Tomato juice for weight loss

  • 1 Useful properties of tomato juice
    • 1.1 How to drink?
    • 1.2 Tomato juice with sour cream for weight loss
    • 1.3 Buckwheat with tomato juice
    • 1.4 Tomatoes and kefir
    • 1.5 Unloading days
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It is known that tomatoes have many vitamins that contribute to
acceleration of metabolic processes and rapid weight loss. Unbelievable but in
juice from these products contains much more nutrients
for the human body.

Tomato juice is great as a diet for weight loss and
combined with almost all products. For example, such a drink
Recommended to those who follow the Dash diet.

Studies have shown that people who use foods in
combined with this fresch, lose weight by more
kilograms, rather than those that do not drink it. How useful
drink from tomato and what are its main properties, consider in
this article.

Useful properties of tomato juice

Juice from tomatoes brings many benefits to the human body.
First of all, this delicious hearty drink, enriched with vitamins,
promotes rapid weight loss. Consider more
свойства томатного сока для похудения:

  • normalizes metabolism;
  • removes toxins and toxins from the body;
  • prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases
  • reduces the risk of cancer;
  • relieves stress;
  • cleanses the body of germs;
  • normalizes blood sugar levels;
  • improves memory;
  • increases hemoglobin;
  • lowers intraocular pressure.

Is tomato juice useful for weight loss? The main property of the drink
Tomato – to lose weight without compromising health. For,
to lose weight, you need to drink half a cup before
breakfast and after dinner.

Tomato juice – the benefits and harm for losing weight:

  • increases pain;
  • contraindicated in ulcer, gastritis, cholecystitis,
  • not recommended for use in case of poisoning;
  • combination of this drink with bread, meat, potatoes, eggs
    fish and cottage cheese promotes the formation of kidney stones;
  • combination with vegetable fats increases its digestibility in
    the body;
  • digestibility also increases due to its combination with nuts
    and cheese;
  • the use of the drink increases when it is mixed with apple,
    pumpkin and lemon fresh herbs and greens;
  • per 100 grams of tomato juice accounted for 21 kcal.

How to drink?

Two glasses of the above drink per day replace a person
the daily intake of vitamin A, C and B. Consider how to drink
Tomato juice for weight loss diets.

First of all, you need to remember that fresh tomatoes should be
drink only in its pure form, without adding any flavoring
spice. Also this drink is not recommended in any way.
to cook, as in this case all its useful ones are lost
properties and vitamins.

Drink from tomatoes is used at night to reduce
fat in the body. This is a great alternative to dinner, because
the drink is light and well digestible. For the greatest efficiency,
tomato juice for weight loss is best mixed with

For the greatest benefit, tomato juice should be consumed for
half an hour before meals.

Tomato juice with sour cream for weight loss

Sour cream and tomatoes – a great variation of beneficial properties for
body cleansing and weight loss diets. In case of famine,
rice with creamy tomato sauce is allowed.
Of course, sour cream should be low-calorie or fully
defatted, otherwise there will be no slimming effect.

The benefit of this fermented milk product is that
rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus and zinc. These substances strengthen
bones, restore strength and promote resistance to stress

Меню на день для похудения при такой диете
should look like this:

  • Breakfast: a tablespoon of sour cream with 200 ml of tomato
  • Обед: две ложки сметаны и 400 мл томатного Fresch;
  • Dinner: half a tablespoon of sour cream and 100 ml of fresh juice from

Buckwheat with tomato juice

Buckwheat with tomato juice — одно из самых эффективных
combinations for losing weight. Buckwheat porridge contains a lot of protein,
iron, magnesium and calcium. It nourishes the body with fiber,
eliminating the extra pounds, if you use it only in
pure, without salt and various flavors.

Buckwheat-tomato diet for weight loss is designed for two weeks and
its main essence is the use of a drink half an hour before
buckwheat porridge. In the diet of such a restrictive diet
allowed mushrooms, potatoes in moderation, low-fat
chicken meat, cottage cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes.

Меню на день данной диеты выглядит
in the following way:

  • Breakfast: 200 ml of tomato drink and 100 g of cottage cheese with
    dietary bread;
  • Lunch: 150 grams of buckwheat porridge, a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers,
    seasoned with vegetable oil;
  • Dinner: 200 g of boiled chicken meat and 150 g of buckwheat.

Note that buckwheat should not boil, and steamed, in order
when cooking it did not leave nutrients.

Tomatoes and kefir

Kefir enriches the body with beneficial
bifidobacteria. Tomato juice with kefir for weight loss –
provide double portion of nutrients and cleanse the intestines from
harmful toxins.

Главное правило вышеуказанной диеты для
slimming: fresh tomatoes consumed in the morning, kefir
– in the second. Kefir should be a low percentage of fat, or
generally skimmed. This diet allows several slices.
wholemeal bread.

The duration of the diet should not exceed two days.

It is recommended to abstain from this diet.

  • pregnancy;
  • the presence of chronic diseases.

A diet for weight loss on kefir and tomatoes can lead to
following ailments:

  • lack of sleep;
  • weakness;
  • apathy.

Полезное меню на день выглядит следующим
in the following way:

  • Breakfast: 200 ml of fresh tomato;
  • Lunch: two slices of bread;
  • Dinner: 250 ml of kefir.

Fasting days

Several times a year are recommended fasting days for losing weight.
on tomato juice.

By themselves, nutritional restrictions do not imply consuming
only this product. In addition to the drink from the tomatoes,
The following are allowed:

  • rice;
  • cottage cheese;
  • bread;
  • an Apple;
  • chicken;
  • cucumbers and tomatoes.

Daily menu:

  • Breakfast: 200 ml of tomato drink and a few slices of bread.
    from coarse flour;
  • Lunch: 350 ml of fresh tomatoes and 150 g of boiled rice;
  • Dinner: 250 ml of freshly squeezed tomatoes and 100 g of boiled meat

Fasting days на помидорном
фреше противопоказаны at:

  • gastritis;
  • an ulcer;
  • diseases of the liver and kidneys.

More options for fasting days for weight loss you can find


Due to the mass of useful properties, the most popular
enjoys a diet for weight loss with tomato juice. This restriction
in the diet is designed for three days and its diet, in addition to fresh from
Tomato, may include boiled rice.

Рассмотрим меню для диеты на томатном соке:

  • In the first discharge floor, boil 200 g of rice and,
    dividing it into 4 uniform portions, consumed during the day.
    Each serving of rice should drink 100 ml of freshly squeezed
  • On the second day the menu gets tougher and shrinks to three receptions.
    food. In each reception should be consumed one tablespoon
    риса и запить 150 мл сока из Tomatoes.
  • The diet of the final third day contains 2 liters of fresh
    from tomato and unlimited fresh water without gas.

Like any diet, the food restriction on tomato juice has
свои полезные рецепты для похудения:

  • Первый — смешать в блендере 150 мл фреша
    tomatoes and as much cold water, a pinch of salt, half juice
    lemon and three leaves of basil;
  • Второй — смешать 200 мл напитка из помидоров,
    freshly squeezed lemon and a pinch of cayenne pepper;
  • Третий — смешать 300 мл томатного напитка, ст.
    l fresh lemon juice, garlic clove and 25 g celery;
  • Четвертый — смешать в блендере мякоть половины
    avocado and 200 ml of fresh tomatoes;
  • Пятый — взбить в блендере огурец, стебель
    celery, a pinch of ground black pepper and 300 ml of fresh juice from

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