Vitamin miracle – gooseberry compote withan orange How to cook gooseberry compote with orangefor winter

Чт, 15 сен 2016 Автор: Марина Данько

Gooseberry – the richest storehouse of vitamins and minerals.

It is difficult to find a berry that would significantly exceed
The utility is a fragrant miracle.

Gooseberry compotes are perhaps the most popular technology.
blanks of this berry. To give them a special taste use
natural flavors, adding various fruits and berries with
strong own taste.

Not so long ago, our hostesses began to use as such
�”Improver” citrus.

But this simple method immediately became popular: oranges
relatively inexpensive, a lot of them are not required, and drinks are obtained
quite unusual.

Компот из крыжовника с апельсинами for winter и на каждый день —
general principles of cooking

• For compotes, you can use any type of gooseberry. For
daily use of the drink can be made from any berries
ripeness and size. For заготовки компота из крыжовника с
апельсинами for winter лучше всего брать крупные, чуть недоспелые
berries. Their skin is tough enough and allows you to save
integrity of the berries during thermal processing.

• Gooseberry berries harvested or purchased on the market before
using sorted from spoiled and unpresentable berries. Have
they are sure to pinch off their noses and cut off their tails. Then berries
washed and carefully dried from the water, throwing it in a colander.

• Gooseberry compote itself is not aromatic, and therefore
add other berries or fruits, such as oranges. Citrus
fruits are used peeled or with it. Untreated
In addition to the rich flavor, oranges give a specific compote
bitterness. Oranges are cut into “washers” or divided into slices.
Often, citrus fruit or their peel is used to make a decoction, from which
boiled syrup for compote.

• Oranges must be washed with water before use.
if they are added to the compote with the peel, then the fruit is also scalded
boiling water.

• Gooseberry compotes with oranges often aromatize. In them
add cinnamon, vanilla, mint, wine or spices: thyme, star anise and
even allspice.

• Заготавливая компоты из крыжовника с апельсинами for winter,
fruits and berries do not boil. They are laid in a jar and poured cool
boiling water. As soon as the water cools, it is drained, and the berries are poured
boiling syrup cooked in liquid drained from the tank
separately boiled broth from the peel of oranges or their infusion.

Компот из крыжовника с апельсинами for winter без


• two full glasses of ripe gooseberries;

• one large orange;

• 300 gr. white sugar;

• two liters of filtered water.

Cooking method:

1. Scald the orange with boiling water and, without peeling, cut
very sharp knife on thin mugs.

2. Clean dry gooseberries without noses and tails fold in
sterilized steamed jar and add orange circles.

3. Pour all the sugar into the pan and pour in the water, put it on
strong fire As soon as it starts to boil, remove the tank from the heat.
Pour the contents of the glass container with boiling syrup so that
liquid 1 cm did not reach the neck.

4. Then cover the can of compote with a sterile lid and
hermetically seal it with a zakatochny key.

Компот из крыжовника с апельсинами for winter — «Винное
assorted »


• one kilogram of ripe gooseberries;

• a pound of sweet and sour apples;

• oranges – 0.5 kg;

• a pound of refined sugar;

• 250 ml of dry red wine.

Cooking method:

1. Apples wash off dirt. Haveдалите сердцевину с семенами,
cut the spout and the place where the tail was attached. Cut apples
in large lobules and arrange in banks (in two containers). Fill up
boiling water and leave covered with lids for 15 minutes.

2. Then pour the liquid into the pan and pour it all at once into it.
a measure of sugar. Boil the syrup, cool slightly and mix it with

3. Add the processed gooseberry and sliced ​​berries to the apples.
oranges rings, without peel. Fill up всё смешанным с вином
syrup and put compote pasteurized.

4. For этого поместите банки с компотом в большую ёмкость, на
the bottom of which lay a thick towel folded in half. Then
pour warm water in so that it covers the tanks just below
hangers, and turn on the stove. On low heat bring water to
pan to a boil and soak glass containers with compote in it
about half an hour. After that, carefully remove and hermetically
close the seals.

Gooseberry Compote with Oranges – “Ginger”


• two medium sized oranges;

• 300 grams of large gooseberries;

• ginger root – 7 cm;

• cinnamon – 2 sticks;

• half a large lemon;

• one glass of plain white sugar;

• 20 grams of vanilla sugar;

• two stars star anise;

• seven sweet pea peppercorns.

Cooking method:

1. Peel the ginger root and cut it into very thin

2. Апельсин и лимон ошпарьте крутым boiling water. Cut it
citrus washers on washers, not more than 0.6 cm thick, and cut each
into four parts.

3. Put the citrus slices into a large saucepan. Add a
prepared gooseberries, ginger root slices, spices,
spices. Add a обычный и ванильный сахар. Slightly remember everything
hands and set aside for half an hour.

4. Then влейте в кастрюлю ровно три литра чистой воды и
put on a big fire. As soon as the liquid boils, lower
heat and continue cooking for five minutes. Then выключите плиту, а
cover the compote and leave for 20 minutes to drink
got it.

5. Serve chilled, garnished with lemon slices.

Компот из крыжовника с апельсинами for winter — «Медовый»


• one kilogram of oranges;

• two kilos of large dark gooseberry;

• 900 gr. Sahara;

• 200 gr. flower honey.

Cooking method:

1. Rinse the citrus well with warm water and scald them.
boiling water.

2. A special knife for cleaning potatoes or just very
With a sharp narrow knife, remove a thin layer of zest from the oranges and not
throw it away.

3. Haveберите оставшуюся на апельсинах белую часть кожуры, удалите
all the fibers and cut the fruit into half rings.

4. Processed pure gooseberry berries and half rings of oranges
divide in half and spread on two sterile jars.

5. Pour 4.5 liters into a large enamel pan well.
purified drinking water and pour all the sugar, boil.

6. In the boiling syrup, lower the orange zest, reduce the heat to
medium and boil the zest for about a quarter of an hour, strain the syrup, and
fill them with oranges and gooseberries spread out on the banks. Cover
glass containers with lids and soak for 20 minutes.

7. After that, pour the syrup back into the pan, boil it not
less than 10 minutes and enter the honey, Protome honey-sugar syrup at
Slightly boil for 5 minutes and pour it into jars. Haveровень
fluid should not reach the neck and a half centimeters.

8. Hermetically roll containers with compote boiled lids
for seaming.

Summer gooseberry compote with oranges and mint – “Refreshing

Ingredients for 3 liters of water:

• slightly under-ripe gooseberries – 500 gr .;

• a small sprig of peppermint;

• 150 gr. sugar sand;

• one large ripe orange.

Cooking method:

1. Boil the scalded orange with washers and place them in
the pan. Slightly remember the pulp and cover with water. Zest do not wrinkle
you need its flavor, not tart bitterness.

2. After an hour, strain the orange water and put on
moderate heat boil. As soon as the infusion begins to boil,
dip the mint in it and remove the pan from the stove.

3. After half an hour, remove the mint, and lower in the infusion
Prepared gooseberry berries, add sugar and put again
boil over.

4. Boil compote for a minute, turn off the stove and give
drink brew until fully cooled under the lid.

5. Serve with ice cubes.

Gooseberry Compote with Oranges and Croutons


• one large orange;

• 200 gr. ripe dark gooseberry;

• a small pinch of cinnamon;

• filtered water – one and a half liters;

• three spoons of refined sugar.

Cooking method:

1. Carefully wash the orange, peel the citrus peel and
disassemble into slices.

2. Finely chop the half of the zest with a knife, fill it with drinking water and
put the cook over low heat.

3. In the beginning boil broth add cinnamon, gooseberry,
sugar and orange slices, but not all, leave four
for serving.

4. After boiling, boil the drink for 4 minutes, remove from the heat and
cool it down

5. Put the orange slices on the sides in glasses and
fill them with filtered compote.

Gooseberry compotes with oranges – cooking tricks and
useful tips

• If everyday compotes can be made from slightly crumpled
berries, then to the selection of fruits for harvesting compotes of gooseberry with
oranges need to be taken seriously. Fruits should not be
damaged and have any defects. Rumpled berries in such
blanks will turn into a mess, and damaged spoil the workpiece,
she will not stand for long.

• So that the gooseberry fruits give the drink all the nutrients
and not burst, puncture them in several places with a toothpick.

• If the gooseberry was born a lot and it is simply “put
nowhere ”, you can make the fruit compote by cutting some of the berries and
carefully digesting them in a small amount of water. In the presence of
pressure cooker you can take advantage of it. The resulting decoction carefully
filter and add to drinks brewed from more beautiful and
ripe berries.

• Do not leave mint or cinnamon sticks for a long time in compotes.
Soak them in the drink a quarter of an hour, it will be enough to
give the drink a light aroma.

• Крышки и банки для заготовки компотов for winter обязательно
sterilize. Drink harvested in a liter jars –

• Заготовленные ёмкости с компотом for winter охлаждайте только
flipped on the covers and under the covers and turn over after
full cooling.

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