Varieties of peppers for greenhouses – features of varieties,growing and caring for plants. How to choose a variety of sweet pepperfor greenhouse

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There are many different varieties of pepper, juicy,
fleshy and large, the fruits can be of different colors and shapes.
Summer residents and owners of own houses establish, build on
greenhouse areas to enjoy it as soon as possible
fragrant and tasty vegetables.

Getting a good crop of pepper in the greenhouse is not easy, but with
performing all the subtleties of agricultural technology, you can get a great
harvest ATыбранный сорт перца for greenhouse имеет огромное значение. AT
In most regions of our country, pepper is grown through seedlings,
since he has a growing season, more than our ongoing
summer, for this reason, the earliest
hybrids and varieties.

What is the difference from F1 hybrids?

Variety – a consequence of long selection, it is adapted to the climate
specific region. In pollination of the ovary, the plant forms
seeds that possess the characteristics of a variety. For seeds choose
the best and most characteristic fruits from several bushes.

Гибрид F1 — получают с помощью скрещивания
different varieties, resulting in a combination of parental genes
formed a certain hybrid. They are far superior
parent plants for yield and speed of development, sometimes
can get caught specimens with unique characteristics. But from
F1 hybrids, you can not collect seeds, they will not be able to give the plants
которые принесут достойный harvest

Varietal seeds to distinguish from the hybrid is easy. On the package with
A hybrid will surely indicate that it is a hybrid of the first
F1 generation.

ATыращивание рассады перца

For any kind of pepper you need a lot of sunlight, because it
heatmoving solanaceous culture. Buying pepper seeds for
growing in a greenhouse, you need to study well how this variety needs
grow. Almost any greenhouse is capital construction, inside
which it is possible to organize effective illumination of plants, and at
need to shade the inside area with nets or
special curtains.

It is possible to place the equipment necessary for the winter period.
heating plants, which will provide an opportunity to teach products on
throughout the year. Experienced gardeners create ventilation
systems that help regulate temperature and level
humidity inside the greenhouse.

The main parameters are on the package:

• Duration of the growing season;

• The temperature required for the plant;

• Features of watering.

The best time for sowing most pepper seeds is March. AT ящички
you need to fill the fertile soil, and sow the seeds to a depth of 1 cm,
leaving between them a free space of 2 cm, the surface of the soil
sprinkle with dry compost, and cover the box with film or paper.
The first seedlings can be seen in a couple of weeks.

Seedling quickly rises in the room where the temperature is maintained
close to 21 degrees. When seedlings appear 2-3 true
leaflet, they dive (shorten the main root by 1/3). AT это
time in the greenhouse need to maintain a temperature of about 18 degrees.
Under optimal conditions, seedlings will grow rapidly,
seedlings grow juicy, bright green leaves.

When the seedlings grow to 15 centimeters, they pinch
apical buds. Due to this, lateral
shoots, and the bush begins to branch hard. More will appear
new twigs, the greater the crop will grow on the plant.

Varieties of peppers for greenhouses

Клаудио. This is a fruitful hybrid of pepper. The first
it can be harvested approximately 72 days after sowing
seeds. One shrub at a time can grow up to 12 peppers
weighing up to 230 grams. Pepper does not burn under the scorching rays of the sun, not
damaged during transport, successfully withstand most
viral diseases.

Atlanta. The bush of this pepper looks outwardly
very modest. It is low and not particularly spreading, leaves on
sprigs little compared with other varieties of this culture. But
on it grow fleshy, large, crunchy fruits, to taste they
juicy and slightly sweet.

Cockatoo. In this variety, the fruit can reach 30
cm long, and the mass can be up to 0.5 kg, they have fleshy, juicy
walls. Harvest from a plant of about 3 kg, bushes grow to 50 cm

Hercules This is a great pepper to taste, he
intended for growing in a greenhouse. ATегетационный период 90
days, the fruits grow large cubic shape, the walls of pepper 6 mm
thick He is well opposed to tobacco mosaic. Suitable for
fresh use and for harvesting for the winter.

Denis. A good variety for growing in a greenhouse,
large fruits grow on it. The vegetation period is about 90 days,
the plant rises to 70 cm. The fruits reach a weight of up to 400 g.,
стенки до 9 мм thick Plants of this variety resist well
tobacco mosaic.

F1 gang. First generation hybrid good
Resists major diseases of sweet pepper. Shrubs grow
medium height, on which grow sweet, tasty, large,
cuboid fruits, with an average weighing 350-400 grams. The variety is mid-season,
the crop is well stored and can be transported to large

Стенли F1. This midrange pepper enjoys
in demand due to the good taste of the fruit. And resistance to
diseases. Shrubs grow до 1 м высотой, сочные плоды набирают
weight about 250 grams. Plants give a decent yield, on average
2-2.5 kg / m2.

Planting seedlings and care for her

ATысаживать сеянцы в теплицу нужно в возрасте 50 суток. Plants
placed after 40 cm in a row, leaving space between the rows
70 cm wide.

The soil before planting seedlings need to fertilize, make 4 kg / m2
good humus, you need to add mineral fertilizers.

Pepper seedlings transplanted from cups, without destroying the soil
com in which the roots are placed.

So the stress from the transplant will decrease after
This soil is well watered.

Plant care

Water pepper bushes need, once a week, but only
warm water. It is possible to feed the plants with irrigation. This
культура лучше развивается в рыхлой почве, мульча
protects the surface of the beds from soil crust.

ATсе сорта, новые ли они или давно проверенные, нуждаются в
регулярном проветривании теплицы. When raising
temperatures inside the greenhouse are more than 30 degrees, the quality decreases

Огороднику необходимо следить за всеми изменениями
внутри конструкции. Ignoring this
the moment, can lead to loss of harvest due to the slow development
plants, with strong deviations of these indicators from the norm, bushes
Peppers may die.

Посаженные растения нужно регулярно поливать,
the lack of moisture will cause brown spots on the
leaves. Loosening the soil, allows you to saturate it with oxygen, which
a beneficial effect on the root system and facilitate the access of moisture and

Достаточное количество света, позволит
grow strong plants with bright green foliage and large
fruits. If there is little sunshine, then it is desirable in a greenhouse.
organize additional lighting.

Перец нужно регулярно подкармливать полным
fertilizer complex. This will accelerate the development of plants, accelerate
crop formation.

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