The whole truth about leech therapy is hirudotherapy:benefit and harm. How not to turn the benefits of treatment with leeches to the detrimentfor the body?

Пн, 22 фев 2016 Автор: Лариса Матушевкая

Despite the scientific advances in modern medicine,
альтернативные способы терапии не теряют
relevance and becoming increasingly popular among

Leech therapy is widely used for the treatment of various
недугов, но имеет неоднозначные отзывы, как среди
patients and physicians alike.

Features of treatment with leeches (hirudotherapy)

Just a couple of hundred years ago, most diseases,
associated with blood stasis, treated with leeches, what was considered
the only way to alleviate the condition of patients with
vascular or neurological pathology.

Today hirudotherapy due to its simplicity and accessibility
procedures becoming quite popular among patients
trying to find treatments that speed up
the healing process and eliminate the side effects of medicamentous

Для проведения лечебных процедур применяются лечебные
, которых выращивают на специализированных фермах,
providing for sterile conditions. Use for medicinal purposes
ordinary leeches that live in neighboring lakes, categorically
prohibited. Treatment with such leeches can harm a person. So
как неспецифические черви являются разносчиками
, которая во время процедуры может попасть в кровь
the patient.

Blood is needed to feed a medicinal leech. Getting on the skin
human healing worm, having more than one row of small chitin
teeth, breaks through the skin and begins to saturate with blood
the patient.

What gives the patient such an unusual way?

The secret to the beneficial properties of leech treatment lies in its content
their saliva main active ingredient –
гирудина. Improving patient condition occurs
by combining the enzymes saliva leech with blood that
expressed by:

• blood thinning;

• increased blood flow;

• removal of inflammatory reactions;

• exposure to clots and blood clots;

• obstruction of blood clotting.

Лечение пиявками: в чём польза for the body?

Leech therapy is a rather controversial technique that has
ambiguous radically different reviews and opinions. Supporters
treatment with leeches argue the beneficial properties of enzymes
leeches that enter the body, have a healing effect. AT
saliva leeches indeed, there are over 150 species of various
enzymes and nutrients.

Due to these beneficial properties, leeches are used when

• diabetes, gout, obesity, other pathologies,
related to disruptions in metabolism;

• fractures, hematomas, postoperative adhesions;

• diseases of the musculoskeletal system: osteochondrosis, hernias,
myositis, arthrosis;

• thyroid disease;

• vascular pathologies;

• kidney disease;

• gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis;

• dermatological diseases: acne, psoriasis, furunculosis;

• eye diseases: keratitis, glaucoma;

• neurological pathologies: migraine, radiculitis, epilepsy,
neurosis, insomnia;

• inflammation of the genital organs, prostatitis, ovarian dysfunction,
menstrual irregularities.

Лечение пиявками обычно проводят курсами, но
after the first procedures, there are positive changes,

• decrease in puffiness;

• reduction of pain;

• improving the appearance of the skin;

• stabilization of pressure;

• improvement of motor abilities;

• decrease in feeling of fatigue.

The clear benefit to the body of leech therapy is due to
therapeutic effects in the form of:

• recovery of microcirculatory functions;

• enhance the body’s immune capabilities;

• muscle relaxation;

• prevent blood clots;

• accelerating the transmission of neuromuscular impulses;

• analgesic, anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory and
healing effects;

• blood thinners;

• pressure recovery;

• increase blood flow.

To achieve a stable result and clear benefits for the body,
Do not stop treatment with leeches after the first improvements. Only
hirudotherapist can correctly determine the duration
каждого сеанса
и количество требуемых процедур.

Польза от лечения пиявками будет только при соблюдении
техники посадки червей
. Because the animal is unable
choose the right place yourself. Hirudotherapeutists land
sucking healers according to certain patterns given the location
active points on the body, which allows you to achieve useful
effects on the body.

Treatment with leeches: what is the possible harm to health?

Opponents of leech therapy claim that this type of therapy
вреден для организма, так как он сглаживает симптоматику,
не воздействуя на природу болезни

A number of harmful effects, according to conservative
medics far outweigh the benefits of leech therapy.

Patients in the hope of recovery from serious diseases
expose themselves to undue risk. AT результате лечения пиявками
can be observed:

• heavy or non-stop bleeding;

• various manifestations dermatitis;

• allergic reactions in the form of a rash;

• ulceration and suppuration;

• pain, both during the procedure and after it;

• permanent spots at the leeches bite.

To avoid the negative and harmful effects of treatment
пиявками, противопоказано проводить сеансы гирудотерапии
to patients:

• have personal intolerance or allergic reactions to
leech secretion components;

• under reduced pressure;

• low hemoglobin

• for blood diseases;

• with thin sensitive skin;

• if any damage to the skin;

• having malignant tumors.

Если у пациента наблюдается личная неприязнь к
или брезгливость по отношению к такому способу
exposure, health benefits such leech treatment is clearly not
will bring.

A dangerous consequence is considered to be non-stopping bleeding,
lasting more than a day. Faced with such a complication, you must
Seek immediate medical attention.

For pregnant and lactating mothers: leech therapy is useful or
is harmful?

Pregnancy is a contraindication for treatment
leeches. So как влияние пиявок на организм женщины во время
pregnancy has not been studied, resort to this method
терапии нежелательно.

It is believed that under the influence of hemorrhage and increased
blood flow, possible rejection of the placenta, which leads to
unwanted abortion. Therefore talk about
any benefit to the body of a pregnant woman from the treatment with leeches

А вот для кормящих мамочек особых ограничений не
. In addition to general health and healing
procedures, hirudotherapists offer special methods for such women
leech treatments that can even increase lactation.

If there are no special contraindications, women who
breastfeeding, treatment with leeches will not do any harm.

Treatment with leeches (hirudotherapy) for children: useful or
is harmful?

The use of leeches is allowed for the treatment of babies, starting with
infancy. The complexity of this type of therapy lies in
the mixed reactions of children to the worms themselves and pain. However, finding
an experienced hirudotherapist who can conduct children’s sessions can
help the child’s body to cope with many problems.

If the doctor offers parents to independently persuade and
soothe baby, benefits from such treatment with leeches will not.
The baby should feel close emotional contact, as with
parents, and with the doctor, which will relieve tension and fear
before unusual manipulations.

Usually, children calmly perceive subsequent sessions, unusual
worms even cause interest. With obvious rejection of treatment
пиявками малышом не стоит насильно мучить детскую
. ATсе равно пользы от такого лечения пиявками не
will be.

Most often, parents seek help from a hirudotherapist when
обнаружении у новорожденных детей ДЦП, ПЭП.
Reduce intracranial pressure in problem kids sometimes
It turns out, only applying leeches.

For older babies leeches are used to treat pathologies
ENT organs, lungs, with enuresis and nervous disorders.

AT подростковом возрасте при помощи пиявок решаются проблемы
vegetovascular and digestive character.

With properly conducted leeching sessions, the benefits to
child’s body is undeniable.

Treatment with leeches for weight loss – useful?

Oddly enough, medicinal leeches do contribute
weight loss Of course, they are not able to split and even more
destroy fat deposits. The benefits of treatment with leeches
Weight loss is manifested by indirect effects.

With the help of hirudotherapy in patients with extra pounds,
manage to achieve:

• normalization of metabolism;

• stabilization of hormonal background;

• elimination of depressive and nervous conditions.

AT совокупности такие результаты лечения пиявками приносят
ощутимую пользу для здоровья и способствуют weight loss

Для восстановления обменных процессов пиявок
put on the area of ​​the sacrum. To stabilize the hormones,
they are placed behind the ear. Procedures are repeated every other day. To
To get a stable result, you will need at least 10 procedures.

Remember that leech therapy refers to conflicting
методикам therapy. If you do not want to harm your body,
постарайтесь найти опытного гирудотерапевта,
having the documentation confirming his qualification.

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