Warts – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Thu, 17 Mar 2016

Бородавки представляют собой новообразования на
skin that is caused by the human papillomavirus. This virus
sneaks into the skin due to microdamages and can be transmitted
by contact.

Warts can occur at an arbitrary age, however,
most often they are children or teenagers. In 25% of cases
all symptoms proceed independently within 6 months, and
70% – for two years. Warts are flat, common,
plantar. Finger and filiform can also occur.

Warts – Causes

Warts are caused due to a virus, so they can easily
be transferred to other parts of the body, as well as transferred to others
to people. A person can catch this virus in a variety of ways.
however, for the occurrence of warts, two
factors: a certain decrease in immunity, as well as violation
skin integrity, such as small cuts and scratches, burrs,
mosquito bites and more. Warts develop enough
slowly, at the same time can die off and without any intervention.
However, if they do not disappear, and their number does not decrease, then
need to get rid of them.

Warts – Symptoms

Usually the warts have the appearance of convex nodules on the skin, which
I can meet, both single, and in the form of some congestions.
As for plantar warts, they are mostly
flat and dense due to strong pressure. Highly recommended
consult a doctor immediately if such a wart causes pain,
discomfort, and also interferes with walking.

Warts – Diagnosis

Often, the diagnosis of warts does not cause absolutely any
difficulties, while it is based on the clinical picture. But
It is worth noting that they can often be disguised as others.
skin diseases. For example, plantar warts can not every time
distinguish from ordinary corns. At the same time, there is some
danger of taking a formidable tumor for a simple harmless wart.
Therefore, if controversial issues arise, it is best to refer to

Бородавки – treatment

Quite often, it is not necessary to treat warts, as they
disappear by themselves when the immune system is restored.
In general, there are a variety of methods for removing warts.
The most modern method is laser wart removal. AT
In this case, wart removal takes no more than two minutes. it
the most aesthetic remedy among all existing removal methods
warts. Laser removal is considered the least traumatic.
means. Healing after this method of removal is carried out
painlessly, without requiring any restrictions in class
sports or by contact with water.

There is also a method for removing warts
electrocoagulation. This method is the removal of currents.
high frequency. Among the positive points worth noting that
the fact that this method coagulates the nearest tissue, while closing
access of the wart virus to other healthy tissues, providing
no bleeding.

There is a place to remove wart with liquid nitrogen. This method
предполагает глубокое замораживание warts. AT данном случае не
there is contact with blood, which completely eliminates
secondary infection of healthy tissue.

As for surgical excision of warts, he
accompanied by a suture, leaving behind a noticeable
scar. itт способ удаления бородавок сопряжён с кровью, из-за чего
increases the risk of secondary infection, and this, in turn,
may cause new warts on the skin.


Katerina 01.15.2016 Wait for the warts to pass by themselves sometimes
have a very long time. They may not pass for several years.
Laser can be removed, but the scars remain, although small, but not
enjoyable. The best way to get rid of a wart, in my
a look is to freeze it. You can nitrogen in the clinic, or right at home
Freeze Wartner. After this, no scars remain and the procedure itself
not painful at all.

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