Twisting on an inclined bench + obliquetwisting

skruchivaniya-na-naklonnoy-skamyeBelly muscles pretty
resistant to monotonous load, as fully involved
by the body throughout the day.

They are included in the work as soon as you wake up and get up from
your bed, all day involved in maintaining correct posture
and the ability to sit smoothly, plus actively participate, even when you
Carry heavy bags of groceries from the store.

Therefore, among the supporters of fitness there is no single point of view,
how often you need to train the abdominal abdominal muscles. Some perform
block of exercises on the press three times a week, others are working on it
almost daily.

One of the most effective exercises, which, of course,
необходимо включать в ваш тренировочный лист, являются twisting
on an inclined bench.

What are its main advantages? The fact is that work on
inclined shop significantly reduces the load and, thus,
the probability of injury to the lower back than the same
twisting на горизонтальной surface.

Если коротко, то:

  • When performing oblique twists, the bottom is well fixed
    back, reduced pressure on the lower back. Due to this you can
    maximally work the abdominal muscles without feeling
    fatigue and back pain, which is very important for those who train with
    problem loin.
  • При таком положении тела основная нагрузка при twistingх
    will fall just on the press, not allowing the muscle group to be involved in the work
    hip flexors.

Well, do not forget that only work with muscles
the press does not exactly help to remove fat from the abdomen or draw
cherished cubes, as the result depends on many factors
affecting your body.

This and habits in nutrition, and level of stress, and speed
metabolic processes, and genetic predispositions, and
stuff, and stuff, and stuff.

Какие мышцы задействованы в упражнении:

  • основная нагрузка при twistingх на наклонной лавке ложится
    on the rectus abdominis (the most famous 6 press dice);
  • partly involved deep-lying ilio-lumbar
    muscle (included in the hip flexor muscle block);
  • oblique muscles also play a small role



Twisting on an incline bench – a technique of execution

To get the most out of doing this
exercise, follow the step-by-step recommendations below (or
see the video at the end of the article). This will allow you to comply
the right technique and get the first results after just a few

Start position. Set the bench at optimum slope.
(чем глубже наклон, тем сложнее делать twisting; новички
start from 20-30 degrees). Sit on the bench and fix securely
knees and feet, using soft rollers of the simulator. Arms crossed
chest Lie back and lie flat on your back, the loin is tightly pressed to

Active phase Slowly raise the head, shoulders and chest
cage, as a whole, from the bench, without bending the lower back
(the loin remains pressed, the gaps between it and the bench do not
arises). We are trying with all our strength to reach the hips with our elbows,
moving them over the belly. Fix the position of the body at a point
maximum load for a couple of seconds, further reducing
abdominal muscles. Throughout the active phase, gradually
do a full exhalation.

Reverse phase. Slowly return to the starting position and, not
touching the bench back, proceed to the next
repetition. Inhale occurs in the reverse phase.

Duration Exercises are performed until the total number of sets.
and repetitions, for example, 2–3 sets, 8–12 repetitions (or
avoiding fatigue of the abdominal muscles).

Complexity. As we said above, the greater the angle of inclination
bench, the more intense the load on the abdominals. What else
можно усложнить наклонные twisting? In the active phase you can
fold your arms behind your head or lock in front of you
dumbbell, a small pancake from the bar (individual weight selection) or
medbol (heavy training ball).

Errors, tips, options for twisting the press in the slope

To the main “no”, which reduce the effectiveness of the exercise,

1. Perform body lifts instead of twisting, which is great.
shifts the load from the target muscles. 2. Move jerky during
active phase. 3. Bend the lower back, fix poorly
lower back. 4. Raise the elbows up (when the arms are crossed on the chest).
5. Прижимать подбородок к chest 6. Continue exercise at
the occurrence of lower back pain.

Accordingly, from these minuses and tips are born
recommendations. What is needed?

1. Clearly adhere to the above technique.
twisting. 2. Perform the exercise at a slow pace (each phase
last about 3 seconds). 3. The abdominal muscles always maintain in
tension. 4. Look at one point (for example, on the ceiling) at
the period of the active phase of the load to eliminate neck flexion to
chest 5. Breathe “belly.” 6. Stop the exercise when
the occurrence of any discomfort in the lower back.

As an additional option, you can try performance
косых twisting. In this case, oblique
abdominal muscles that get the maximum load. This zone
often a problem for many people.

The technique for performing oblique oblique twists is generally similar to
the above instructions, but there are also significant

  • In the initial position, one hand behind the head, the other palm
    pressed to the upper thigh.
  • Движение во время twisting идет с осевым поворотом туловища,
    try to reach the palm with your elbow (upper thigh area)
    opposite hand.
  • After 8 – 12 repetitions, the order of location changes.

Как правильно делать twisting на гимнастической скамье –
video lesson

It is important to know: “Circular training for girls – what is his
the essence? “and” TOP exercises for the lower press for home. “

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