The whole truth about slimming coffee

kofe-dlya-pohudeniyaSo, why is coffee so good for
losing weight?

According to experts, about 400
billion cups of coffee. People have long been accustomed to waking up in the morning.
under its alluring smell, and its extraordinary taste is able to give
huge emotional charge for the whole day.

Also, many people drink coffee in anticipation that it will
favor their effective weight loss.

Coffee was once considered to be the cause of many serious problems with
health, such as cancer or diseases
cardiovascular system but later studies
showed that black sugar-free coffee for weight loss actually
offers a range of health benefits.


Useful properties of coffee:

Disease protection

Recent studies have found that coffee can protect against
diseases such as type II diabetes (due to the effect
weight loss), some types of cancer (mostly
tumors of the colon and rectum, because
reduces cholesterol, bile acids and neutral sterols
secretion in the colon, increases motility and disease


Coffee contains a high level of antioxidants. And antioxidants,
are known to be closely related to several positive aspects
for health, including protection against cancer and heart disease.

Behavioral effects

Caffeine is the main component of black coffee. It improves
mood and performance throughout the day. Many people
rely on caffeine to fight drowsiness in the morning.

Coffee contributes to:

Suppress appetite

Coffee temporarily reduces appetite, which can be beneficial for
losing weight by reducing cravings for such harmful products as
fast food, sweet desserts and salty snacks. This is
an extraordinarily rewarding moment for those women who experience
increased appetite during premenstrual syndrome.

Diuretic effect

The presence of caffeine has a diuretic effect on your body,
which can lead to a quick loss of excess kilos.
Caffeine stimulates diuresis, which increases the amount of excreted
fluid throughout the day.

It can also be especially useful for people who
experiencing constipation or bloating after eating. So be
attentive by monitoring the daily intake of sufficient
amount of water to eliminate dehydration.

Burning calories

Black coffee while slimming can increase the number of calories
which you spend during the day. Caffeine stimulates the central
the nervous system, which greatly accelerates the metabolic rate,
helping you burn more calories no matter whether you are resting
you or swim in the pool (for more information about competent training
on the water, read HERE).

In addition, if you feel tired, coffee provides
the necessary increase in energy which can then
use to get some extra workouts in
a week

What kind of slimming coffee is the best?

The best coffee for fast and successful weight loss should be
black without any added cream or sugar. Add
cream will slow down the absorption of caffeine, and sugar or cream will bring
unwanted calories that your body will use for
fat accumulation.

Optimum time and dosage

Caffeine can cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels due to
interactions with the stress hormone – cortisol. This is further
causes an increase in appetite. Therefore, to prevent amplification
feelings of hunger – perform physical activities after coffee,
this way you will also stimulate active burning

There is a general consensus that consuming up to 300 mg of caffeine in
the day is safe, which roughly corresponds to 3-4 cups in
depending on the strength of the drink.

Side effects of taking coffee

Do not abuse coffee, because instead of the desired goal it
can lead to side effects such as
irritability, anxiety, nervousness and insomnia. Also
excessive caffeine can cause headaches
muscle tremor and indigestion.

As a conclusion, I would like to note that the question “helps
whether coffee to lose weight / whether coffee contributes to weight loss ”can be answered
solid YES, but with one small caveat – only if
your daily routine of enough physical

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