Valerian – medicinal properties and application inmedicine

Thu, Jun 30, 2016

Valerian – a general description

Valerian (more than 15 titles – Valeriana officinalis, Odyana,
maun, cat root, etc.) refers to perennial herbaceous
plants of the honeysuckle family. On short thick rhizome
(up to 3 cm long) numerous cord-shaped
light brown roots, they give a strong peculiar smell
along with a bittersweet taste. The stem is straight, ribbed,
standing, branched at the top.

In the first year only rosette leaves grow. Lanceolate,
odd paris, with teeth on the edges of the leaves appear
in the second year. The flower is small, pale pink, fragrant, collected in
apical corymbose-paniculate inflorescences. Flowering period
valerian from June to August, it happens only in the second year
of life. Ripening occurs from July to September. Fruit in the form of
oblong ovoid with feathery tuft. Breeds

Valerian – types and places of growth

Worldwide, there are about 200 species of valerian. She is
well can adapt to the conditions of existence, but is considered
moisture-loving plant. In the middle and southern regions of Russia valerian
cultivated as a medicinal plant for the needs of pharmacology. AT
the wild form of valerian is distributed almost throughout the territory
CIS, an exception is Siberia, desert areas of Central Asia.
Most often found in cheese places and on the outskirts of the marshes. For her
growth are favorable marshy meadows, floodplains, shrubs and
sparse forests. Wild Valerian does not form large thickets.

ATалериана – лечебные свойства

For a long time this herb is known mainly as
sedative and sedative. It helps to stimulate
processes of inhibition in the cerebral cortex, improves coronary
blood circulation, regulated heart activity.
Antispasmodic properties of valerian are used in the regulation
secretion of the glandular apparatus in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as
to suppress the fermentation processes in the intestines. Can make
a list of diseases for which it is used
medicinal plant: migraine, rapid heartbeat, neurosis,
hysteria, insomnia, esophageal cramps, flatulence, constipation and

ATалериана – лекарственные формы

ATалериана является настоящим чемпионом по количеству
drugs made with its use. Healing
substances are found mainly in the rhizomes of the flower, which
собираются осенью на втором году of life. Apply in the form of decoctions,
tinctures, thick extract. AT составе сборов входит в
sedative tinctures, amphora-valerian and
ландышево-валериановые капли, “ATалидол”, “Корвалол”, “ATалокормид”,
“ATаледрин”, “ATалоседан”, “Кардиовален”, “ATалокордин” и пр. Сок
the herbal part of the plant has a weaker effect,
mainly applied topically in cosmetics and in case of skin damage
(in case of weathering or improper tanning).

ATалериана — рецепты

Prescription drugs from Valerian should be purely
individual. A tablespoon of roots pour in a thermos
boiling water overnight. Take as a soothing by dining
spoon three times a day (no more than 2 months).

When nerve disorders in children recommend valeric
baths. If the babies have bad gases, the tincture is prepared: 1 hour.
a spoonful of shredded roots is poured with a glass of boiling water and
insists 2 hours, filtered. Take 0.5 spoonful every 2

ATалериана противопоказания

This medicinal plant has practically no
contraindications, but can cause a number of side effects in patients
hypertension in the form of a backlash – excitement and
sleep disturbance, heavy dreams. Long use
drugs in large quantities can cause an overdose.
This is manifested by nausea, agitation and headache,
sometimes a depressing effect on the digestive organs.

From the history of valerian

Since ancient times, the medicinal properties of this
grass Even the doctors of ancient Greece considered this plant a means
which is able to control thoughts. ATпервые такую версию выдвинул
Dioscorides. At the same time, the ability of valerian “to excite
thought “and strengthen the brain; Such conclusions were made by Pliny the Elder and
Avicenna. AT средние века ее почитали как лекарство, при помощи
which you can find complacency and tranquility. The name “forest
Incense “she gained because of its aromatic properties. Peter 1
organized an industrial gathering of this grass and attributed to her magic


Diana 03.10.2016 Very good tool for many problems.
Baby and spasms relieves and soothes well. In children because
colic, then the teeth are cut here valerian and comes to the rescue! Dasha
04/18/2016 I often use valerian for various purposes.
Of course, basically, this is putting your own nerves in order,
the result – no one has ever seen me irritated. And about
hysterical, and not to say anything. You do not get used to valerian, harm
no what Kalinka 04/18/2016 Yes, during the reign Peter 1,
there were all sorts of changes in life and knowledge in general. I, too
I agree that if in ancient Greece, Valerian was considered magical
a plant that can help manage thoughts is the way it is
and there is. Ilona 04/18/2016 Thanks for this article. Very interesting and
it was useful to read about valerian. Especially how her
perceived in antiquity. I think all this talk about her
beneficial effects on the brain, have a certain soil.
Svetik 18.04.2016 Well, about the fact that valerian is used as
sedative – this, of course, everyone knows. But at the expense of treatment
stomach and other things – I have not heard before. For general strengthening
nerves, valerian optimal solution. I have it grows on

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