Top 50 ideas for fun and funsummer

Вт, 09 июн 2015 Автор: Элен Стельмах
Провести summer все равно, что прожить одну маленькую жизнь!
Try to fill this beautiful time with bright colors and
Emotion, thanks to our top list!

1. Draw a picture. Draw on it your mood, your
feelings, emotions, experiences and dreams. This type of activity is called
art therapy. You throw out your mood, your soul, on paper
thereby releasing the hidden desires, needs,
aspirations. It will not only make you feel better, but you will also understand more deeply
себя и свои уaspirations.

2. Start keeping your diary. No matter how funny the advice is,
you try to implement it! Keeping a diary bares the soul:
frank thoughts about your life, mood will allow you
clear and speak out. Fortunately or unfortunately, we are not always
we can reveal our soul to anyone, but the diary is excellent
output. Besides starting it now, you can share with it.
joyful, fun and vivid impressions of summer adventures.

3. Try to write a song. If musical is alien to you
creativity, try anyway. Let it be white or
rhyming verse, put it on your own performance melody and
hum it in the shower every morning. Charge of positive emotions
provided to you throughout the day! Also imagine how you
be proud of yourself if a really good song comes out.
Only yours and only for you!

4. See the top 10 best comedies. Summer is time of great weather and
endless walks in the fresh air. But take the time to
watching great comedies that you can watch with friends
loved ones. You can watch entertaining movies in the cinema under
open sky!

5. Get a picnic with the company. Какое summer без пикника?! Select
suitable place for a picnic and go to nature with the
delicious snack You can take along games for the company to
You could have fun and actively spend this summer day.

6. Create your own blog. Now it is a way of self-realization and
communication with like-minded people. Describe your hobbies, your
weekdays and your thoughts. Perhaps you will discover a talent to attract
yourself like-minded people and admirers!

7. Buy crayons and go to the street to draw! Yes it is 100%
children’s activity will allow you to drop all efficiency and
the seriousness that sometimes is necessary. Paint on asphalt
can be exciting and in adulthood!

8. Take pictures every day. On the beach you or in the office, not
important. Just take one picture a day. Another tip: do it
at least one photo under water. Such shots will be nice
outlet rainy autumn and snowy winter. Later it will be possible
make from the brightest, most beautiful photos stunning

9. Read the book. In the days when you just want to
lazy and abandon excessively active, sudden movements,
Sit down and read a book. If the choice is right, all day
all the way you will be enthusiastically follow the twists and turns of the plot lines
the author. And you will think about the fate of the main character (or) until
don’t read the whole book.

10. Surround your head. Zarcante mysterious stranger or
a bored husband, captivate them with your networks of temptation and temptation.
A girl is so important to feel desirable, beautiful and
charming. Use the methods that work for you!
Certainly let on your beauty and sexuality someone

11. Go to the sea. At least a little bit, but go
Rest to the sea is still necessary. Провести все summer, так и не
having gone to the sea, somehow offensive!

12. Update your hairstyle. Go to a good beauty salon,
Let over your hair a little conjure. Even if you
like the condition of hair and haircut, cut at least a little
the tips. Your hair will thank you.

13. Ride a bike in the forest. For lovers of this kind
Sports, comments will be redundant. But who prefers lazy
relaxing with a cocktail by the pool, there are arguments. First, this
the walk will have a good effect on your figure. Secondly, you will discover
new sensations, chat with nature. It’s fine!

14. Make beads and weave a bauble. This fun will raise
you already have a good mood, and also leave a nice decoration
in memory of this summer.

15. Go dance. Prefer the disco under
open sky and light until morning! A charge of cheerfulness and positive to you

16. Get home an aquarium. Decorate it beautifully and start
several fish (or one large). You will enjoy the presence of the house
creatures that completely depend on you. In addition, the fish have
property to calm, and the house immediately becomes cozier and

17. Frolic in the amusement park. Again fun come from
childhood. Feel what extreme is, taste adrenaline and
remember how beautiful life is.

18. Make out your nails in the summer. Decorate yourself not only
stylish dresses, but also fashionable summer manicure. Screaming colors,
extraordinary combinations – drop the conventions and

19. Draw a “Let’s Hug” poster and go outside.
Advice for courageous and sociable, but even closed introverts such
experience will be helpful. Believe me, you will laugh heartily and spend
one of the best days of this summer! Most likely, in the company
an attractive cavalier who fulfilled the wish written
on the poster.

20. Go to karaoke and throw out the soul with your sensual
singing! Allowed not to fall into the notes, fake and upset
sophisticated regulars institutions. You came to rest and have fun
this summer evening!

21. Try a dozen recipes of fruit cocktails and
decide on the best. And now, just right to invite their
friends to a party and treat them to the most delicious cocktails.

22. Inflate the balls and go outside. Give the ball
every passer you like: mom with baby, elderly
an old woman or a magnificent man!

23. Make a bet with a friend. The essence of the bet is who
they will eat more ice cream. Chocolate, pistachio,
vanilla – taste as much as possible! And don’t worry about
account of the figure, once you can afford to overeat
ice cream.

24. Write yourself a letter. Imagine you could
talk with yourself in 5-10-20 years. Write yourself future
message. You will learn a lot about yourself (what are you really
want to get from the future and how satisfied you are

25. Make a rearrangement at home. Liven up your living space
space and life will flow differently, in the summer.

26. Dial a random phone number and invite a person to
a walk. It is possible that you will get a new friend or

27. Try telling the truth all day. Yes, yes, never
lied It’s hard, but try learning how to control your

28. Disconnect the phone, PC and TV for one day. Try
do without modern means of communication and listen to
to myself. What do you want to fill free time. That and
get engaged!

29. Buy yourself a hat. Fashionable, bright, stylish!

30. Make love to the sound of the surf. Just do it like this
so as not to get into trouble (administrative and

31. Learn a phrase (for example, I love you) on
ten foreign languages. Then you can safely show your
skills and to be in the company of polyglot!

32. Buy yourself a fun T-shirt with inspiring inscription (you can
do it yourself) and wear it more often.

33. Arrange a professional photo session. Carefully
think over your images, scenery and the whole entourage. And then admire
self-beautiful (it is important to choose a good photographer).

34. Eat seasonal fruit to ykotku!

35. Give yourself a bouquet. Let your home be decorated fresh
flowers that charge a woman with the energy of beauty and inspiration.
Make yourself such small gifts more often!

36. Take a tour. Learn something new, visit
new place. On such things you need to find time, and in the summer
it can always be done.

37. Ride horses. Take at least one lesson and
Enjoy so refined and royal

38. Start a firework with your friends. On occasion or just like that. it
something like summer!

39. Spend the evening by the fire, listening to the talented music
guitar player You can melt marshmallows over the flame and feast on
sweetie. it классика.

40. Take part in some flash mob, seminar, training.
Expand the boundaries of your interests and hobbies.

41. Get enough sleep. In the summer, it is sometimes a pity to spend time sleeping, because
window so beautiful! But try to sleep more than 12 hours and
recuperate as you should. Организму summerм эти силы
will need.

42. Ask for someone to visit the village. Spend
several days in nature and join the energy of the earth.

43. For the sake of laughter all day, answer the questions only “No”, and on
the next is only “Yes”! How many surprises will this bring

44. Make a tattoo in a prominent place. So as not to regret later,
make a temporary tattoo!

45. Walk the whole night. You can walk barefoot on asphalt and
grass, splatter in the fountain, meet the dawn – all that soul
wish this unforgettable night.

46. ​​Go hiking. With an overnight stay and tents.

47. Master the new technique of applying makeup and go to
romantic date.

48. Swim with dolphins. You feel love for them on
all your life and have a great summer day.

49. Напейтесь summerм вкуснейшего кваса. As much as
you can!

50. Make a list of excellent plans for the autumn.

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