Thrush – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Sat, 02 Apr 2016

Молочница (кандидоз) – это заболевание,
characterized by lesions of the mucous membranes and skin
yeast-like fungus of the genus Candida. This fungus refers to
conditionally pathogenic microflora and constantly present in the body
human, participating in metabolic processes, but the increase in the number of these
microorganism controls its immune system. When immunity
human weakened, the fungus begins to multiply rapidly and occurs

The most common vaginal candidiasis in women and
oral candidiasis (usually in infants). Vaginal
candidiasis is a female form of thrush that can
manifest at any age. Although the transmission path of pathogens
vaginal candidiasis may be sexual, it is not
sexually transmitted disease, but has with them a similar clinical picture.
Thrush can also occur in men (after unprotected

Thrush – causes

Intensive reproduction of the fungus can most often be
caused by:

– weakening of immunity; – stress; – chronic infections; –
hypothermia; – sexually transmitted diseases; –
taking birth control pills; – taking antibiotics; –
wearing close synthetic underwear; – pregnancy.

Also thrush can occur with some endocrine
diseases (diabetes, obesity, dysfunction of the thyroid

Thrush – symptoms

Thrush is characterized by similar symptoms with other
infections of the urinary organs, and sometimes accompany them. It is
about trichomoniasis, gardnerella, gonorrhea, genital herpes and

In women, thrush symptoms most often manifest in several
days before the onset of menstruation, and in persons prone to allergic
reactions, manifestations of the disease are always more active.

Vaginal кандидоз проявляется, прежде всего:

– sharp and strong burning sensation in the genital area,
worse at night and after taking a hot bath; – redness
genitals; – inflammation of the mucous membrane of the external genital
organs and pain; – copious discharge, having the form
curd mass; – pain during urination; – pain during
sexual intercourse from touching the inflamed mucosa

Thrush – diagnosis

Diagnosis of the disease is based on the study of its clinical
pictures and data of laboratory diagnosis of the disease: microscopy
a smear of secretions from mucosal lesions; cultural
diagnostics (seeding); enzyme immunoassay.

Молочница – treatment и профилактика

For successful treatment of thrush it is necessary to know the exact diagnosis.
therefore, if any disturbing symptoms appear
to the doctor. However, even before visiting a doctor, a woman may begin
follow some guidelines to alleviate your condition.
Firstly, it is necessary to refuse sexual intercourse in order not to
transmit pathogens to your partner and not get sick
again with sexual intercourse after recovery.

It should be washed more often, but not with soap, but with water
alkaline reaction or having disinfecting properties (to
get it, you just need to add some baking soda to the water or
furatsilina). When washing with the use of soap itch only
is increasing.

In the diet should refrain from spicy vinegar, which
aggravate the burning sensation in the crotch, as well as from the sweet, bakery
yeast products, food and beverages that
contribute to the creation of an ideal environment for the development of pathogens
thrush. At the time of illness should be given preference for vegetables,
cereals, dairy products.

Врач назначит также медикаментозное treatment thrush. With her
mild disease, as a rule, you can cope with the disease
using local treatment, which is carried out by using
antifungal creams, vaginal tablets or suppositories:
Clotrimazole, Miconazole, Natamycin, Nystatin, etc. With
Such candles and creams can cure thrush for a week, with
with new generation drugs you can handle it in 1-2 days
(by taking a single dose of Diflucan, Flucostat, Vorkan,
Mikomaks and others. Only a full guarantee of recovery can give
treatment course repeated twice.

Prevention of thrush is in compliance with the rules of hygiene,
rejection of promiscuous sex, wearing lingerie from natural
materials, strengthening immunity, avoiding stress,
переохлаждений и etc.


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