Water aerobics for weight loss: reviews andresults

Аквааэробика для похудения – это комплекс упражнений, performed in water at shallow depth. Fitness classes in the water help even full people to feel relaxed and free. Most of the body is hidden under water from prying eyes, therefore aqua aerobics for weight loss is popular. Classes at pool with a coach held under the rhythmic music – this is the way cheer up and increase the desire to move.

Аквааэробика для похудения


What is useful aqua aerobics for weight loss

Water aerobics is an effective method of fighting cellulite. Combining several types of stress during exercise, from the body extra pounds go away and the skin is tightened, the tone increases muscle Hydromassage, occurring at the time of exercise, actively burns calories, accelerates metabolic processes of metabolism. Strengthening immunity plays an important role.

The benefits of training in the pool for weight loss using aqua aerobics is obvious. In the water less stress on the joints, decreases risk of injury. After classes aqua aerobics absent болезненная крепатура muscle In the water with great power pushing out, many exercises are easier than if performed on the air. During the session the muscles of the whole are strengthened. skeleton, respectively, improves posture.


Exercises for the abdomen and sides

Before you begin visiting the aqua aerobics pool, consult a doctor and get a certificate allowing workout. It is advisable to visit the pool at least twice a week Like any exercise, water aerobics for weight loss should start with a warm-up – jumping, waving arms and legs. Exercises for water aerobics for weight loss you need to perform vigorously, with good mood. Is it possible to lose weight and without exhausting work to reduce belly and sides, performing a complex of water aerobics, learn, repeating the proposed exercises.

Water aerobics for weight loss: reviews andresults

  1. Twisting. Oblique abdominal muscles and sides well work out, if standing in the water on the chest, turn the body torso in different directions. During exercise recommended jump a little. Perform 3-5 minutes until felt in lateral tension.
  2. Move backwards. Doing it right exercise, as a result will gain slender hips and rounded buttocks. Water should reach the chest. Face the handrails, take hold of it with your hands. Lift the leg as high as perhaps then abruptly make a swing back. Delay for a couple of seconds leg in that position. Lower. Do 10-15 times. Change to the other foot, doing the swing, too, 10-15 times. Back while Exercise try to keep perfectly smooth.
  3. Пресс живота 1. Встать спиной в бортику pool, lean on your elbows or grab handrails a little higher heads. The lower body should be parallel to the floor. the pool. Perform feet “bike”, “scissors” for 5-8 minutes Или сделать два подхода по 3-5 minutes
  4. Пресс живота 2. В том же положении, что и для the previous exercise, legs pull up to the chin close. Return to original. Do 10 times.
  5. Пресс живота 3. В положении спиной к бортику, ankles hold the ball. Straining, try to lower the legs with the ball to the bottom of the pool, breaking the resistance of the water. Run 5-8 minutes
  6. Massage. Standing in the water, energetic movements hands massage problem areas in the abdomen and sides. 

Food during the classes

So that during classes aqua aerobics calorie consumption increased one hour before visiting the pool and a couple of hours after, you can not eat anything. Fix in your mind the rule that will be to say that flour, sweet, spicy, salty, canned, smoked meats in excess will reduce your efforts during aqua aerobics on “no.”

  • The number of meals per day can be 5-6 times. Try to reduce the amount of servings in half, but it should not touch breakfast. In the morning, meals should be complete: porridge, fruits, boiled lean meat, juices.
  • Mandatory consumption of purified water, better mineral non-carbonated, up to two liters per day.
  • If you want sweet – eat a teaspoon of honey. He will give energy to the body and replenish the supply of trace elements.
  • Completely discard alcoholic beverages that retain fluid in the body, which leads to cellulite.

Contraindications to classes < / h2>

Before the first lesson, visiting the medical room is a must. Wanting to lose weight, do not hide from the doctor the true picture of your health condition. Benefits for losing weight < / strong> body will be in good only if it does not harm the body. Here is a list of diseases in which it is impossible to attend aqua aerobics classes, the reviews of which are very positive.

  • ischemic heart disease; < / li>
  • preinfarction and postinfarction state; < / li>
  • an allergic reaction to chlorine in water; < / li>
  • cystitis; < / li>
  • skin diseases. < / li> < / ul>

    Frequently asked questions: < / h2>

    1. What does aqua aerobics give? With accelerated blood circulation, blood supply to all organs improves, straightening occurs spine. Стимуляция и гидромассаж повышают тонус кожи и мышц, уменьшается и исчезает целлюлит, уменьшаются объемы тела.< / li>
    2. How many times a week do you have to do ? Занятия нужно посещать не менее двух-трех раз за a week< / li>
    3. How many calories burns water aerobics ? За 20 минут интенсивной тренировки сжигается 210 ккал, за 30 минут – 315 ккал, за 45 минут – 475 ккал, за один час – 630 ккал (из расчета, что вес вашего тела около 70 кг)< / li>
    4. What is better than aqua aerobics or fitness ? Water aerobics in many respects is in first place compared to fitness. The movements performed in the water, reduce the load on the joints, reduce the likelihood of injury. Отсутствие потливости, как это происходит во время занятий фитнесом, для женщин тоже является весомым аргументом в пользу аквааэробики.< / li> < / ol>

      Video: aqua aerobics for weight loss exercise < / h2>

      Photos before and after < / h2>

      Неоспоримый факт, насколько эффективна аквааэробика, подтверждают фотографии женщин, сделанные до начала занятий и через время, когда достигнутые results видны невооруженным глазом. Each body responds individually to the process of losing weight. При большом желании, положительном настрое, упорном труде стройность фигуры обязательно вернется, что подтвердит эффективность аквааэробики.


      Отзывы и results

      Svetlana, 41 years old < / strong> : I have gained a lot of weight for 5 years and I was ashamed of my fullness. With a friend signed up for the pool. The instructor told how to do water aerobics, < / strong> advised to record video lessons. Only three months passed, and I already had a tummy tuck up, lightness appeared in my whole body, although this has not yet been strongly reflected in the scales. Продолжаю занятия аквааэробики.

      Alevtina, 30 years < / strong> : Completeness overtook me after the second birth. Combining relaxation swimming in the pool with an integrated system of aqua aerobics exercises, I have already achieved the result. It is the seventh month of work on yourself. Effect – lost 9.5 kg. Чувство бодрости, хорошего самочувствия придают силы, чтобы не останавливаться на достигнутом.

      Юлия, 34 года: Аквааэробика для похудения, отзывы о которой я давно просматривала, чтобы проанализировать отношение и results людей, I was attracted by its accessibility to do the exercises. Another important factor was the fact that under water those awkward movements were hidden at the beginning of the lesson. For two months my cellulite on my hips and buttocks disappeared, my tummy became elastic, the “belt” disappeared. Я себе нравлюсь все больше и больше, проблема неидеальной фигуры после занятий аквааэробикой отходит на задний план.

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