Trendy red and white manicure – ideas for winter andValentine’s Day

This season, women are popular regardless of their age.
enjoys a two-color manicure. It’s not as boring as solid,
and not as colorful as multicolored. When creating a two-color
design great attention is paid to the choice of colors. They have to
combine to create harmonious combinations. Bright saturated colors
rarely add up to a beautiful ensemble, due to the fact that each
�”Pulls” attention to itself. Therefore, these colors are better to add
more restrained and calm shades. Classic is considered
manicure, made in red and white colors. Combination
vibrant red and tender white colors attract many
women On the one hand, such a combination is rather contradictory, with
the other, colors perfectly complement each other.

This combination allows you to show imagination, creating an unusual
and original nail art using only two varnishes.

Ideas red and white manicure

Red and white lacquer combination can be used in making
traditional, long-familiar, designs or try something
new, invented by yourself.

  • Graphics. Red and white nail coat blends perfectly
    in graphic manicure. At the same time it looks equally impressive as
    drawing done in red on a white basis and
    vice versa.
  • French The classic version of a two-color manicure. The main
    part of the nail plate can be covered with white varnish, and a smile
    draw in red. Of course, the red base and white version
    smile looks brighter. When creating a reverse french (lunar
    manicure), it is better for lunulu to be concave so that she
    focused attention on the line cuticle. If you cover your nails with white
    color, and a rich red lacquer to draw an arc, you get
    stylish and elegant design.
  • Stripes. If you need to pay attention to the hands, you can do
    striped manicure. Red and white alternating lines look
    bright and stylish. Owners of beautiful long nails can imagine
    allow any arrangement of strips, and those with short nails
    it is better to draw lines in the vertical direction.
  • Peas. Retro style lovers will love the manicure,
    decorated with a polka dot print. Red peas on a white background, or,
    on the contrary, white on red, look very playful. Run
    similar nail art is quite simple. For this you can use
    Dots or regular toothpick.
  • Flowers Floral design is always in demand. Pictured
    white flowers on a red background or red flowers on a white background
    sure to attract attention. Such a manicure is suitable not only
    for weekdays, but also for the festive evening. As
    experiment, you can perform a “manicure under Gzhel”, replacing the blue
    color red.
  • Gradient. A smooth transition of red to white or, conversely,
    will soften the contrast between colors. Original design a la
    French manicure work out, if you arrange the tips of the nails white
    varnish, creating the effect of ombre.

Regardless of which design is chosen to be realized on the nails,
You should not be limited to use of a usual nail covering.
Manicure with varnishes of different texture looks impressive.
For example, you can use white varnish with a shimmer, red
lac-metallic whether supplement varnish with glitter.

As always, matte and gloss finish are beautifully combined.

Romantic hearts

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, nails can be decorated with romantic
nail art with hearts. As основного цвета, создающего
background, can act as a white or red lacquer. Hearts not
Be sure to apply on all nails. It is enough to decorate red
monophonic manicure with one white heart on a nameless or average
finger At the same time drawing can be made only contour.

Manicure creation algorithm

Stages design manicure in red and white shades can
consider the example of nail art with hearts to the Day

To complete it you will need several varnishes of different shades.
For the background, you can use not pure white lacquer, but those close to
light colors or any nude shade. Then for drawing
hearts will suit several shades of red lacquer: bright and
Dark red.

In addition to the color lacquer for such nail art, you will need a basic
coating and fixer, as well as a thin brush with synthetic

When the preparation is finished, you can start creating
manicure, for this you need:

  1. Treat the nails, give them the same length and shape, remove
    or move the cuticle.
  2. Apply a coat of basecoat. It will provide more durable
    clutch colored lacquer with nail plate.
  3. When the base is dry, cover your nails with white lacquer.
  4. Apply the picture, but only when the main background is dry.
    The thinnest brush (null) at the base of the nail to draw
    small hearts of dark red, cherry or maroon
    varnish. On the ring finger, the heart is better to portray a bright red.
    Creating a picture, you can use a shimmer.
  5. Using a brush and varnish, which created the background, correct all
    inaccuracies and errors of the picture.
  6. Apply a layer of fixative when the drawing is completely dry. AT
    otherwise it will be greased.
  7. Such a manicure is suitable for a romantic date or
    themed party.

Combination красного и белого лака является уникальным. It
allows you to create an original and stylish manicure that will
appropriate to look at in any situation.

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