Thuja oil for adenoids: indications andcontraindications. Features of the treatment of adenoids in children with Tui oil,efficiency

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Adenoids are a common infectious disease.
nasopharynx in children aged 3 to 8 years. If the child is often
suffers from not passing rhinitis, drugs do not
help fix this problem then it’s likely
inflammation of the adenoids. In addition to traditional medical methods
treatment of such ailment, for example, medicinal, surgical
methods, quite effectively copes with the task
thuja oil. •

Features of the composition of thuja oil with adenoids and its therapeutic

Adenoiditis disease can manifest in children aged 1
and up to 14 years. The nasopharyngeal tonsil of the child’s body is constantly
trying to resist various infectious diseases. AT
resulting in most cases, it begins to grow,
nasal gaps partially or completely overlap, and in
cold air begins to flow through the mouth.
Enlarged adenoids have loose tissue that is ideal.
a breeding ground for various bacteria. Because of this kids
begin to get sick much more often with bronchitis, sore throats, pharyngitis,
tonsillitis, chronic rhinitis develops. •

The curative features of cones were discovered back in the 19th century.
coniferous evergreen thuja. Since then, the extract from the plant widely
used in the manufacture of homeopathic medicines as well as for
treatment of tuberculosis, asthma, respiratory diseases and colds,
to stop hemorrhages, improve overall body tone and

The composition of resinous oil is represented by such major
useful ingredients:

• tannins;

• flavonoids;

• picipicrin;

• Tuin;

• aromadendrin;

• sawn;

• pininom;

• saponins;

• aromatic resins;

• toxifolin.

In addition to these substances, the composition of the thuja is saturated with vitamins and
various trace elements that, acting in concert, help
fight adenoids in children. Thuja oil with adenoids also serves
prophylactic and prevents the development of other
diseases as the consequences of nasopharynx inflammations. •

Due to this rich composition appear
следующие мощные properties масла TUI:

• antimicrobial;

• antiseptic;

• healing;

• painkiller;

• expectorant;

• anti-inflammatory;

• toning.

Aromatic thuja oil has on the body vasodilator
exposure, which contributes to the speedy recovery of breathing
through the nose. At the same time, thuja oil is the strongest.
immunostimulant, strengthen the immune system, which is positive
affects the existing adenoid disease. Processes
recovery of the epithelium is accelerated, the course of chemical processes
in the nasopharynx is normal, making it possible to even get rid of
from chronic sinusitis.

Indications for use of thuja oil in children with adenoids

It is necessary to begin treatment with an extract of coniferous thuja strictly after
official confirmation of the diagnosis. Main features
the presence of adenoids in children are:

• problems with breathing nose;

• constantly pursuing a cold;

• defects of sound pronunciation in the form of voice twang.

When such symptoms are found in children, medical
examination. It is very important to correctly determine the stage of development.
diseases: it is advisable to use thuya oil in the initial stages,
later, only surgical surgery can solve the problem.

There are three main stages of development of adenoids in

• an increase in tonsils covers from 30 to 60% of the lumen cavity
nasopharynx. Symptoms such as snoring, wheezing,
open mouth during sleep;

• tonsils cover more than 60% of the internal opening
nasal passages. Symptoms: talk in the nose, strong snoring,
continuous mouth breathing is performed;

• tonsils grow so large that they completely overlap
nasal passages. Symptoms appear the same as in previous
stages, but may additionally develop apnea, inflammation and
ear diseases, deformation of the skeleton of the skull on the most neglected

Thuja oil in the first two stages of the adenoids will help eliminate
symptoms of the disease, strengthen the immune system and prevent
re-development of the disease.

Ways to use thuja oil in adenoids

Aromatic thuja oil for adenoids in children is used
quite often due to the high effectiveness of the tool. ATсего через
a few days of fruitful treatment, the first results appear:
the condition of the nasopharynx improves, the flow is normalized
chemical processes, damaged epithelial tissue gradually
is being restored. •

Adenoids are treated with homeopathic thuja oil 15%,
которое нужно капать в нос по 2 капли в каждую
nostril. If ether is used for the treatment, it must
следует разводить с водой в соотношении 1 к 7. AT чистом виде
ether can not be used, it is too toxic for the body.

Treatment of adenoids with thuja oil is long process.
It is necessary to use oil for at least 1.5 months, then
take a break for 1 week and resume treatment. Before
the beginning of the use of oil nose to properly prepare. For
This is done by washing the finished product based on sea salt
or homemade saline solution, which is prepared from 1 tbsp.
warm water and 1 tsp. salt.

The effectiveness of the agent used for prophylaxis will be
depend on the general health of the body, so you can
parallel to drink vitamins or in other ways to strengthen

Another effective way to use Tui extract when
аденоидах — это ингаляции. Recipe
preparation of therapeutic composition:

• 200 ml of boiling water;

• 3 drops of thuja oil.

Outgoing steam must be inhaled through the nose for 15-20
minutes It is not necessary to cover the head with a towel during the procedure.

Some examples of adenoid oil treatment regimens in children

1. • 2-4 drops of oil should be instilled into each nostril up to 3
once a day. If you use a ready-made pharmacy tool from Tui, then
need to use the dosage specified in the instructions. Be treated
this way can be no more than 6 weeks.

2.•AT предварительно промытую носовую полость нужно капать по 4
drops of medication in the morning, afternoon and evening. Duration of treatment
is 14 days. After it is a break for the same period, and
The treatment is repeated.

3. • Additionally, you can use “Protargol”. A couple drops
medication should be taken in the nasopharynx 2-3 times a day. In 15-20
minutes after “Protargol” you can go to the second stage –
instill 2 drops of thuja for each nostril in the nose. By
such a scheme to treat adenoids need 1 week. ATторая неделя
should consist of alternations of “Protargola” and “Argolife” with ions
silver on the previous technology. The third week is exactly
repeats the alternation of the first week and so on. Total duration
treatment is 1.5 months.

Aromatherapy with tui oil with adenoids in children

To ease the symptoms of adenoids and enable the child
breathe nose, you can put him in the room at night
aromatic lamp with added oil of thuja cones.

If the child is in the first stage of the disease, then
the way will help to effectively overcome the adenoids.

But the way with an aromatic lamp has its own
contraindications, this attribute should be used with

1. • Like any medicine, thuja oil can provoke
the appearance of allergic reactions.

2. • Do not start treatment for children with oil of thuja, in which
there is an individual intolerance to the drug or its

3. • In the presence of epilepsy, aromatherapy with thuja oil in
pure form is not recommended.

4. • It is possible to combine the treatment of adenoids with thuja oil with other
drugs. AT этом случае нет никаких ограничений,
advantage is given to folk remedies. But before any
the use of a particular drug is worth consulting
by the attending physician.

What you need to know in advance, using thuja oil for adenoids

AT первую очередь не стоит рассчитывать на масло, как на 100%
effective against adenoids. Tui’s air is not a panacea, but
sometimes only an unimportant way to ease the symptoms a little
diseases. One child can feel better
observed after several times using the drug, another
after a month of use, the third may not be noticeable
improvements at all. Someone oil will get rid of adenoids once and
forever, but someone simply does not fit. ATсе решается в
individual order.

In order not to overdo it with a dose, diluting the oil in its pure form with
water, it will be easier to get ready-made drugs at the pharmacy under
name Tui Nam and Tui Edas-801. They are easy to find in any
pharmacy. •

If a method of treating adenoids by instillation is chosen,
it is imperative that the person is in position at this moment
lying down When the drops get into the nasopharynx, you need to stay in
This position still has at least 10 minutes for even distribution
drugs by channel. Most small babies usually do not want to lie
on the back, so for burying their noses you can use
method of spraying with a conventional syringe without a needle nozzle.

You can use thuja oil as a prophylactic
Enough to bury regularly once a month
nose for children at night before bedtime, having carried out the pre-washing
salt water.

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