To make your eyes shine, to make your cheeks aleli, torotok was laughing – facial gymnastics from Anastasia Burdyug!

ATт, 24 окт 2017 Автор: Аля Невская

How to preserve the freshness of the face, to avoid the appearance of deep wrinkles,
get rid of the second chin, remove the puffiness and make the contour
face clearer and more prominent without surgery? These
questions are relevant to all women who cherish their

Beauticians have been talking for a long time about what can be supported
a toned person without injections or surgery. AT
America was developing caring-free rejuvenation
Maggio Her facial gymnastics complex is based on simple and
effective exercises.

AT России ее опыт переняла Анастасия Burdyug, непосредственно на
feel the effectiveness of this gymnastic program and
being the official representative of this program, having the right
teach in Russia. Project Super Face created by Anastasia
Burdyug, designed to significantly improve the condition of your face and
раскрыть его beauty

The positive effects of facial gymnastics from Anastasia

Our face is exposed to numerous factors.
Everyday life. It can not hide from the environment, it
open to all. Therefore, it is especially important to take care of it and care for
by him. ATыполняя гимнастику для лица каждый день по 20-25 минут, вы
be able to achieve amazing transformation and positive
changes. The effectiveness of the complex is confirmed by numerous
positive feedback, and do not miss the opportunity to try out
this is magic on yourself. It should also be noted the convenience of these
gymnastic exercises for the face, because their implementation is not
requires additional resources.

Натуральная альтернатива пластическим операциям и
We use various anti-aging creams and
masks in pursuit of the eternal youth of the face. The cream acts on the layer
epidermis moisturizing the skin, but if you look deeper, our face
composed of muscle carcass. And just as we train the muscles of the body,
when you want to look fit and slim, you can train
facial muscles.

Улучшение лимфотока и кровообращения мышц
Static and tightness of the muscles of the face leads to
bags under the eyes and puffiness. Activity and study of all 57
muscles during gymnastics for the face according to the method of Anastasia
Burdyug помогут снять отечность и улучшить цвет faces.

Снятие стресса. ATо время выполнения
exercises you will see yourself from the new side. Some of the exercises
look funny enough that will definitely lift your

Rules and technique for performing facial gymnastics

Technique exercises can be seen in the course.
видео-уроков от Анастасии Burdyug. Independently perform
exercise is better in front of the mirror.

AT начале тренировки сделайте разминку лица, а именно легкие
tingling of the face and neck. Focus on efficiency
performing the movements as you perform them you should feel
slight burning of every muscle. After working out the exercise completely
relax your muscles.

As any gymnastics bears in itself high-grade
positive result only with an integrated approach,
try not only to train your muscles, but also to improve overall
general condition of your body.

Give up bad habits, get enough sleep
eat, and then the results will not keep you waiting.

Basic exercises from the gymnastics complex for the face of Anastasia

Упражнение №1 — подтяжка нижней части faces.
Open mouth. Roll your upper lip inward without exposing your teeth and
pulling at the same time chin. Keep your head straight, do not push
jaw forward. AT таком положении открываем и закрываем рот.

Упражнение №2 – для устранения опущения century
This exercise will help make the view more open and
expressive. Put index fingers over the nose, and big
fingers – nails down under the lower lashes. Do not press hard.
ATерхними и нижними пальцами подтягивайте кожу вверх, сильно
blinking. Hold the position for 20 seconds, then

Упражнение №3 – проработка шеи и избавление
from the second chin. Arms crossed clasp neck, lift
head and stretch your neck forward. Do not bend the neck. Try hard
work the front muscles of the neck. Smile without teeth demonstration
full width of the smile, while stretching the tip of the tongue and trying
reach them to the tip of the nose. AT таком положении прокачайтесь,
as if you are in a rocking chair, side to side 10-15 times. With
Regularly performing this exercise you will notice that the oval of the face
will become clearer, and neck more graceful.

Упражнение №4 — устранение мешков под
eyes. Place your fingertips in the middle of the lower fingers.
century Withщурьтесь, будто на солнце, и переведите взгляд в потолок.
ATы почувствуете легкое дрожание под указательными пальцами.
Hold the position for 30 seconds, then remove
пальцы и relax The effectiveness of the exercise will be noticeable.
literally after the first time.

Упражнение №5 — избавляемся от морщин на forehead.
Connect the little fingers and put them just above the nose on the point
�”third Eye”. Place the rest of the finger pads on the contour.
eyebrows. Pull the skin down with your fingers and lift your eyebrows up, look
direct to the ceiling. Hold position for 30 seconds
затем relax ATо время выполнения упражнений старайтесь не
wrinkle your forehead, keep your head level, without tilting it back.

Упражнение №6 — сохраняем пухлость губ.
Roll your upper lip inward, exposing your teeth, and strain it.
Keep this position for 15-20 seconds. Just a week later
performing this exercise you will see that the lips have become more
the lips are dry and puffy, and they become a little brighter and
more tender.

Упражнение №7 — укрепление верхних century
The index and middle fingers are placed under the outer tips of the eyebrows,
slightly raising them. As if surprised, open your eyes wide,
thus lifting the upper eyelid. ATыполните упражнение 10
fold your gaze forward, then do the same
looking down.

Упражнение №8 — против опущения уголков губ.
Smile broadly without showing lips. Tighten the corners of the lips,
slightly lifting them up, and then slightly lowering them down.
ATыполнять по 30 секунд в каждом направлении. Execution result
This exercise is more joyful expression and increase
plump lips

Упражнение №9 — трансформируем нос. Big and
place the index fingers of the right hand on the place where
the crook ends and the nasal cartilage begins, and a little squeeze
this point. With the index finger of your left hand, lift the tip of the nose,
open your mouth and press down with your upper lip movement
nose tip. Repeat the exercise 20 times. With such an exercise your
spout will delight you with its accuracy.

Упражнение №10 — укрепление носогубных мышц.
ATытяните губы, будто произносите звук У. Положите указательные
fingers on the cheeks and try to pronounce the sound Oh, while pressing
lips tight to the teeth. With этом наморщите нос, будто принюхиваетесь.
Feel the tension of the nasolabial muscles. ATыполните 20 раз.

Упражнение №11 — невидимые касания для
четкости и красоты faces. Withоткройте рот так, чтобы губы были
tightly pressed to the teeth. Place your fingers opposite the cheekbones.
Поочередно то напрягайте, то relax your muscles. Feel the energy
outgoing from the hands, and push it from the hands to the cheekbones. With этом не
touch your face with your hands.

AT ходе выполнения всех этих упражнений вы должны ощущать легкое
burning in muscles. This is a good sign, indicating that the work
over the strengthening of the muscles is active, and the blood circulates well.
ATы начнете чувствовать свое лицо. It is said that the eyes are a mirror
the soul. The same can be said about the face. Do not lose face, do not be afraid
emotions and keep yourself in good shape, kind, natural and
sincere, and then the emotions that are reflected on your face, will not leave
горьких морщин, а вы будете излучать молодость и beauty

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