Treatment of heel spurs with folk remedies:effective compresses to relieve pain and inflammation. Heel spurcurable!

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Treatment of heel spurs with folk remedies takes central
place in the initial stage of the disease and a predominant share in
complex therapy of this unpleasant and painful

Official medicine suggests the use of medicines and
surgical manipulations. Such treatment scares patients with possible
pain and judging by the reviews, not always long

To the benefits of unconventional treatment can

• Recipes include natural ingredients;

• they are more accessible to use, which contributes to the beginning
therapy at an early stage without delaying the pathological

Treatment of heel spurs with folk remedies: популярные

There are a number of treatments available, their goal to relieve pain and
inflammation. The most common and inexpensive ones are:

1.•Treatment желчью — медицинскую желчь можно
purchased at the pharmacy, it is clean and almost harmless. Cotton
or a gauze pad moistened with bile is applied to the heel, on top
wear cellophane and not very tightly fixed with a bandage. Gadget follows
leave overnight, take it off in the morning and wipe the heel with lotion or
alcohol solution. The course of therapy consists of 20 times.

2.•Рецепты с добавлением желчи — готовят смесь
bile, alcohol (vodka) and shampoo per 40g + 20g + 5g. Legs
pre-steamed in hot water (about 15 minutes),
apply natural fabric (linen), moistened cooked
mixture, cover with cellophane and wear a sock. The procedure is carried out
in the evening and the compress is left until morning.

3. Применение соли:

• in the form of a hot solution (1 kg of edible salt per 5 liters of water)
– components combine, bring to a boil and leave. When
water temperature will reach a tolerable level, lower your legs and
keep until cool. The patient’s condition improves markedly.
after 4 or 5, however, the course of therapy should include 10 procedures.
The solution is used the same, only warmed up before a session;

• dry – coarse salt (400-500 g) is heated in the oven,
Pour into a container convenient for warming the affected heel. Stop
incubated in salt until it cools completely, combining with massaging
movements. Permission is given every day until improvement.
states. Instead of salt, you can use sea or river

• in a mixture of salt (1 tbsp of fine salt) with iodine (1 tsp
alcohol solution) and honey (1 tbsp. spoon). Compress left on
night and morning “go” with him for another quarter of an hour. Carry out the manipulation
twice a week.

4.•Использование медицинского йода — он
possesses the ability to penetrate deep into tissues and act on
focus of inflammation. In addition, in conditions of iodine deficiency in products
supply, thus, there is a replenishment of its stocks in
the body and the prevention of thyroid disease
(endemic goiter). First, iodine lotions are used or thickly
lubricate the affected heel. After several treatments
go to the drawing of the iodine grid to protect yourself from the burn

5.•Treatment нашатырным спиртом — на смазанную
fat or fat heel cream (to prevent burns)
put a lotion with 10% ammonia, cellophane and on top
warm sock, leave on all night. The course lasts 5-6 procedures.

6.•Применение аптечного скипидара — пятку на
the night is thickly rubbed with turpentine, they put on 2 natural socks,
at first thin and warm from above. Apply for 1-2 weeks
after a 2-week break, repeat the course.

Treatment of heel spurs with folk remedies: лекарственные

No less rich arsenal of products based on various herbs
for the treatment of spurs on the heel – they help reduce inflammatory
process and prevent skin infection:

• Plantain leaves, cabbage, burdock, coltsfoot –
use each separately, put the back to
affected heel at night, no more than once a week;

• grass knotweed – especially important in summer. Juicy grass is placed
in a sock or shoes (if you go in shoes without a sock) and leave on
all day. It is necessary to take fresh grass the next day.
A visible result will appear after 2-3 weeks;

• Nettle – it is preferable to use the grass harvested in May.
Young nettles are ground in a meat grinder or blender, gruel together
with a burdock leaf is applied to the heel, fixed and left to
night. The effect is noticeable after 2 weeks;

• tincture of iris root – prepare a tincture of equal parts
(250 g) crushed iris root and undiluted alcohol,
insist 2 weeks in a dark place. Gadgets do at night through
day, apply a napkin with cooked tincture, top
cellophane and sock. On another day, instead of her hem smeared
medical petroleum jelly. The duration of therapy is 10 sessions for 20

• tincture of lilac flowers – fresh or dry lilac flowers
pour alcohol (vodka) in a ratio of 1:10 and leave to infuse
from 8 to 10 days. Apply in the form of night compresses.

Treatment of heel spurs with folk remedies: компрессы с
by products

Food is often used to treat the affected heel.
in the form of applications and compresses:

сырой картофель — используют позеленевшие
fruits, so it is pre-placed in a sunny place on
several days. Potatoes rub together with grated skins and
gruel at night is applied to the sore heel. Duration of treatment
составляет 10 days;

чеснок — несколько больших зубчиков (или
rub) and rub for 3 or 4 hours under
control your feelings. If burning sensation is not observed and
the procedure is transferred normally, you can repeat 2-3 times in
a week;

лук — применяют в виде кашицы (как чеснок)
or with tar. Cut the onion in half, one of the halves
smear with a drop of tar and attach to the heel for a few hours.
The result appears after 5-6 procedures;

черная редька — измельчают до образования
кашицы и в виде аппликации оставляют на night. Wash your feet in the morning with water.
and smeared with nourishing cream. The pain subsides after 3 sessions;

грецкие орехи — как и в предыдущих рецептах,
put on a heel a kashych-like mixture of crushed nuts,
and stand the whole night;

хрен — используют в сыром виде, как редьку
or potatoes. Also cooked broths from leaves and root of horseradish – 100g
raw materials are poured with a liter of water and boiled for 5 minutes. When полученный
broth a little cool, immerse in it the affected heel to the full
cooling down Кратность применения — дважды в a week;

мед — намазывают на лист капусты и
applied at night to the heel. Wrap cellophane on top and
fix with a bandage. The compress is removed in the morning and the foot is washed with water. Or
honey is combined with flour to form dough, and this cake is included
in the composition of the compress. Duration of treatment от 3 до 10 процедур.

Treatment of heel spurs with folk remedies:

Traditional medicine has many recipes and everyone chooses
the most suitable and effective. При этом следует

1. • treatment should be carried out after consultation (setting
diagnosis) and under the supervision of a physician;

2. • the use of non-traditional means is most effective in
the onset of the disease – they relieve pain, prevent infection
кожи и устраняют inflammation. In the stage of bone formation
expansion (thorn), such treatment is advisable to combine with
medication or surgery;

3. • The use of traditional methods requires diligence from the patient and
patience to complete the whole course (sometimes repeated courses)

4. • long-term remission occurs after complex therapy,
which takes into account the causes of the disease (normalization of weight, sparing
load on the legs, the rejection of high-heeled shoes).

Thus, the timely treatment of heel spur folk
means keep feet healthy and relieve unpleasant pain

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