Water aerobics for weight loss: exercises and theirbenefit

Aerobics today is a very popular way of physical
Workouts for losing weight and keeping fit. Important
note that this type of exercise does not stand still, but
develops by increasing the variety of occupations. Let’s
get acquainted with the water type of aerobics – aqua aerobics, her
features as well as pros and cons.

Water aerobics for weight loss: exercises and their benefit


  • The essence of water aerobics
  • Exercises
  • Performance features
  • Advantages and disadvantages


The essence of water aerobics

Water aerobics is a system of physical exercises that
performed in the aquatic environment.

A feature of the complex is the permanent stay of a person in
water that creates special slightly complicated conditions for
physical activities. The main types of aerobics are performed in sports
halls equipped with specialized inventory, but in those
sports complexes, where there are pools, without fail
classes are held in aqua aerobics. Generally aqua aerobics should
carried out mainly in the pools, but in some cases it
can be carried out in a lake or in the sea, but they must be shallow
and not too cold.

A set of exercises on aqua aerobics involves finding
practicing in the water, the level of which should be no higher than the shoulders. For
exercises that require more depth, you must use
special floating objects. Also, as a rule, classes
performed to the music.

Water creates additional resistance in movements than
increases the load. However, such a load is soft and
useful, since injuries are practically excluded, and
there is also no pain or overvoltage in the muscles. Being in
water reduces the load on the spine, which is used to
strengthen the back muscles with injuries. Difficult movement in the water
make you spend more energy doing it
therefore, more calories are burned, which is important in order to
body shaping.


Water aerobics has a lot of exercise, they all come in
complexes compiled individually by trainers. Complexes
Water aerobics exercises include both general exercises and
aimed at a specific area of ​​the body (muscle group) for
losing weight The most common complex consists of the following

Warm up

First you need to warm up. Get level, take a deep breath.
raise your hands up, then lock in the maximum
point for a few seconds and exhale, lower your hands. Exercise
should have about 5-7 repetitions.

Exercise 1

The initial exercise is active jogging. For этого
you need to raise your knees high and move your arms vigorously.
Exercise должно длиться приблизительно 3 минуты.

Exercise 2

Very good exercise – jumping in the water. First you need to jump
on one leg, then on the other, and at the end – on two. On each of
elements of the exercise need to allocate 10 repetitions.

Exercise 3

The next exercise is Mahi. For этого слегка расставьте ноги,
after that, stand confidently on your left foot, then swing
right foot forward – back and to the side – back. After performance
exercise swap legs. Every element is performed
about 2-3 minutes.

Exercise 4

Go to the side and hold it with both hands. Then
jump and turn the torso one by one as possible then into
one, then the other side. The duration of the exercise should
be no more than 5 minutes.

Exercise 5

Turn your back to the side of the pool and lean on it.
by hands. Then приподнимите ноги и делайте ими скрещивания, данное
exercise is also called “scissors.”

The exercises listed are classic. Concerning
more difficult exercises, then you are best acquainted with them
videos where their correctness will be demonstrated

The first aqua aerobics video course includes simple and uncomplicated

The second video course consists of more complex active exercises.
water aerobics.

Performance features

Water aerobics is performed in the pool with a support on the bottom. Density
water creates an inconvenience in controlling the order of the exercises,
but the calculation is put on the good faith involved. Effect of aquatic
exercises is not only to complicate their implementation, with
this water cools the body, thereby contributing to the function of
body thermoregulation, which further burns energy.
The intensity and duration of classes is determined by the instructor in
depending on the degree of ability involved.

Doing aqua aerobics is necessary exclusively under
guidance and control of the coach. Also before aqua aerobics people with
overweight and heart disease will need
consult with your doctor about the admissibility of visiting such
occupations. And finally, it is worth warning against the aqua aerobics of people
suffering from frequent convulsions, it is better for them to choose another complex
аквааэробики для losing weight

For аквааэробики важно правильно подобрать одежду – купальник.
The bathing suit should not hold down movements and rub.

Advantages and disadvantages


Correction of the figure is one of the main objectives of aqua aerobics, so
as regular classes in the aquatic environment as balanced as possible
load the whole body. In this case, a harmonious
formation of a figure with simultaneous elimination of many problem ones
zones. Movement in the water have a massage effect as well as
Beneficial effect on the skin, giving it elasticity and

The advantages of aqua aerobics is to increase muscle tone,
body shaping, getting rid of cellulite, strengthening and
recovery of injured areas. Also water favorably
affects the circulatory system, especially the blood vessels,
which are strengthened by large-scale work of the body.

An important point in aqua aerobics is psychological
comfort for people who are overweight, as their disadvantages
figures are not visible on these classes. This circumstance in some
cases has a huge advantage for people
about your body.


The main disadvantage of aqua aerobics is the presence of chlorine in water
pool that dries the skin and requires additional care
in this period.

Water aerobic exercises are more expensive than regular exercises, since
in addition to paying for the work of a coach, the cost of training also includes
rent for the pool.

Also here you can count a large number
contraindications to water aerobics, we talked about them

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