Treatment of mastopathy with folk remedies: what andas? Do popular methods in the treatment of diseases of the dairyglands?

Чт, 29 окт 2015 Автор: Анастасия Жарикова

There are two types of psychological reactions of women to mastopathy:
panic and excessive calm.

It is the latter category that usually resorts to
Universal folk remedies for getting rid of completely different
types of mastopathy.

What do traditional medicine doctors offer, are there any such methods?
some truth, let’s take a look from a scientific point of view.

How to treat various forms of mastitis folk remedies

Popular Tinctures

Red brush

Folk recipe: 50 grams of crushed root of the red brush
put in a glass dish and insist on 0.5 liters of vodka in
dark place. Shake daily. Apply for a month
thirty drops three times a day, 30 minutes before meals.
To spend two monthly courses with a two-week break between

Will the remedy work? Herbalists
use a rare plant “red brush” for a long time, proving it
effect on the hormonal background of the human body. The plant also gives
anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect, it is present
in many alternative techniques, so you can expect
result and in the treatment of mastopathy. But before using
it is necessary to conduct a survey and identify the need
hormonal correction.

Contraindications to receiving plants are serious – hypertension,
fever, pregnancy and lactation, and nerve
and mental disorders. Therefore, a medical consultation
is required.

Borovaya uterus (Ortiliya one-sided)

Народный рецепт: залить 0,5 литрами спирта две столовые
spoon dry grass, insist two weeks in a dark cool place.
Drink three times a day, 10 drops before a meal, drink water.

Will the remedy work? Borovoy uterus
Consider phytohormone progesterone, which should reduce the level of
estrogen and prevent mastopathy. But ortilla is one-sided, besides
its benefits, has a huge list of contraindications, and
adverse event can be disastrous. Denies liver,
chronic diseases are aggravated, the menstrual cycle gets off,
frequent strong allergic reactions. Better with boron uterus not

Fees and decoctions

Sedative of mastopathy

Народный рецепт: часть измельченного корня валерианы,
two parts of mint leaves and watch and one part of hop cones.
A glass of boiling water pour one tablespoon of the collection and insist
30 minutes. Drink three times a day for half a cup.

The course of treatment with soothing folk remedies is long, from
two months to six months.

Will the remedy work? Mastopathy
often caused by stress and other nervous disorders. If a
the cause of the disease is precisely the neurological factor, then
the above collection can really help and can be assigned
in the absence of contraindications, as an alternative
sedative medications. But such an appointment can be made.
only after examination and exclusion of other provocative

Prutniak (Vitex) helps with problems with

Народный рецепт: две столовые ложки измельченных плодов
Prutnyak ordinary pour a glass of boiling water, do not insist
less than an hour. Strain the infusion and drink it throughout the day equal
in portions.

Expected effect. Plant contains
essential oils, flavonoids, iridoids, essential fatty acids,
fat-soluble flavones, and large amounts of vitamin C. Prutniak
valued in folk and traditional medicine for the ability
regulate the level of sex hormones. It reduces the production
prolactin, it plays a role in the development of
mastopathy. The effect is really proven by scientists, based on
Prutnyaka created a well-known and very effective drug

But in the submitted popular recipe is recommended decoction in water
(not alcohol) in proportions not confirmed by any
research. Without determining the cause of mastopathy in a specific
women in no case can not start drinking Prutniak – he can
lead to mental disorders, hormone cycle disruptions,
severe pain, allergies and skin problems.
Medical consultation is required!

Compresses, lotions

Folk “craftsmen” advised to apply for breast mastopathy
anything. Almost the entire cookbook can be on
sick breast, and all this, according to many “healers”,
cure hormone disease quickly and easily.

Растирки и компрессы предлагают делать из капусты,
beets, carrots, onions, pumpkins, lemon, rye flour and other vegetables,
fruit and cereal.
Especially “effective” compresses on
night. But that is not all. In the resulting “salad” add
vegetable, butter, honey, white and yolk, and
молочные продукты типа простокваши или сметаны

Cabbage, carrots, beets – magic wand from mastopathy,
or another self-deception

Recipe with cabbage. Remove from fresh cabbage
sheet, cut the hard parts, you can slightly beat off, and put in
bra to cabbage covered the entire mammary gland. Leave
at night, in the morning, replace with a new one and walk until the disappearance
mastopathy. Change the leaves as they dry.

Рецепт с морковью. Grate,
lay on a bandage, gauze or other cotton cloth, tight
apply to chest, cover with foil and press with a bandage or another
cloth. Leave на два часа, делать компресс два раза в день.

Рецепт со свеклой. Grated beets,
смешать 3:1 с медом, и прикладывать на night. Continue treatment
offer until the disappearance of pain.

Do compresses from vegetables and
Indeed, fruits and vegetables are very healthy,
but not in the form of compresses, lotions or rubbings during self-treatment
mastopathy. Pain, many folk compresses will help relieve
for a while, but the main reasons are hormonal imbalances or
constant stress will not go anywhere, and mastopathy will return with a new
by force.

The danger lies in several points:

• hypothermia – wet lotions and compresses tend to quickly
cool and cool the surface, which is unacceptable when

• overheating – hot packs and dressings often recommended
warm scarf, but warm the chest in a sick and even healthy way

• individual intolerance – most recommended
contains acid and other substances aggressive to the skin,
whose action is unpredictable, especially in various combinations;

• allergic reactions are common, especially when
the use of citrus and honey, which have the reputation of the strongest

Fruits, vegetables and berries for women with mastopatiya need
use in much more than usual. But only
inside, in order to replenish the body’s vitamins.
Vitamin fruit diet should be carried out for a long time –
only after a couple of months can the effect be seen, and only in
complex with the main drug treatment.

Herbal medicine in the form of compresses from pain in

Рецепт с дубовой корой: две столовые ложки дубовой коры
pour 200 ml of cold water, heat to boiling and evaporate
half. Saturated gauze with filtered solution, apply on
chest, cover with foil and leave for three hours.

Will it help? Oak bark appreciated for
tannins that have astringent, antiseptic
effect, help in the fight against bacteria. Apply bark with ulcers,
gangrene, mites, to relieve sore throat, and in a number
other cases. But in the form of lotions on the chest for the treatment of mastopathy
Oak bark is completely ineffective. All substances contained in
it, through the skin does not penetrate.

Poultice with herbs for mastopathy

Standard “grandmother’s” treatment method, after which doctors
It is more difficult to treat mastopathy, it is a poultice with potatoes, porridge,
baked onions, etc. It is believed that in the resulting dense mass
you need to add a decoction of “suitable” grass – wormwood, burdock,
calendula, and many others, and hot attached to
уплотнениям в chest.

Is it dangerous! If a вышеописанные методы
ineffective or just useless, then hot poultices and
compresses can lead to exacerbations and hemorrhages. Strong
pain, nipple discharge, fever –
these are standard “side effects” of poultices for mastopathy, which
alone no longer pass.

Mastopathy опасна не только постоянной болью и
развитием острых воспалительных процессов в chest, но и
oncological factor.

Do not be lazy to go to the doctor – this may be
crucial life factor. Do not self-medicate.

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