Veins in the legs: treatment of folk remedies. Howcorrectly use numerous folk remedies for veins onfeet

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The disease in which the veins are no longer elastic –
varicose legs creates many problems for women. Feet more often tired
they hurt, swell up, a feeling of heaviness appears in them. Also not
pleases and the appearance of the limbs.

Varicose legs causes serious complications: swelling of the ankles,
throbbing pain, muscle spasms, rashes, ulcers,

Лечением заболевания занимается врач-флеболог,
which with the help of various studies accurately sets
diagnosis and prescribe treatment. In addition to the main therapy,
use natural remedies.

Вены на feet: народные лекарственные средства – травы

1. Лесной орех. Take the leaves of the plant and
grind them. 30 g of raw materials pour boiling water (300 ml) and let
Brew for at least 6 hours. Then strain and cool.
Use this drug from varicose vein thrice in
day (for a glass).

2. Цветки каштана (150 г) залейте половиной
liters of vodka. Let the mixture infuse in the dark for at least 2 weeks.
Then strain it and drink three times a day, 20 ml.

3. Настойка конского каштана. Fruits of the plant
(150 g) pour boiling water (400 ml) and allow for healing
drug brew about 4 hours. Drink the composition, pre
Drain and cool, 30 ml three times a day.

Horse chestnut is used for medicinal purposes for varicose veins,
thrombophlebitis. Thanks to its beneficial substances,
blood clotting slows down, formation is prevented
blood clots, removed vascular spasm.

Horse chestnut is contraindicated for people with atonic constipation,
gastritis with low acidity, with failures in the menstrual
cycle, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.

3. Корень одуванчика. Shredded roots
plants (70 g) pour boiling water (300 ml). Give the opportunity
means to insist, strain it and drink for a long time.

The root of the plant is used not only as a choleretic,
diuretic, appetite improvers. Thanks to its
anti-inflammatory properties of dandelion root extremely
полезен при варикозе, thrombophlebitis. He has practically no
no contraindications and side effects.

4. hop cones. Brew a couple of tablespoons
plants (depending on weight) a glass of boiling water. Boil the mixture
on very low heat quite a bit. Then let her stay
and, filtering, take during the day for 2-3 doses.

The plant has quite a strong anti-inflammatory,
analgesic, tonic effect. However, it does not cost them
abuse. Changes in dosage can lead to side effects.
effects – nausea, drowsiness, dizziness.

Hop cones can not be used for some gynecological
problems such as endometriosis, cyst, tumors, as well as
carrying the fetus and during breastfeeding.

5. Соедините такие лекарственные компоненты: кору
березы, кору дуба, семена конского каштана
(все по 20 г).
Add rhubarb root, immortelle (30 g each), Iceland moss,
horsetail arrows (50 g each), raspberries (10 g).

All components are pre-shredded well and
mix it up. Pour 2 tablespoons of boiling water (500 ml) in
enameled container. Put on the fire and boil completely

Then let the collection stand, then cool and strain,
as usual. Medicinal composition of varicose veins ready! Drink it
three times a day, one glass.

With regular use, this tool will allow you to forget about
боли и тяжести в feet.

6. Соедините такие лекарственные растения: цветки
immortelle (200 g), yarrow grass (50 g), lingonberry leaves
(100 г), кору крушины (100 г), листья березы
(100 г).
Mix all ingredients well and pour a tablespoon.
collection of boiling water (300 ml).

Boil the mixture over low heat, let it stand (4 hours) and
take with varicose legs half a glass thrice a day.

Вены на feet: народные средства – компрессы и растирки

1. Каланхоэ. Use it to cook
healing mixture for grinding feet with varicose veins.

Wash, dry and chop the leaf of a plant that is
in almost every home. Fill the mixture with half a jar (0.5 liters).
Fill the product with vodka to the top, cover and
place in a cabinet for long infusion (2 weeks).

Then use the finished tincture for grinding feet from
your fingertips to the hips. Do the procedure before bedtime on
for several months.

Kalanchoe is famous for its anti-inflammatory and bactericidal
properties. The plant is used for healing wounds. In its composition
includes tannins, enzymes, organic acids, etc.

It is not recommended to use Kalanchoe for liver diseases,
hypotension, tumors, as well as during pregnancy.

2. Кожура конского каштана не менее эффективна
as grind for varicose veins. Crush the rind of the fruit.
Place the raw material in a half-liter jar that needs to be filled.
by a third. Fill it up with alcohol and covered with a lid, put in a dark
a place to insist.

Use for the intended purpose in two weeks, rubbing the legs like
described in the first case.

3. Яблочный уксус отлично справляется с
congestion in the veins. 100% is used for grinding
natural product. Only in this case, you can count on
positive result. It is better if you cook the vinegar yourself.
There is a lot of information about this.

Wipe your feet with a mixture of at least twice a day.
Используйте данное народное средство от вен на feet не менее
of the month.

In addition, you can apply compresses on the legs of the fabric,
soaked in apple cider vinegar. Maintain a compress around
half an hour.

4. Полынь и молоко. Mash leaves fresh
wormwood and fill them with sour milk. Mix well and wet in
composition of gauze, apply to the veins.

This compress is best to fasten with a cloth and keep no less
2 hours. Treatment should be carried out within five days, after
what the first results will be visible.

Вены на feet: народные средства – мазь

Мазь, в состав которой входит календула и
– является одной из популярных в лечении варикоза.
To make a healing remedy, first melt the pork
fat over low heat. Let him leave. At this time, the maximum
Crumble the calendula flowers and throw in a saucepan with Smaltz.
Прокипятите совсем Little. Remove from heat and set aside.
for insisting.

Then heat the composition again. Wait until it cools,
strain with gauze, squeeze well and pour a thick mixture.
in a clean glass jar. Cover with a lid. Ointment from natural
components ready!

Keep it in the refrigerator and use it daily as
applications on problem areas. Such a means strengthens the walls
blood vessels, normalizes blood circulation, fights inflammation,
reduces swelling.

Calendula is famous for its anti-inflammatory,
антисептичными, ранозаживляющими properties. And pork fat helps
useful substances of the plant is well absorbed. In addition, pork
fat does not interfere with the skin to breathe normally and if necessary easily
washed with soap and water.

General recommendations for varicose veins

All lifestyle and dietary guidelines are aimed at
улучшение кровотока и снижение застойных явлений в feet.

1. Try to avoid equally sedentary and standing work.
If during your professional duties you are
part of the time in a sitting position, then do not cross
legs, periodically lift them and lay on a chair.

2. During sleep, always put a pillow under your feet.

3. Do not take too hot baths, do not worry in the sauna.
People with varicose veins are categorically contraindicated.
It is enough to tone up the vessels with a contrast shower,
making movements with a hose with water from the feet to the groin and in the opposite

4. Do not buy shoes at too low or too high.

5. Do not wear narrow synthetic clothing.

6. Every day, perform a simple massage procedure, moving from
the soles of the feet to the thighs.

7. Do not abuse the sun baths.

8. Eat right. Let the bulk of your diet
consists of plant foods: vegetables, fruits, berries.

Exclude flour and confectionery, whole milk,
rich broths, fatty, fried and smoked dishes, spicy

Eating food is often necessary and in small portions. With
varicose veins should not be overeat. Pay special attention to drinking.
mode: clean water should be used at least recommended
specialists rates – 1.5-2 liters per day.

With варикозе полезны: рыба, растительные масла, печень, легкие
soups, nuts, cereals, honey, cheese, citrus.

These recommendations will help to avoid excess weight, delay
body fluids, slag accumulation and viscosity increase

9. Smoking and alcohol adversely affect blood vessels, increasing
risk of thrombophlebitis. Therefore, from these bad habits
should be discarded.

10. At home, try to walk more barefoot.

11. Use compression knit, which can
Acquired at any specialized pharmacy.

12. Do sports. Some types of fitness are allowed:
fitball, stretching, and swimming. Forbidden: running, jumping,
squats, weight lifting.

It may seem that there are too many bans and restrictions. But
it is at first glance. If you seriously approach the problem
with the desire to really be healthy, then apply simple and
effective treatments for varicose veins presented in this
article will not be difficult.

In combination with the main therapy, image correction
жизни и рациона питания народные средства от вен на feet дают
amazing results.

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