The value of the name Sawa, the nature and fate of histhe owner. What does the name Sawa mean, what are its origins andstory?

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Beautiful and very unusual name Sawa today is big

What does the name Sawa mean and what character gives her
the owner? Let’s figure it out.

Meaning and origin of the name Sawa

Few parents choose such an unusual name for their son.
The origin and history of the name Sawa is associated with the Hebrew, or
biblical language.

Moreover, there are several translation versions:

• according to the first interpretation, the meaning of the name Sawa is associated with
the words “grandfather”, “old man”, “sage”;

• according to the second, the word translates as “wine”, “captivity,

The Aramaic history did not leave a more precise explanation of the fact
What does the name Sawa. However, it is clearly associated with
Christianity thanks to the martyr Savva Stratilate, who is not
renounced the faith of Christ. There are many saints in Orthodoxy with this.
by name.

Speaking about the origin and history of the name Sawa, we must not forget
that it is often used as a short form of the name Savely.
In addition, it corresponds with the Greek name Sabbas (Sabbathion) or
Georgian Saba.

What character is endowed with Sawa

Little Sawa is a trouble-free child. He is in harmony
with the world, and therefore always in a good mood. Sawa is kind and
cheerful, generous and deeds, and spiritual participation. Sometimes
growing shy, making him look too self-absorbed.

He is often given more years than he actually is, and all because of
his prudence Sawa is naturally slow and needs to
be sure to learn to handle time correctly. If this is not
it will be difficult for the boy to do both at school and in adulthood, although
health it does not hold.

Curiosity sometimes brings little Savvushka to trouble,
but you can’t blame him. This can lead to excessive shyness, loss
communicative qualities. Generally, building connections with the outside world
– peers and adults – parents of baby Sawa should be given
Special attention. In the company, he is often lost, preferring
sit out in a tranquil corner.

Adult Sawa – whole, soul wide and spiritually mature
nature. He is responsible for his life, philosophically
refers to trouble, never blames anyone for what
happens. How can you not remember the meaning of the name Sawa – sage !.
Intrigue is not on his part, as well as petty quibbles and squabbles.
At the same time energetic, emotional, calculating, resourceful and

Sawa easily gives her warmth not only to close people, but to everyone,
who needs help and support. Think in broad categories, but
prefers to follow the routine in everything. In this sense
easily submits to authority and easily maintains discipline, although not
alien to ambitious dreams. Inherent qualities such as
responsibility and uncompromising. If he is confident in his
right, it will not back down. From here possible problems in career.

Sometimes Савва излишне самолюбив и самоуверен. If its correct
brought up, the creative vein goes well with strength and
character determination.

The fate of Sawa

In privacy, Sawa retains its natural integrity. He is not
will waste energy vain: fleeting connections are not his style.
However, the attention of women appreciates, and if someone really
Liked, becomes a reliable, gentle, attentive partner.
Due to the integral character and the fate of Sawa is formed as
generally successful.

If Sawa is truly in love, he can completely lose
connection with reality. His love euphoria lasts a long time, but
if love is connected with some kind of prohibitions or problems, then
mental discomfort will also be protracted.

Being married, Sawa becomes an ideal husband. He loves and respects
his wife, helps her in everything, is interested in her affairs, keeps on
control problem situations. Money provides the family
can earn. Often acquires a cottage, a garden and works there with

Children Sawa loves, happy with the kids and
communicates with mature offspring. If necessary, he takes the children to
sections, school, for holidays.

Profession Savas

A person with this name can perform the functions of a leader, and without
voltage, very natural. In fact, Sawa is great.
head, and therefore often takes top positions on
enterprises or organizations.

Sawa feels people intuitively, knows how to distribute roles between
subordinates as efficiently as possible. He adequately assesses
the possibilities of each person with whom he has to work, and
never appoint a pretty secretary to the technical department head.
Appreciates in others the ability to make independent decisions and loves
people with a sense of humor.

If Sawa has grown hot-tempered, he may rashly scream and even
show cruelty. But as soon as the first emotional surge
ends, comes to himself and tries to eliminate himself
the resulting conflict.

The nature and fate of Sawa lead him into creativity, science,
social professions. There are many men with this name directors,
businessmen, journalists, engineers, architects, lawyers,
sociologists, translators, actors, writers, doctors. Sawa can
to light a fire in people, to lead. He is charismatic, and his
self-confidence, calmness and integrity fascinate and

Famous people named Sawa:

• S. Mamontov, philanthropist, entrepreneur;

• S. Morozov, philanthropist, art lover, entrepreneur;

• S. Derunov, writer, social activist, poet, collector

• S. Purlevsky, writer, merchant;

• S. Yamshchikov, historian, publicist, restorer;

• S. Kulish, cameraman, screenwriter, director;

• S. Kokovtsev, military sailor;

• S. Tetyushev, a merchant, founder of Sterlitamak;

• S. Dangulov, writer.

Name Compatibility

In marriage, Sawa will be happy with a woman who will allow him
To be youreself. Крепкий брак возможен с
Alexandra, Elena, Varvara, Claudia, Sophia, Zoya, Glafira,
Eugenia, Ella, Alina, Lyudmila.

Менее удачным будет брак с Анной, Ингой,
Veronica, Alevtina, Irina, Diana, Nina, Domnoy.

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