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Fri, Feb 19, 2016

Children eat vegetables more readily if they are sprinkled with sweetened water,
proven nutrition experts from the University of Connecticut. This
The technique was tested on preschool children.

Children, as a rule, prefer to eat those foods that
They seem to be delicious, and least of all they pay attention to
useful properties of products. Not all vegetables are among
favorite dishes of most children.

How to disguise the natural bitterness of vegetables and make healthy
food more appealing to children’s fanciful tastes, and found out
scientists. Helped them in this experiment. In search of the perfect option
To soften the taste of vegetables, various substances have been tried, even
various salts. But simple sugar was the most effective.

According to Professor Valerie Duffy, the sugar solution does not attach
the food tastes sweet, but only takes away the bitterness that does not like
many children.

Of course, this approach should not be applied for
a long time. This is a temporary measure. As soon as baby
get used to eating vegetables, sugar from the dishes should be excluded.
Researchers also assure that if sweet water increases
calorie dishes, then very slightly. In the experiment, scientists
bred in water no more than half a teaspoon of sugar, which
is about eight calories and used this amount on
three quarter cup with vegetables.

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