealing one flower after another. In the middle
October, you can still admire the flowers in the garden or cut them off for

After all the flowers are cut, the plants are well watered and
leave dry without watering for several weeks before digging.

Cleaning and storage of bulbs

• First signal: leaves turn yellow.

• Second sign: the main root of the plant is thinning. Make
trial digging, and if the main root is still juicy, then they are waiting for
it dries to a string.

• The above-ground, already beginning to turn yellow part of the plants is cut,
the bulbs are dug up and put into the house.

Freesia bulbs

There they are laid out on paper or newspaper and dried several
days, avoiding direct sunlight. Then clear
from old scales and put in a cardboard box.

Keep them warm in high humidity – otherwise the bulbs
dry up. To comply with this condition next to the box put
water tank. Temperature 29˚-31˚C maintained for
12-16 weeks. 2 weeks before planting, the temperature is reduced to 12˚
13˚, but in the refrigerator (there is a temperature of about 5˚) to put
corms can be no more than a week.

Why doesn’t freesia bloom?

Usually the reason for improper care for corms of freesia
at storage. If you do not withstand these temperatures, and
for a long time put corms in the fridge, then they can and
do not bloom. At the same time corms “freeze” (that is, the stems are not
grow back and the plant seems to fall asleep);
years do not germinate, or will be bad, weakly bloom.

That the freesia not only grew, but also blossomed, at the initial stage
growing it needs a temperature in the range of 15 °, and then
it is desirable to increase it smoothly to 20-30 °. Therefore, it is necessary
calculate the optimum landing time for certain climatic conditions.

Violation of the temperature regime leads to the stretching of plants.
It is expressed in that the distance between the first and
second flower.

The angle at which the inflorescence moves away from the peduncle should be
straight or even blunt, and when stretched, it warps and
becomes acute.

At the same time, the inflorescence looks uneven, untidy, and
have to reject.

Care freesia in the room. Dislocation

You can spend the winter forcing, planting: corms in the box
or pot on the windowsill. In a small (15 cm depth) pot
fit 5-7 corms of medium size (with 7-8 cm
take roots and 5 cm layer of soil above the corm tip). Term
the landing here depends on two factors: the temperature in the room and
dates of planned flowering.

The main thing is that during the flowering in the room was not too
hot. During the emergence of shoots should be no higher than 10˚-12˚, although
enough and 6˚-7 достаточно, and during flowering no more than 20˚.

Freesia stems are very fragile, do not hold themselves and without support
fall and break.

When caring for a freesia in the room, be sure to set it to
pots, decorative wire rack or wire frame for

Freesia in a pot with a support

Corms, which were used for distillation in a pot,
either have to be thrown away, or in the warm season to grow into

For the window sill, low-growing varieties are more suitable, for example,
Annie, Tenderness, Purple. Here they reach a height of 20-25

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