Valeria spoke about the attitude of the ex-spouse to theircommon children

Sun, 07 Sep 2014

Everyone knows the story of Valeria’s marriage with Alexander Shulgin.
After parting with her ex-spouse more than two decades ago, she still has
recalls this relationship with a shudder. Recently, the singer told
how Alexander’s relationship with their children was built.

Valeria argues that Shulgin did not participate in any way.
their lives. Moreover, for a long time he preferred with them
meet. And having decided once to present a “surprise” to their children and
visiting them in Aktarsk, where they temporarily lived with their grandmothers,
nothing but stress did not cause them. So, the youngest son of Valerie and
Alexander Arseny, having learned that his father came to the city and wants
visit him at school, jumped out of the window, and ran off to acquaintances so that
sit out Shulgin’s visit.

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