Vitamin A

в моркови много витамина аVitamin A (ретинол)
– This is a fat-soluble vitamin that must be obtained from food.
It plays a crucial role in the formation of the epithelial layer of the skin and
mucous membranes, their efficient operation and production
necessary secret. This vitamin is also needed to create
the body of the so-called “visual purpura”, rhodopsin,
photosensitive pigment, indispensable for the ability to see
in dim light. Good sources of vitamin A are orange and
yellow vegetables and fruits, namely, carrots, peaches and apricots, and
also green vegetables, eggs, dairy products (non-fat),
liver and fish oil.

Vegetables, especially carrots, contain carotenes
or carotenoids, some of which are precursors
vitamin A, i.e. can be turned into this vitamin. Carotenes,
for example, beta carotene possess important antioxidant
properties, as well as vitamin A. Thanks to the fact that vitamin A
essential for the formation of healthy integuments
organism, it also strengthens the immune system, supporting cells,
that resist infections and neoplasms.

Vitamin A deficiency causes night blindness and impairment.
healthy skin and mucous membranes, and this can lead to an increase in
incidence of respiratory and ENT diseases, dry skin,
susceptibility to skin diseases and deterioration of hair standing.
A prolonged lack of vitamin A is detrimental to growth and
development of the child, leads to weight loss and a general depletion of
adults. The recommended daily intake of vitamin A is
0.75 g., But you should avoid excessive doses that can
lead to poisoning of the body.

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