Thrombosis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Sun, 08 May 2016

Тромбоз — это патологическое состояние, при
which disrupts normal blood flow through the veins, due to
blood clots (blood clots). In medical practice
most common thrombosis of the lower extremities. Blood clots
can be formed not only in deep veins, but also in
superficial – superficial thrombophlebitis, however such
the disease is rarely the cause of serious disturbances in
blood supply. Unlike superficial thrombophlebitis, venous
thrombosis requires emergency medical intervention because
may cause the development of hazardous to human health and life

Causes of venous thrombosis

The cause of the development of venous thrombosis often becomes whole
complex factors: 1. Problems with blood clotting; 2.
Significant slowdown of venous blood flow; 3. Chemical,
mechanical, infectious or allergic damage to the inner
surfaces of the venous walls;

Under certain circumstances in the human body
increases blood viscosity. In the event that the venous
the walls have barriers to high blood flow – increases dramatically
risk of clotting. The little blood clot that forms on
vein walls, can cause inflammation and speed up those
most damage to the venous walls. It is this pathological
the process most often causes venous formation
blood clots. Thrombosis can also contribute to
congestion in the venous system of the lower extremities.
The reasons for such stagnation becomes, as a rule, inactive.
person’s lifestyle.

What could be the initial impetus for the development of this dangerous

1. Surgery, injury, strong physical
voltage; 2. Infectious infection; 3. The postpartum period; 4.
Prolonged immobility after postponed therapeutic
and neurological diseases; 5. Malignant tumors (cancer
pancreas, stomach, lungs); 6. Hormonal intake
oral contraceptives;

As a rule, venous thrombosis develops in the lower extremities.
human, although sometimes in medical practice there are venous
hand thrombosis caused by such factors

1. Pacemaker implantation or
cardiofibrillator; 2. Catheterization of the veins on the hands. Catheter,
installed in a vein for a long time, can cause irritation
vein walls and lead to the formation of blood clots; 3.
Neoplasm of the veins; 4. Strong, excessive load on
arms. In this case, the thrombosis develops due to a strong
pressure of the trained muscles on deep veins in the hands;

Symptoms of venous thrombosis

Symptoms of thrombosis are directly dependent on the location of the blood clot. In 50%
cases, the blood flows freely into the superficial veins,
as a result, the bloodstream is partially restored, and thrombosis
asymptomatic. In other cases, the disease is observed
following characteristic symptoms:

1. Edema; 2. Pain of arching nature in the affected area; 3.
Pain when palpating, which intensifies along the affected vein; 4.
Cyanosis of the skin in the affected area; 5. Hyperthermia in place
thrombus formation; 6. Swelling of superficial veins;

Diagnosis of venous thrombosis

Modern medicine has an excellent technical base for
qualitative diagnosis of venous thrombosis of deep veins. AT
Basically, the final diagnosis is established by a phlebologist. For
The beginning of the doctor conducts a series of studies: harnesses, marching
samples, etc. Based on these tests is established
deep vein thrombosis. For эффективной оценки кровообращения и
patient’s blood flow is used phlebography, uzdg veins, duplex
scanning, radionuclide scanning, etc.

Treatment and prevention of venous thrombosis

For предотвращения развития тяжелых осложнений у больных
venous thrombosis must be hospitalized with
the appointment of bed rest. For пораженной конечности
ensured a sublime position. To the maximum
protect the patient from the formation of new clots in the vein, the patient
must take heparin.

Also effective in preventing recurrence.
the occurrence of thrombosis is aspirin, however its long
admission can lead to problems with the gastrointestinal tract, such as
heartburn, gastritis, nausea, stomach pain, etc. To avoid
such undesirable effects, it is necessary to take funds in
special enteric coating. For example, you can
use the drug Thrombotic ACC, each tablet of which
covered with a special film resistant to exposure
hydrochloric acid of the stomach and dissolves only in the intestines. So
Thus, the substances that are part of the drug, do not harm
the stomach. For лучшего эффекта это средство рекомендовано принимать
every day, not courses.

After a course of treatment with heparin, the patient is usually transferred
for softer medicines (warfarin). Warfarin treatment course
can reach half year. For контроля за системой свертываемости
крови, больному в промежутках между treatmentм проводят
coagulogram. It is worth noting that thrombotic medicinal
funds are most effective only at an early stage of education
bunches. Later, such therapy is dangerous for the patient because of the risk
fragmentation of blood clots and the development of such a serious disease as
pulmonary embolism.

Various activities that aim to prevent
formations of blood clots in deep veins, as a rule, consist in
excluding factors that are triggering in
thrombosis formation.

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