Two-color manicure: the best ideas of winter

Two-color manicure is a good alternative to a little boring
monophonic nail art. This is a great idea for women who don’t
there is enough time to create a complex design, but you want to
look original

Special features

Two-color manicure, despite the fact that only
two varnishes can be very different.

  • To create a winter nail art, designers recommend
    experiment with any kind of coverage and combination schemes
  • The choice of shades may depend on the upcoming event,
    clothing style, color solutions of accessories and even from
  • You can always add design with any decor in the form of colored or
    transparent rhinestones, shiny adhesive tape, glitter and

A color scheme

To create a stylish manicure, you need the right combination of colors.
Designers offer several ways to successfully mix tones.
that will look perfect on nails:

  • The combination of monochromatic shades. Suggests
    use of different shades of one color. In manicure it is usually
    the transition of one color to another (darker or lighter by several
    tones). For example, dark pink to light pink, blue to blue,
    bottle in light green. Monochromatic manicure is beautiful
    It looks not only on long, but also on short nails.
  • Сочетание родственных colors. They are united by one common
    (related) shade. There are four groups of such colors:
    yellow-green, green-blue, blue-red, red-yellow. Using
    them, you can create a beautiful gradient or ombre.
  • Contrast combination. Bright and attractive looks
    two-color manicure, performed in contrasting colors, for example,
    yellow and blue, blue and orange. And during the New Year
    holidays especially popular is the combination of red and green
  • Combination of related and contrasting tones. Suggestsся
    a combination of red-blue, yellow-red, red-purple hues and
  • Комбинирование пастельных colors. Cover pastel shades
    goes well with the same soft pastel colors as well
    with classic. For example, pink-mint or
    lemon turquoise manicure.
  • Ансамбль ахроматических colors. These include black, white and
    gray colors that go well with other chromatic
    (color) varnishes. For example, with gray looks nice muffled
    pink or blue. This combination looks harmonious with
    winter looks. A black and white manicure has many options and
    considered a classic of nail art.

The big advantage of a two-color design is that you can
choose the color scheme for any image. For example, for business
Costumes fit nude combinations, as well as a combination of gentle
shades with white or gray. For the celebration, you can choose
colors are bright, for example, black and blue or black and red,
various shades of green or purple. For manicure for each
day fit any shades.

Professional recommendations

To get a luxurious manicure, you need to take into account some
tips masters:

  • use the nail coating of the same brand, as a rule, it
    has the same density and texture;
  • bright, acidic color visually shortens the nail plate,
    therefore, owners of short nails are better off
  • a pair of gold and silver lacquer must be chosen carefully,
    These colors are not in harmony with all colors.

If when choosing shades for a two-color manicure,
difficulties, you can use the table or the color wheel,
which you will find in this article.

Successful two-color nail art ideas

Two-color manicure has many options for execution. Design
can be complicated or simple enough to be repeated
on their own.

  • French manicure. Traditional french is a great option
    two-color nail art. Nude base and white smile capable
    decorate the hands of any woman. If classic french seems
    boring, you can bring a little bit of brightness and color to your design.
    For example, make a smile is not white lacquer, and red, blue or
    another color. You can experiment not only with a smile, but also with
    the main part of the nail plate. It can be covered with contrast
    varnish. The main thing is that both colors are harmoniously combined.
  • Accentuation. Usually the focus is on only one finger –
    nameless. It is distinguished by color and decorated with bouillons, rhinestones,
    sparkles. Less often, emphasis is placed on two fingers at once. In addition to color and
    the decor of the nail can be distinguished by coating a different texture: matte,
    втиркой, флоком или песочным varnish.
  • Feng Shui. As with the accented manicure, this look
    involves highlighting the color of the ring and middle fingers. But
    women who follow the teachings of Feng Shui pay special attention
    colors that are used. It is believed that they help
    achieve success. For example, a gold coating increases
    welfare, red – helps to achieve fame, and pink –
    attracts love.
  • Gradient. Technique gradient (ombre, stretching, degrade) – smooth
    transition of one color to another. It can be created at all. fingers
    or only on one. At the same time, the transition of colors is stretched, as in
    vertical and horizontal. Equipment
    the implementation of the gradient is not difficult, it can be mastered
    on their own.

Types and techniques of nail coating

For two-color nail art, you can use
various techniques and types of coverage. Among the variety of large

  • monochrome coating;
  • geometric pattern;
  • reptile skin imitation;
  • traditional and reverse (moon) jacket;
  • craquelure simulating coating cracks;
  • cell;
  • marble surface;
  • rub;
  • patterns, ornaments, drawings;
  • �”Naked” manicure, involving parts of the nail plate is not
    covered with color.

Using всего два цвета, можно создать оригинальный зимний и
New Year’s manicure or design suitable for a holiday by the sea. Everything
The options are pretty simple and can be repeated at home.

Decorations and small accents

Nail art will be considered two-color, even if for its
decorations are used color decor or drawings are created

You can make the design more vivid and expressive by depicting:

  • small or large peas;
  • bows;
  • letters;
  • patterns and monograms;
  • hearts;

Additionally, you can use glitter, shimmer and varnish with
shimmering effect. For drawing drawing use a thin brush,
Dotsom, needle and toothpick. Any drawing needs to be fixed with a layer

Two-color manicure has long become a classic of nail art, which
Over time, tolerates some changes. Diversify like
design can, using decorative elements, different in texture
cover or pattern.

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