Vega milk. Almond

Vega milk. Almond

�“Drink, children, milk, you will be healthy!” – so our mothers taught us
in childhood. But, in fact, milk for an adult organism is not
the best food, so it contains a high percentage of casein. Casein bad
absorbed and forms mucus in the body, unlike serum
proteins, which are contained in fermented milk products. Also with
age people have poorly digested lactose, which is rich in milk.
For an adult, goat milk is the best choice. It
contains almost no alpha-1s-casein (a source of allergic
reactions to cow’s milk), and vitamins and macronutrients in it in
times more. However, they should not be abused.

In the States and European countries, the topic of nutrition without
milk and dairy products (dairy free). This is important not only for
people who, in principle, do not use dairy products
(vegans), as well as for all who monitor their health.

I propose to cook peanut milk, namely almond.
This milk is very useful, you can drink it in the post, cook with it
baking, milkshakes, etc. This milk does not contain lactose.
and cholesterol, but it contains a lot of vitamin E, calcium,
unsaturated fatty acids.

Vega milk. Almond

What you need (0.5 liters):

– 0.5 tablespoons of almonds – 2 tablespoons of pure water – honey, dates to taste –
filter gauze


1. Rinse the almonds and fill it with purified water from the filter.
or bottled. This is very important, as almonds are part of the water.
will absorb. Leave for 3 hours or overnight. In the morning, drain the water, almonds
Pour into a blender bowl and pour in 2 glasses of water.

Vega milk. Almond

2. Turn a couple of minutes in a blender.  We get milk, but
top will foam.  Добавьте  по вкусу мед или финики,
turn in the blender again. Gauze folded in 4 layers, fasten on
high capacity or measuring glass. Do not forget that the finished
milk we will have half a liter.

Vega milk. Almond

3. Strain our milk, well squeezing almond cake. Not
throw it away. Just let it dry for a couple of hours, then
dry in the oven or on a teflon pan on low heat,
stir. Turn in a blender and get almond flour,
which can be used instead of wheat.

Vega milk. Almond

Drink almond milk, make smoothies based on it or
cocktails, be healthy and beautiful.

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