Ventolin for inhalation

Bronchial asthma is an unpleasant and dangerous disease. which requires constant monitoring of the patient. it infectious-allergic pathology, characterized by spasms bronchi. During bronchospasm, a sharp muscular contraction of the bronchial wall leading to poor ventilation lungs, panic, choking. Prevent seizures and relieve The condition of the person will help drug Ventolin.


Instructions for use of the solution for inhalation

Ventolin for inhalation

For inhalation, a special nebulizer is used, in which drug Ventolin is poured (nebulas for inhalation). Instructions to the drug is contained in each package along with nebulas (opaque capsules of 2.5 ml), which are sold at 10, 20, 40 pieces. The composition of Ventolin for inhalation, according to the instructions active ingredient salbutamol and other ingredients enter:

  • diluted sulfuric acid;
  • sodium chloride;
  • purified water.

After inhalation, 10 to 20% of the dose is reached by the lower respiratory tract. ways, the rest remains in the nasopharynx and is swallowed. Start drug action occurs at 5 minutes after procedures, and the duration is about 5 hours on average. Ventolin, getting into the systemic circulation, is metabolized in the liver, then excreted with the kidneys. The drug relaxes smooth muscles of the bronchi, reducing their resistance.

Indications for use

Ventolin for inhalation

The drug Ventolin is prescribed for the treatment of adults and children who are 2 years old. According to the description of the drug is used for the relief of acute asthma attacks as well as for the treatment of patients with chronic bronchitis who are not helped by traditional therapy. Indications for use Ventolin is obstructive pulmonary disease with reversible obstruction, emphysema.



Что касается противопоказаний, то Ventolin for inhalation нельзя apply in case of hypersensitivity to components included in the composition of the drug, as well as during pregnancy, when A woman is threatened with miscarriage or premature labor. Children up to a year Ventolin is contraindicated, and for babies from 1 to 2 years the method of application and the dosage of inhalation must be strictly controlled by the pediatrician.

Reviews of doctors exclude the use of the drug by nursing mothers, as in the course of numerous surveys cases were noticed bad influence on the newborn. Be careful use Venolin for inhalation in the following conditions:

  1. Myocarditis.
  2. Heart disease.
  3. Coronary heart disease.
  4. Glaucoma.
  5. Diabetes.
  6. Renal, hepatic failure.
  7. Epilepsy.
  8. Arterial hypertension.
  9. Tachyarrhythmia.
  10. Aortic stenosis. 

Side effects

With constant use of the drug often occur tachycardia, headaches, dizziness, muscle tremors. Less often heartbeat, muscle spasms, pharyngeal irritation may occur or oral mucosa, dilation of blood vessels. AT in very rare cases, doctors observe adverse reactions such as collapse, lowering blood pressure, edema, urticaria. it occurs mainly in overdose due to non-compliance хранения ATентолина или сроков годности.

Dosage of the drug < / h2>

Небулы для ингаляций ATентолин используют, как в разведенном, так и в чистом виде. The dosage and method of use of the drug should be determined by the doctor, which depend on the diagnosis and the overall clinical picture of the patient. According to the instructions for use the average dosage is:

ATзрослым и детям старше 12 лет

AT неразведенном виде 2 мл ATентолина помещается в небулайзер, а в разведенном – смешивается с физраствором в соотношении 1:2. it приблизительно 0,5 – 1 мл ATентолина и 2 мл физраствора. The resulting solution is placed in an inhaler, and the procedure is carried out until the aerosol ceases to form.

Children from 2 to 12 years < / h3>

Как делать ингаляции с ATентолином

Детям от 2 лет ATенолин назначают только разведенным с физиологическим раствором. To do this, take 0.5 ml of the drug and bring up to 2.5 ml with physiological saline. AT самых тяжелых случаях под строгим наблюдением врача дозировка препарата повышается до 1 мл. The amount of inhalation is also appointed by a specialist. If you need a second procedure, then her baby should be carried out no earlier than 20 minutes after the first inhalation.

Как разводить ATентолин для ингаляции?

Для длительных ингаляций, которые проводятся по 15 минут, ATентолин разводить нужно обязательно. For these purposes, serves 9% saline. Начальная дозировка ATенталина при кашле, бронхите или ларингите составляет 2,5 мл, из которых физиологического раствора должно быть не менее 1 мл. Procedures are carried out 3-4 times / day, but it is necessary to make intervals between them, not less than 6 hours. The dose of the solution for adults is gradually allowed to increase to 5 ml if the therapeutic effect is insufficient.

Как делать ингаляции с ATентолином

Перед употреблением ATенталин should be warmed to room temperature. ATзрослым и детям после 12 лет при острых приступах бронхоспазма достаточно двух вспрыскиваний ATентолина. To prevent an attack, 1 injection should be done within 15 minutes before the irritant. AT качестве поддерживающей терапии принимать препарат не следует более 1 вспрыскивания 4 раза/сутки.

Children from 2 to 12 years old should not inject the drug more than 1 time (100 mcg) in order to avoid an overdose. If it is not possible for the baby to use the aerosol to increase the effectiveness of the drug, the doctor may recommend bronchial therapy with a nebulizer. But the frequency and dosage he must take under strict control. < P>

Аналоги ATентолина

Ингаляции взрослым и детям можно проводить и другими препаратами, если по какой-то причине ATентолин недоступен по цене или другим причинам. There are many drugs with active active substances similar in their pharmacological action to salbutamol. Among the most common drugs that block the attacks of bronchial asthma, doctors highlight:

  • Astalin. < / li>
  • Aloprol. < / li>
  • Salmo. < / li>
  • Salgim. < / li>
  • Salamol. < / li>
  • Pulmicort. < / li> < / ul> |

    Reviews < / h2>

    Елена, 35 лет: Покупала ATентолин небулы еще по низкой стоимости, когда у дочки был острый бронхит. The drug quickly moisturizes dry cough – the child has lost sputum after two inhalations. I am satisfied with the result.

    Евгений 43 года: Познакомился с ATентолином, когда попал в реанимацию с задышкой на фоне бронхиальной астмы. With the help of a mask, breathing the drug, diluted with saline. AT первый день облегчение длилось час, но на протяжении последующих 5 дней лекарство помогло убрать приступ.

    Лариса 30 лет: У моего сына аллергия, сопровождающаяся бронхоспазмом, поэтому в домашней аптечке у нас всегда находятся небулы ATентолина. During inhalation, they very quickly relieve allergic spasms – after 3-5 minutes of allergy, as was not the case.


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