Treatment of hypertension folk remedies -Alternative medicine. How to help folk remedieshypertension?

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Hypertension is a dangerous cardiovascular disease,
which is characterized by pathological, far from the norm,
increased blood pressure.

Without a doubt, his danger and even deceit is
that the pathology is often disguised as ordinary malaise or

And although hypertension can be easily detected with prophylactic
medical examination, underestimation and late treatment of the disease can
cause myocardial infarction or stroke.

How to recognize hypertension?

The main symptoms of high blood pressure

• characteristic headaches, pressing and exhausting

• noise in ears

• cardiopalmus

• sharp deterioration of health

• sleep loss

• feeling of strong pressure in the eyes

• vomiting

• sweating

• chills

• facial flushing

• unreasonable alarm

Hypertension occurs due to circulatory disorders. because of
frequent vasospasm for arterial hypertension is characteristic
high pressure exceeding safe 140.

The causes of hypertension, which is necessary
treatment of folk remedies are as follows:

• genetic predisposition

• heart failure

• prolonged nerve loads or frequent stressful situations

• in women, hypertension may occur as a result of adjustment
organism during menopause

• abnormal salt in the body

• overweight (obesity)

• bad habits (alcohol or smoking)

• coffee hobby

• sedentary lifestyle

• long pastime at the computer

High blood pressure is a dangerous hypertensive crisis or exacerbation.
Each such aggravation causes a strong blow to the internal organs.
(heart, brain, kidneys). Hypertensive crisis is fraught with heavy
complications and may even cause premature
of death.

Therefore, it is very important to understand in time what happened in the body.
discord and it’s time to go to a specialist for advice. is he
able to establish the correct diagnosis and choose such a method
treatment, which would prevent the development of exacerbations.

Of course, severe hypertension requires serious
drug treatment, but at the initial stage of the disease can
try to use simple folk remedies treatment:
various herbal diuretic fees as well as preparations containing
potassium and magnesium as opposed to sodium.

Treatment of hypertension folk remedies – используем известные

1. Мятный массаж – простой способ понижения
pressure. For this you need to moisten with warm freshly, as
tea infusion of mint neck and shoulders. Massage them well to
broth penetrated deeper through the skin for quick relief
states. The blood pressure in the vessels will go down, and your health
and the mood will improve.

2. Кефир — довольно известный народный способ
treatment of hypertension. Add a tablespoon of cinnamon – this
a unique substance that prevents blood clots,
protects the body from serious heart disease in a cup of yogurt
and mix thoroughly. Drink about a month for one glass in

3. Золотой ус – испытанное народное средство от
hypertension. Brew about 17 finely chopped plant ringlets
dark purple, fill them with half a liter of vodka
the bank.

Close the drug with a lid and send it to the inaccessible
dark place days at 12. Drink after the allotted time each morning
dessert spoon, squeezed water. About a week pressure
decreases, and then completely normalized.

4. Decoction красного лугового клевера тоже хорошо
lowers the pressure. This is easily seen by taking the plant as
tea. Drink this folk remedy for treating hypertension each
The evening before you go into the arms of Morpheus.

5. Мед, лимон и чеснок – одно из лучших
народных средств treatment of hypertension. So, anyway,
claim many traditional healers who, I hope, know a lot about
this business. And the recipe for miracle balm is pretty simple. Take a glass
honey and one lemon, which, together with the peel to wipe on
grater. Mash five cloves of garlic and stir it all up well
в стеклянной the bank.

Put the prepared composition where it is dark for about
a week. Then take out the jar, wrap in a dark napkin and place
in the fridge. Take a teaspoonful in the morning, afternoon, and
in the evening.

6. Сок из свеклы не только снижает, но и
stabilizes pressure. If you feel discomfort,
discomfort and suspect increased pressure or numbers
special device – the tonometer themselves speak for themselves, make
healing tincture, mixing the juice of the root with bee honey. Drink
such a composition is necessary for one tablespoon. Pressure will go down
and become stable.

7. Подсолнечные семечки чрезвычайно полезны при
hypertension. Pour half a liter in any enameled container
a jar of unpeeled, damp and well-washed seeds. Add there
the same half liter of water and boil the mixture about two hours Decoction
strain and cool. For the day, sips need to drink
glass composition.

8. Рябина – еще одно, не менее полезное
plant with pronounced diaphoretic and diuretic
qualities. Twenty grams of rowan fruit pour boiling water. Let be
Mixture infused for four hours, then strain it. Take on
half a glass each time before sitting at the dinner table.

9. Калина помогает при гипертоническом кризе,
vasospasm and neurosis. To prepare the infusion of viburnum
you must grind six tablespoons of viburnum berries to obtain
gruel. Then add a glass of honey. Cooked infusion
употребляйте в качестве лекарства по нескольку раз в day.

10. Арбузные корки, которые обычно выбрасывают
after eating, it is recommended to use as a diuretic for
excretion of excess fluid and lowering arterial

Brew and drink watermelon peels – the strongest tool for
нормализации давления так же как вы привыкли готовить tea. This
excellent therapeutic mixture is used in the traditional way with
помощью чайной ложечки, раза три за day.

11. Сок хурмы, выжатый при помощи соковыжималки
also useful for hypertensive patients. If in the morning to drink two glasses
juice, then in the evening the pressure will noticeably decrease.

12. Листья подорожника измельчают и настаивают
on vodka for two weeks. The use of this healing infusion (three times in
30 drops a day) will help you forget about your increased

13. Горчичники — самый старый и проверенный
временем метод понижения pressure. They are especially recommended when
a dramatic change in the weather, when weather-dependent people, rises
blood pressure, and headaches worse. In such cases
mustard plasters put on the calf muscles and shoulders. Some
put mustard plasters on the neck and neck. The method is simple but
pretty effective.

General recommendations in the treatment of hypertension of the people
by means

As the ancient Greeks used to say: “A disease is easier to prevent than
treat it then. ” In this regard, use some
recommendations of prevention and treatment specialists
existing disease:

1. It is known that people with a weight that is far from the norm suffer
hypertension is much more common than those who do not have extra kg. Not
forget that exercise (morning exercise, running
jogging, breathing exercises) contribute not only to reduce
weight, but also develop endurance, self-discipline, increase
performance, which, in turn, will not allow

2. Often, blood pressure rises as a result of
stressful situations or excessive psychological stress.
Learn to escape from stress and keep a calm, measured image.
of life.

3. It is important to maintain proper balanced nutrition and
stick to a low salt diet, since an excessive amount
sodium contained in table salt contributes to the development

If you are sick with hypertension, then reduce the amount consumed
salt. Learn not to salt the ready-made meals. Food seems to you
fresh and tasteless? Add spices and herbs.

Currently, you can buy salt with a low sodium content.
Such a product does not differ in taste from ordinary salt, but does not cause
harm to hypertension.

4. Watch your blood pressure, measure it
daily, recording data in a special notebook.

5. Treatment of hypertension involves dieting. In the lungs
In cases of power correction helps to keep the pressure normal.

The patient should minimize the use of smoked meat,
pickles, pickles. Diet should not include foods
rich in cholesterol. In addition, it is necessary to gradually reduce
the amount of butter, cheese, sausage, sour cream.

And more: nicotine contained in tobacco smoke, getting into the blood,
causes vasospasm. By damaging the walls of the arteries, it causes
formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Based on this, you can
make a definite conclusion – alcohol and smoking – the enemy
кровяного pressure.

So, to summarize, it is safe to say that
гипертония поддается лечению. Lifestyle,
including proper nutrition, exercise and,
Of course, the rejection of bad habits, as well as the use of simple
popular treatment of hypertension gives you the opportunity to gain something
for which people sacrifice much – health.

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