Watermelon diet for weight loss

  • 1 Watermelon diet for a week
    • 1.1 Benefit and harm
    • 1.2 If there are kidney stones
    • 1.3 Menus
    • 1.4 Recipes
  • 2 Strict watermelon diet for 3 days
    • 2.1 Menus
    • 2.2 Results

Watermelon is a unique berry, with which you can eat and
get drunk. But that, thanks to the watermelons, they also lose weight, they know
few. The amount of vitamins contained in this
product will provide good health and energy after it
use, enough for the whole day.

If you like watermelon, a diet based on this loved one
summer delicacy created especially for you. Basic rule
This type of weight loss – the use of sweet berries in

About the properties and principles of nutrition such a diet for weight loss
talk further.

Watermelon diet for a week

The motto of this food restriction reads: “watermelon
diet – minus 10 kg per week. “

Основной принцип меню диеты — каждодневное
use of this product. Tea and water are allowed. Please note that
количество пищи зависит от определенного фактора: на каждые
10 kg of weight – 1 kg of watermelon.

Watermelon diet for weight loss избавит и от веса, и от чувства
hunger. The main thing is that it does not deprive you of health! At the first
ailments, lift restrictions and return to the usual
power reception.

Berry diet for weight loss is effective and its results are amazing,
but, alas, the menu ration is not for everyone.

Benefit and harm

Before buying tons of watermelons and rush to make a list
сочетаемых продуктов, рассмотрим полезные свойства

  • Watermelons satisfy hunger and give saturation throughout
    of the day
  • In one kilogram – 400 kilocalories.
  • This product improves gastrointestinal function.
  • Watermelon pulp is an excellent antidepressant. Hardly, of course,
    A suicidal person will change his mind by trying this berry. But y
    the usual sane citizen mood will improve significantly.

Арбузная диета противопоказана людям:

  • suffering from kidney disease;
  • late gestational age;
  • diabetes;
  • in the complications of the pancreas.

If you do not belong to the above list, welcome
in the “berry paradise”, from which you will not return to the same gloomy
a person with obesity and ailments.

If there are kidney stones

If you want to lose weight with a diet on red
berry, you should be very careful and watch your
by the body. Рекомендуемая длительность диеты — 5-8 дней,  а
Go to the ultrasound before changing the diet.

With kidney stones, the watermelon diet is not suitable for weight loss.


  • Phosphate kidney stones;
  • coral stones;
  • Anomaly of the urinary system;
  • Prostate adenoma;
  • Ulcer;
  • Nephroptosis;
  • Pyelonephritis;
  • Renal failure.


If you decide to spend a week in watermelon “captivity”,
combine it with a certain number of permissible products, for
only watermelon food for the whole 7 days is fraught
consequences for your body.

Итак, представляем вам меню на неделю для арбузной
, с целью похудения:


  • Breakfast: buckwheat, watermelon;
  • Lunch: 200 grams of lean fish, tomatoes and 3-4 medium slices
    tasty red melon;
  • Dinner: 250 g of cottage cheese, 2 slices of sweet berries.


  • toast with honey and watermelon in unlimited quantities;
  • salad of vegetables and herbs, arbz;
  • steamed omelette and our favorite treat.


  • oatmeal on water with a red berry;
  • 150 g steamed chicken breast and berries in unlimited
  • fruit salad: kiwi, strawberries and watermelon.


Watermelon in unlimited quantities – we do the unloading


  • steam omelet with greens and watermelon;
  • lettuce, cucumber, tomato, sweet melon;
  • Turkey and zucchini steamed, 2 slices of sweet berries.


  • steamed rice and sweet red delicacy;
  • рыба и овощи, сладкая ягода в неограниченном quantity;
  • cottage cheese, watermelon.


At the weekend we do a fasting day and eat tasty red berry
в unlimited

Nutritionists recommend snacks and meals.
also eat sweet watermelon.


Pampering yourself is recommended once a week.
various dishes.

Представим вам на выбор вкусные рецепты:

Watermelon Chilli Salad

Ingredients: 400 g watermelon flesh, onion lobule, two tomatoes,
hl chili peppers, st. l оливкового масла, hl lemon juice, by
a pinch of mint and basil.

  • watermelon cut into cubes;
  • finely chop the pepper and onion;
  • rid the tomato of the peel and chop finely;
  • mix the ingredients;
  • season them with olive oil;
  • add mint and basil to the finished salad and mix.

Watermelon lemonade with melon and basil

Ingredients: a pound of watermelon, 100 g melon pulp, pinch
basilica, st. l lemon juice, 200 ml of water and 2-3 ice cubes.

  • mash watermelon and melon and put this mixture in a large
  • crumble basil from above;
  • pour water and mix;
  • before use, add ice.

Strict watermelon diet for 3 days

Watermelon diet for weight loss считается «быстрой» и назначается
на 3 of the day Who can stand more on some watermelons?

For quick and effective results, slimming menu for 3
of the day – the very thing.

При соблюдении этого весьма ограниченного питания, не
abuse alcohol products and


The fast-food product list is dwarfed,
следовательно, меню — крайне «разнообразно»:

  • Первый день: утром — съесть половину арбуза, в
    lunch – drink 1.5 – 2 l of water, in the evening – finish the remaining half
  • Второй: только арбуз.
  • Третий: на протяжении всего дня употреблять
    just a watermelon, in the evening have a cup of warm herbal tea without


При арбузной диете для похудения результаты
: эффективный сброс лишних килограммов и
cleansing the body of toxins – the best gift that
provides you with this ripe juicy berry.

At first glance it seems that you have wasted time: weight
stayed the same, well-being has not improved.

Опровергнем ваши сомнения результатами, в виде фото «до»
и «после»
похудевших довольных женщин:

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