Training program for girls inthe gym

  • 1 Training program in the hall for girls 3 times a week
    • 1.1 Training for beginners
    • 1.2 Program to gain muscle mass
    • 1.3 Fat Burning Exercise
    • 1.4 Simple fitness program

The gym is a focus for highly motivated women and
girls with three completely different tasks: lose weight, gain
mass or keep your body fit. Whatever the girl’s goal,
the surest way to reach it without harm to health is
регулярные занятия by специальным программам в the gym
few times a week. Inexperienced girls at least the first time
стоит тренироваться byд присмотром тренера

To maximize the benefits of classes, girls need
train according to a special program

Training programs in the gym are compiled
depending on the task:

  • for beginners;
  • for experienced athletes;
  • on a set of muscle mass;
  • fat burning;
  • on all muscle groups;
  • on a specific zone;
  • on the relief;
  • cardio training.

Choose the right workout plan in the gym
necessary depending on what the woman wants to achieve or
girl. It is recommended to compile a program taking into account the many
parameters: initial physical fitness, age, weight,
the presence of diseases and so on.

Starting a workout in the gym is worth the girls
perform the most simple exercises, gradually adding
программу более сложные
. Effective fat loss
provide a specially selected diet. If possible regularly
do in the gym there, you can do exercises in
home conditions.

Training program in the hall for girls 3 times a week

Для начала необходимо составить программу тренировок для
девушек в тренажерном зале на 3 дня
– это byможет оценить
собственные силы и возможности, чтобы byтом заниматься в the gym
with maximum efficiency. The program can be divided with emphasis
working out different parts of the body, or build workouts based on
одних и тех же exercise.

Typical basic training aimed at all
muscle groups and designed to work out in the gym three times in
week (sample program):


  • warm up on a treadmill 10 minutes;
  • 15 squats with a barbell without pancakes;
  • 10 attacks on each leg with dumbbells in their hands;
  • 10 times – a dumbbell to the belt alternately each
    by hand;
  • pull-ups on the horizontal bar (how many times it will be possible) or replaced
    on the upper block for the head 15 times;
  • last exercise – bench press on the bench – 15
  • hitch – 15 minutes on cardiovascular machines.


  • warm up on a treadmill;
  • 15 times – rod thrust to the belt;
  • thrust narrow block grip to the chest 15 times;
  • squats with dumbbell “plie” – 15 times;
  • squats with a barbell, alternately on each leg – by 12
  • упражнение для пресса «книжка» — 25 time.
  • hitch – 15 minutes on cardiovascular machines.


  • warm up on a treadmill;
  • 15 times – deadlift;
  • squats 10 times with each leg on the bench
  • тяга узким хватом к byясу нижнего блока – 15 time;
  • 15 times dumbbell bench press;
  • 14 times perform the layout with dumbbells.
  • hitch after strength training – 15 minutes
    cardiovascular machines.

Each exercise training program need to do 2

Training for beginners

Beginners need a special training program for beginners.
for girls in the gym. It is necessary to train 3-4 times in
week, in the selection of exercises should be considered, for what
efforts will be made – for drying or for a set of muscle

Exercises for girls in the gym, aimed at drying
and on the relief of the muscles, must be accompanied by a special protein
diet. If a program for weight loss is being compiled, then
be sure to turn on cardio.

Правила эффективной тренировки в the gym для
beginners for all muscle groups:

  • During gym sessions, girls should be included in
    an exercise program that involves the maximum
    number of muscles. При этом следует правильно byдобрать
    , в соответствии с личными параметрами и
  • If we are talking about a program for weight loss, and not for a set of muscular
    the masses, the girl should definitely perform in the gym
    стандартные exercises: жим штанги, отжимания,
    squats with barbells and dumbbells, all kinds of twists for
    . It is necessary to exercise without pereplena, with optimum
    количеством byвторений — 10-15 time;
  • You need to ensure that the muscles and joints are not overloaded,
    также нужно правильно выстроить дыхание, расслабляясь на
    вдохе и делая усилие на выдохе
    – от этого зависит качество
    occupations both in a gym, and at home;
  • Во время тренировки необходимо пить воду,
    чтобы своевременно восbyлнять неизбежную byтерю организмом
    fluid, which is bad for the muscles;
  • Девушкам не следует забывать о включении
    in the program of training in the gym
    зале кардиоупражнений, обеспечивающих
    The maximum effect for losing weight is running on a treadmill (according to
    15 minutes before and after training), orbi-track or
    a bicycle;
  • Exercises should be done two approaches with a break of 60

What exercises to include in the program for beginners
girls in the gym:

  • Warm up – 15 minutes;
  • Скручивания «гиперэкстензия» — 12 time;
  • Приседания с грифом — 15 time;
  • Скручивания на наклонной скамье — 12 time;
  • Отжимания на коленях — 10 time;
  • Dumbbell bench press with a knee on the bench – 12 times for each
    a hand;
  • Breeding dumbbells over the chest in the supine position – 10
  • Сгибания ног в тренажере — 15 time;
  • Махи ногами назад в тренажере — 15 time;
  • Cardio – 10 minutes.

Program to gain muscle mass

In a special way, a training program should be developed for
girls for a set of muscle mass in the gym. She must
include the development of all muscle groups.

The training program for a set of muscle mass for girls should
be composed so that the days at the gym
alternated – that is, one day you should “swing” the upper part
body, and the other – the bottom.

Program to gain muscle mass в тренажерном
The hall is built according to the principle:

  • Monday – workout muscle mass top
  • Tuesday is a day of rest;
  • Среда – тренировка мышечной массы нижней parts;
  • Thursday is a day of rest;
  • Friday – medium muscle training
  • Saturday and Sunday are days of rest.

Правила тренировки в the gym для набора мышечной
masses for girls:

  • Обязательно включать в программу в тренажерном зале
    базовые упражнения
    – жим лежа, приседания со штангой,
    deadlift, twisting;
  • To grow muscles, girls need to constantly
    обеспечивать прогрессию, то есть усложнять
    training and weight gain on the bar;
  • Количество byвторений упражнений в
    programs to gain muscle mass in the gym for girls
    должно быть не менее 12-15 раз by 2-3
  • Between approaches, the girl needs to rest around 60
  • Training in the gym itself should not last longer
    60 minutes

Program to gain muscle mass в тренажерном
Hall for girls:

Monday – arms, shoulders, chest

  • Exercise hyperextension;
  • Французский жим за голову;
  • Alternate tightening the dumbbell to the shoulder;
  • Breeding dumbbells lying;
  • Breeding dumbbells sitting;
  • Thrust block to the chest wide grip.

Wednesday – legs, buttocks

  • Leg abduction in the crossover;
  • Leg press on the simulator;
  • Squats with a neck behind;
  • Tightening the legs hanging, with emphasis on the elbows;
  • Lunges in Smith’s simulator;
  • Squatting in Smith’s simulator.

Friday – back, press

  • Twisting on an inclined bench;
  • Reverse tilt hyperextension;
  • Thrust of the upper block to the belt;
  • Lifts the legs on the bench;
  • Deadlift with dumbbells;
  • Twisting Prayer.

Fat burning exercise

Training program for girls to burn fat in the gym
The hall consists of a complex on the load of the heart muscle and power
exercise. Cardio training is an integral part of training in
gym while losing weight.

Literate training program for girls in
weight loss gym should be developed
in the following way:

  • Начинать тренировку нужно с разминки и
    на беговой дорожке;
  • The best exercise for weight loss in the gym, and
    also for slimming buttocks and thighs – these are squats with
    Приседания с
    burdening should be done carefully and according to the rules, because it
    exercise with improper performance can be dangerous for the back
    and joints: legs should be placed wider than shoulders, the barbell should be positioned on
    shoulders, seizing her hands, you need to squat slowly, dropping
    buttocks as low as possible. The back is not arched
    straight, head looking straight;
  • Выbyлнять упражнения девушкам следует не менее 12
    раз by 3-4 byдхода
  • Не стоит бояться больших весов при byходе
    in the gym, from them the process of weight loss will go even faster.
    It is important not to overdo it, and choose sports equipment by
  • Визуально уменьшить объемы
     девушкам byможет включение в программу
    training exercises on the development of the spinal muscles – pulling on
    horizontal bar;
  • Похудение обеспечит кроссфит – быстрое
    performing strength and cardio exercises, with minimal intervals
    between them.

Workout for girls to burn fat in


  • Jumping rope – 3 minutes;
  • Running at an average pace – 7 minutes;
  • Exercise Bike – 5 minutes;


  • Squatting with the lowering of the dumbbell between the legs;
  • Mahi kicking in a crossover;
  • Lunges forward with dumbbells in front of him;
  • Squatting with lifting dumbbells up;
  • Breeding legs in the simulator;
  • Dumbbell bench press with a knee on the bench;
  • Leg abduction in Smith’s simulator;
  • Lunges back with a neck behind;
  • Oblique twisting on the floor;
  • The strap is on straight arms with leg abduction to the side.


  • Walking on a treadmill – 7 minutes;
  • Exercise Bike – 3 minutes;
  • Walking on orbitrek at an average pace – 7 minutes.

The program for training in the gym can be divided into
days with an emphasis on individual muscle groups, then you will need
increase the number of repetitions and approaches. Or girls can
perform a full range at each workout.

The most effective fat burning occurs in girls during
workouts for all muscle groups, but choose a way to work by
программе в тренажерном зале нужно с учетом уровня byдготовки.

Simple fitness program

The fitness program for girls at the gym is
set of measures to change lifestyle. Fitnessс-программа
workouts on relief for girls should combine classes in
тренажерном зале с грамотным режимом
power supply.
 Следует свести к минимуму уbyтребление
углеводов и увеличить уbyтребление белковой пищи.

Girls need to start eating fractional and small
byрциями, пить много воды, а также выbyлнять такие

  • Отжимания от byла — 12 раз by 2 byдхода (разрешается
    to include in the program push-ups from the knees);
  • Скручивания на наклонной скамье 12 byвторов by 2 раза (сидя
    на скамье завести руки за голову и byднимать верхнюю часть
  • Для бицепса выbyлнять тягу гантелей — 15 раз by 2 byдхода
    (dumbbells in the hands in front of him, elbows pressed to the body, lower and
    byднимать гантели к плечам);
  • Сгибание рук — 12 byвторов by 2 byдхода (взять одну гантель
    обеими руками, byднять, отводить вниз за голову сгибая руки в
  • Опускание ног — 15 byдъемов by 2 byдхода (лежа на byлу
    byложить руки вдоль тела, медленно byднимать и опускать

Регулярные тренировки для девушек by программе с правильным
набором упражнений byмогут не только согнать жир с проблемных мест
– они byстроят красивое и byдтянутое тело с отличным рельефом мышц.
The main thing is to work out in the gym according to the plan, and not
сдаваться на byлпути.

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