Vasculitis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Sun, Mar 20, 2016

Васкулит представляет собой воспаление стенок
blood vessels that may occur with such
diseases like typhus, rheumatism and some others. Forecast
can be varied. Thus, Vasculitis which
caused by hypersensitivity, in most cases proceeds
benign, limited to small skin manifestations.
Such a disease can cause a person of any age.
The only exception is Kawasaki disease, which
observed exclusively in children. Vasculitis occurs as
primary and secondary.

Vasculitis – causes

The causes of vasculitis can be a variety of
factors. These include drugs, tumors,
food products. There may also be a combination of reasons
for example, any kind of infection and drug. TO
superficial vasculitis may result in increased blood viscosity.
Bacterial infections often lead to clinical vasculitis.
All sorts of chemicals and medicines often provoke
vasculitis, mostly lymphocytic.

Vasculitis – Symptoms

At the moment vasculitis affects the skin,
characteristic rash. If the nerves were damaged, then in a certain
degree violated human sensitivity, ranging from
hypersensitivity and, to complete its loss. because of
kidney vasculitis, may show renal failure. Among
common symptoms of vasculitis include weakness and fatigue,
loss of appetite, pallor, increase in body temperature and

If abdominal pain, mental disturbances,
muscle pain, losing weight, these are characteristic symptoms for
nodular vasculitis. Giant cell arteritis can cause
symptoms such as severe headaches, fever,
constant weakness and weight loss, swelling in the area
temples and some other symptoms.

Vasculitis – diagnosis

Today there are a huge number of different
tests and analyzes that may indicate such a disease,
like vasculitis. For example, a blood test is able to show
whether the patient has a change in the levels of certain cells. Especially worth
pay attention to hemoglobin and hematocrit. If these
the rates will be relatively low, it speaks of anemia,
which, in turn, is a complication of vasculitis.

Biopsy is considered one of the best studies that serves
for the diagnosis of vasculitis. In this case, a small piece is taken.
tissue with a blood vessel to further explore it under
a microscope. It is also possible to determine Vasculitis by urinalysis.
If there is protein in the urine, leukocytes, red blood cells, then
it all speaks of suspected kidney damage due to

Васкулит – treatment

The treatment of this type of disease is carried out depending on
associated diseases, as well as affected organs. Concerning
primary allergic vasculitis, it is in most cases
passes by itself without requiring absolutely no
special treatment. In case vasculitis affects such important
organs like the heart, kidneys or liver, then the patient will need
intensive and aggressive therapy.

As a treatment for this disease can be used
chemotherapy, corticosteroids in small doses. The goal of treatment is
not only to restore the function of the affected organs, but
also completely suppress the abnormal reaction of the nominal system,
which destroys blood vessels and disrupts habitual
blood supply to body tissues.

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