Transformed classic: turquoise french

The most common type of nail art – French manicure. But if
he used to use only beige and white
colors, today designers offer many options
color solutions and ways to design a smile. For
a few years does not pass the fashion on turquoise color. Applying it for
creating a service jacket, you can get a bright accent that will decorate any

Refined and elegant manicure, made in restrained colors,
despite its name, has no relation to france.
More than fifty years ago, it was created by designers specifically for
Hollywood celebrities who are filming or performing
I had to change outfits quite often. Thanks
Hollywood stars design is widespread. They
today does not lose its popularity.

Turquoise jacket features

To date, there are many design options
french manicure. Turquoise jacket has its own characteristics:

  • It looks great on short square nails. Despite
    bright color, this design looks quite natural and
  • Make your fingers visually thinner and more graceful
    made on the nails of medium length and oval shape.
  • On long nails, it looks bright and bold, so
    extra decor should be used with great care.
    Also pay attention to the compatibility of such a design with

Turquoise color has a rich palette of shades: from light
green blue to gentle almost blue. Thanks to this he
suitable for clothes of any color and style, well combined not
только с летними нарядами, but also с зимним wardrobe.

Types of turquoise jacket

Depending on the way of making a smile, French manicure
divided into several main types:

  1. Traditional French Made with turquoise lacquer, such a manicure
    goes well with any style of clothing. He will come to prom
    dress or alongside for a dance party.
  2. Inaccurate french The design in which the smile is drawn
    turquoise lacquer not completely. It may be oblique, thin or
    double lines. The design of this jacket is completely dependent on imagination.
    masters. It suits self-confident girls who are not afraid
    experiment with your appearance.
  3. Antifrench (reverse French manicure). Smile draw
    not at the free edge, but along the line of the cuticle. Turquoise smile can
    have any shape and width.

Colors and shades

This season, designers suggest using, without leaving
fashion, matt muted shades of lacquers and glitter.

Choosing a jacket in turquoise colors as a design is worth
separately consider a mint manicure. Turquoise and Mint – shades
one color – green. They are similar to each other, so they are often
confused. The slight difference between these shades is that turquoise
more located to the blue color, and muffled and tender mint
more prone to green. Both of these colors are able to decorate
French manicure. For example, a mint jacket decorated with delicate
white lace or the image of flowers, will become an ornament
wedding image. A discreet reverse french or moon manicure,
turquoise lacquer and shaded by a white smile line,
suitable for everyday or business style.

Design options

Masters of nail art are trying to choose a fashionable design for each
image Therefore, they always have a few ideas in stock.
stylish nail design.

  • Floristry. The image of flowers and plants looks great on
    background of turquoise manicure. It can be roses, buds
    unblown lilies or ivy. Moreover, the figure can be made
    any color that is in harmony with turquoise.
  • Turquoise effect. To diversify french, one hand nail
    can be decorated with a coating that simulates the surface of turquoise. Create
    the effect of the stone is possible with the help of black foil
    turquoise surface or simply depicting characteristic streaks
    brush and paint. In this way, you can decorate a turquoise smile on
    every nail.
  • Lace. Unusual contrast will create black lace lace or
    veil on a turquoise background. This manicure looks noble and
    is rich. White lace will create a more delicate design.
  • Combination with white. The combination looks stylish and impressive.
    turquoise varnish with white. For example, using white lacquer, you can
    portray an elegant three-dimensional bow on one of the fingers, the rest
    at the same time cover turquoise jacket. Multiple fingers can
    Decorate with alternating stripes of white and turquoise. Such
    the design looks like a vest. Having added it to the decor in the form of an anchor,
    get a stylish marine manicure.
  • Winter manicure. It looks interesting turquoise jacket decorated
    cute bears in voluminous knitted hats. Such дизайн отлично
    complement the winter image of a young girl.


In addition to drawings, turquoise neyl-art can be added as ready
decorative elements that designers offer in large
assortment. You can use not only rhinestones, small sparkles,
but also large stones and other surround decoration. This will give a special
�”Highlight” service jacket, make it brighter and more expressive.

Popular types of decor include:

  • Rhinestones of any diameter. They even make the simplest design.
    festive. Using small pebbles, you can lay out the boundary between
    smile and the main part of the nail or completely cover a smile.
    Large rhinestones can be laid out in a row in the middle of the nail plate or
    at the side.
  • Pearls and pearl beads. Such декор станет украшением
    вечернего или wedding image. Big pearls are best used.
    moderately so that the manicure does not look overloaded.
  • Focus on the nails can be using glitter or
    other small sparkles. Turquoise goes well with decor
    any color, but more advantageously its beauty is emphasized by gold and
    silver sparkles. Using them, you can draw a smile line,
    lunulu or reverse french.
  • Gold, silver and pearl starfish, shells,
    anchor or steering wheel. Such декор поможет создать красивый дизайн в
    marine topics.

Turquoise jacket combined in itself the classics and new ideas of nail art.
Он смотрится женственbut also элегантно, в то же время нескучbut also ярко.
Such дизайн способен украсить руки любой женщины.

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